Cousin got jumped by a gaggle of niggers today. About to use this baseball bat to fuck them up tomorrow. Any tips?

Cousin got jumped by a gaggle of niggers today. About to use this baseball bat to fuck them up tomorrow. Any tips?

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good luck

just remember they will remember

I’ll take shit that didn’t happen for 500, Alex.

Yeah, take a ball and glove

Go for the legs, niggers can't strike back if they can't walk

Yeah, put the comic book down, dust yourself from your Cheeto build up, and get a real bat


tomorrow... why not today faggot?

Thank you

Of course they'll remember. No one will forget getting a broken arm.

I know. I'm about to beat up a bunch of niggers tomorrow. It's unbelievable.

I'm not gonna play catch with the fags. That's their daddy's job.

Noted. Thank you.

Buddy, people have been fucking up other people with baseball bats for centuries. What comic book?

It's night, wondertard.

If you were the kind of person with the balls to attack a bunch of guys with a bat you probably wouldn't need validation from Sup Forums before hand.

I know your pissed now but look your self in the mirror and ask if your really going to take that bat, walk up to several guys and start swinging it, risking their retribution AND prison. If not then dont embaras your self by telling everyone you know how your going to FUCK THEM UP tomorrow.

I didn't want validation, I just wanted tips for fighting 5 monkeys that are bigger than me.

But maybe you're right. Using a baseball bat might be too much and I might go to jail. You know anything else I could use?

You'll pretty much be charged with using a weapon regardless of what kind you use. In my country that counts as assault with intent which is pretty bad.

>5 guys bigger than me

Kek im not sure if your trolling, this just isn't going to happen even 1 on 1 youll almost certainly loose. These guys probably grew up fighting.

Limber up first, step forward as you are swinging and follow through, use wooden bat with rosin for a good grip, wear batting gloves, burn bat and gloves after. No evidence. Nigs are not credible witnesses, you will be fine.

Do baseball bats shoot bullets?


Lube it up real good so it slides into your asshole easier when the five of them fuck your shit up, you dumb ballgargler

Lube your asshole up really well before you go.

Do the costanza smirk while doing it.

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Stop lying in the internet to make yourself feel better

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Weird boner rn, any porn of this? Niggers fucking scrawny white loser who tried to jump them

Don't get caught.

>Inb4 OPs hate crime charge

You'll get the literal shit kicked out of you before you manage to draw back for a second swing at them, especially so if you're no good with your fists in the first place and have to resort to using a weapon

> tips?

Wait 18 months, chances are half will be dead or arrested. Of course only the most cunning pavement apes will be left.

>OP walks up to group of nigs with bat
>OP swings and misses
>"damn fuckin crazy ass crackers ay yo lets split"

Dont go alone
They'll probably have a gun
You'll probably have to kill or cripple them because they will remember
Ambush them separately
Be mindful of cameras

Got any black friends? Manage to convince him to go with you.

It'll make it more fun and feel less like you're doing a mini boogaloo.

Also, bring a nailgun.

Everybody else in the thread is telling you to bring a real gun. Don't do that.

A nail gun will be just as painful and possibly lethal at close range, which is the same range at which you'd be using a pistol anyway. And they will be less likely to go to the hospital for a nail and if they do, the nurses won't do anything about the nail. If it was a bullet, they'd call the cops. A nail, they'd let it slide.

That's only if you're actually going to bring a real gun. Don't bring a real gun.

I mean honestly OP

just don't throw your life away.
You'd be a lot better off learning from the experience on how your cousin was the victim of a random act of violence in a neighborhood that suffers from low moral fiber, and is deteriorating in every single way from a lack of moral structure to guide them through each and every of their struggles they find around them in daily life. Getting across town, keeping in contact with your friends when in danger, staying out of trouble, all the while finding something good inside of you to lean on as a worthless brown kid nobody respects because you're broke and pussy.

You could take this experience and make a change in a lot of people's lives by talking about the impact your cousin's experience had on you and your family, and make an effort to forgive and heal and give people your perspective of what exactly needs to be done.

Or you could just get a powerful nailgun and shoot this guy's body up and get away with it.

Niggers travel in numbers, especially if they are chimping on whitey. They just got done asserting their dominance in their territory, so they gonna be together reveling in that afterglow Cracker. Might wanna pack a tad more power, like a sawed off double barrel 12 gauge or a 38 special..or at the least a 9mm wig splitter.

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>bring a nail gun
and the air compressor too


the cordless kind with the .22 ratshot primers.

They will gang pile you, better bring help, lots of it.

Top kek

Lmao dude, don't start trying to psychoanalyze someone like you're in any way smarter or superior when you cant use "you're" and "your" properly. Lurk a school moar.

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be sure to wear a ski mask or something, don't swing wildly, keep ahold of the bat. don't get caught in the moment, draw blood and gtfo

Aww. You're talking all hyped up. You're not gonna do anything.
You just came on here to stroke your ego and probably your cock to other dudes encouraging your fantasy.

You're a weak keyboard badass. I hope you go to sleep tonight knowing what a failure you are. Way a bullshit puff of fucking smoke you are.

Just cock that hammer back and end your fucking life you fake little cocksucker.

use a gun instead, or fire