Ask a Black man anything

Ask a Black man anything

>inb4 nigger
>inb4 OP can't inb4

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Why would you even come here?

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4chin is a good place.

Why do blacks eat their young?

When you’re fucking a girl in the ass, do you ever think “this must be what it looks like to watch her shit”?

Why are black people more criminal than white ppl, everywhere on the Planet?


this question still goes through my head.

what is the length of your dick?

If you fart and sneeze at the same time in space, would you spin around?

6 inches

you watch too much porn if you think BBC is a real thing

just a thing for white girls to piss off daddy.

haven't tried yet

Why do shitskins claim things like this?

> He appeared in court Friday where a prosecutor said Khan had told detectives that, “He fell down, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his penis fell near [the victim’s] vagina.”

He then sexually assaulted her.

people say stupid shit when the law comes.

Why do a lot of black people (and whites for that matter) claim that racism don't go both ways, and what can we do to change that?

Where is my bike?!

Should I watch JoJo's Bizzare Adventire?

you have racism then you have institutional racism

problem with some blacks and white liberals is they want to justify their racism towards whites (along with white guilt). so they love to say "you can only be prejudiced"

if you want to stop racism, stop talking about race. race card gets old real quick and stop showing pride of any race. you have no control over your skin color. fuck all that divide bs.

I want my lawyer pls


It's like both ours, we're just gonna keep it at my house.

favorite Tyler Perry movie?

listen to this theme though

skip to 3:40

all of them

and because you watch one you basically seen them all.

but why did I get married was good.

When was the last time you stole a bicycle?

Hey OP. No racist, but black people gotta stop with the "hurr durr, muh racism and sheet" every time something in the universe doesn't go their way.

The universe hates everyone equally, and so we're all shit worms crawling around on this planet trying to get a nut. White people are tired of black people using "muh racism" as an excuse when they don't get what they want.

Like I told a black kid who works at my shop: "Everyone hates you, but that's ok because everyone hates everyone else and wants whatever everyone else has, so stop taking it personally, go get yours and fuck everyone else"

You're welcome.

its alright

never stolen one.

I stolen shit from stores though.

Yeah, but sadly that won't happen. At least for a VERY long time, and that's if it ever happens, many generations after our deaths.
The focus on not only cultural, but racial differences are well and truly alive, and nothing will stop that for the time being. It's not so much that the media focuses on races being different and all, but I think it's just as much people as well.
> stop showing pride of any race
Yeah, this is the issue. I believe people need something to hold onto to build their identity and appearances are important in that matter. The thing is that a lot of whites have this guilt shit which backfires since many then turn to extremism to (in their mind) keep that in check. Which then again turn to racial tension.
Imo, both the guilt and overcompensation of the whites, and overcompensation of SOME blacks causes a lot more tension and friction than necessary

tldr; Agree with you..

I never had a black friend. Will you be my first black friend? We can go to Taco Bell and drive around or something

Also, what can be done to improve negro culture in america? Blaming white people hasn't improved shit but I honestly don;t know what can be done. All I i know is that im tiered of dealing with their bullshit everyday, and honestly I almost feel sorry for them.
Whats your perspective?

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Go to Taco Bell and rob it? I can see the headline now in the NY Times: "White boi kidnaps Completely Innocent African American Man before robbing Taco Bell..."

All fucking niggers must fucking hang but yall black folk be some lazy bitches and dont know how to tie a tie much less a noose

no lies there. see my above post.
thats where we have problems. We gotta identify with stuff that stereotyped into a race

ima military brat so I been exposed to different cultures growing up.

to blacks Im not black enough and I talk proper. mexicans get same problems

its just a way to feel superior over others. everyone bleeds the same.


see my above post

Which dialects do you know how to speak? Or can you only listen? I know Oakland, Atlanta, Geechie/Gullah, Jamaican and on a good day an African accent. I say African but I understand Nigerian better than others. South Africa doesn't count.

The biggest problem facing black people is rap music. Agree or disagree? Why?

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New York is too fast for me along with too many made up words

I don’t like Popeyes. I cancel my friend request from you.

Why do black people listen to music and videos on their phones in public on speaker, and not with headphones?

outside of edgy LARPing on the internet, how much actual cross burning racism do you get?

what do you think about SJWs?

a bunch, upbringing as a military brat

yes and no
music is music but its taken too seriously

also you can rap about killin niggas but rap about rape you gettin shut down.

Yeah, kinda wish that the world realised that we are all equally shit/good. For some reason I think that a theoretical "enemy" from the outside that we could both identify and agree on could unify people in a way (since history shows that nothing unifies like outside threats). Climate could have been this thing, but there are so many different views on it that it currently won't.

How in the fuck can you get away wearing yellow suits.

can I call you "mah nigga"? I've always wanted to call a black person that but never had the balls.

ghetto niggas
not much actually

just subtle shit from all races really, mainly my own say stupid shit. I hate SJWs as they love to speak for us black folks while being rich as fuck and also being a white liberal. fuck off with the white guilt.

I don't give a damn. but not all are the same with that word.

Not OP, I'm not from the US either. Some of my black friends don't care and I get called n-word by them too, some really do.


>I hate SJWs as they love to speak for us black folks while being rich as fuck and also being a white liberal. fuck off with the white guilt.

rofl my gf is Latina and says the exact same thing all the time.

yeah but it is what it is.

the world is a cruel shitty place

sup kike

Or pull up the the gas station blasting Migos, pull up to a pump, leave the music on and door open while fucking around in the store for 20 minutes.

lmao latina fever is real

white liberal is dangerous malcom X even said it.

don't forget ghetto bitches and cardi b and lizzo

Do you like Steve Harvey?

What about Malcolm in the middle?
Question: Do (you think that) black people also like to be racially degraded (in a sexual/kinky way) like some whites do?

>lmao latina fever is real

god damn right it is

White liberals are a plague on this earth. I just hope they end their own countrys before they infect the rest.

Any black politicians/intellectuals that you really like?

Should I watch the Superbowl this year?

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sometimes bad for black women

good classic. fuck yeah they do.
they are.


not very much as most lean democrat. maybe Ben carson

im not sure, political af nowadays.

What do you think about Mandela?

The stop talking about race thing is correct but harder than it sounds. Racial jokes are funny as fuck.

haven't researched too much to know.

they are