Hunger Games Thread: >>818622658 Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: Edition!

24 middle school dropouts.

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The athletic girl

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dragon cunt

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Yotsuba Koiwai

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Yuzuru Nishimiya

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Ricardo Milos

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The irish exchange students

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Sonic new desgin

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Yay ira lmao


tiocfaidh ár lá

Chucky ar la

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The kids in detention

Come out ye blacks and tans, come out and fight me like man~

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The helmet kid

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The Classroom Pet

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The Pet of the other classroom

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Dying cat

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The School Team's Mascot

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Nutella Girl

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Let's do attendance real quick to make sure everyone is with us...

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was I too late?

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Nope, right on time!

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Let's skip class!

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Is the helmet kid going to eat his teammate?

ready lets get this C+

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܂Goodluck Megumi
District 5 got this

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With a side of elmers glue.

8 periods 'til dismissal!

It's going to be a long school day...

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I'm playing hooky!

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F sonic rip

Utharu is cuter in general tbh

Good luck

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Ah no I die early dang it

I sympathize with the helmeted child.

and apparently so did the Doki Doki girls with junk club

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Munchies are hitting hard

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As does 99% Sup Forums

I sympathize with your moms penis

learning is important.

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the rat

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no I do

Murder is bad behavior. I want detention.

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I want to know what the pet of the other classroom's privates look like.

Hey, it was just an accident...


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Rip chucky to turnt in irish debauchery

Most of what I do is an accident

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>helmet kid is literally Sup Forums

RIP Orinrin

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two trips in a row. I don't care but I think I need to point it out for some reason.

damn it, there's a horse cock on my screen now

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The school day is halfway over!


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share that shit with the classroom

Now I'm wetflat.


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damn it dude you should've just let the guys with guns sit there

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Irish exchange students had the best lulzy reaction to being rejected.

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Where the fuck is my Yuzuru?

*fucking blarts*

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Wow, Yuzuru died in the first post wtf

>Athletic girl goes swimming
>helmet kid fails test

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Hunger games AI is becoming self aware.


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Man, I was really rooting for Helmet Kid.

Black and white yots!~

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Spooky like that time tommy vercetti blew 5 people up with c4 then crashed a car into the comic store when we ran that code

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>Dying cat

Who's getting out of school early today?

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65 GP on Cat

The very personification of Sup Forums has died after trying to get friendly with a large stick of meat,
>we told you traps were gay
>you didn't listen
>you paid the price.

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for a dying cat they're killing the others

they get my vote

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Dying cat

Thanks for hosting!

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I vote for cute

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What's with the hostility? Is this The unrelated döppleganger?

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I was just sharing what little yotsuba I had saved

I'd like to see Vex's butthole.

No. No you would not. uwu

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Oh a friend!

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