Does anyone else here want their parents dead? God traps me with my parents in the worst life possible

Does anyone else here want their parents dead? God traps me with my parents in the worst life possible.

I want them dead. I keep watching videos on YouTube of people who killed their parents.

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shouldn't of driven high, nigger
FUCK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@

Now that you're threatening to murder people I am sending every thread you make to the tip line lol


just a small town boy
livin' without any joy
everyday he’ll post this thread not goin' anywhere...

he'd rather be a city boy,
born and raised but now unemployed
he’s on probation for being black not goin' anywhere...

a nigger in a chilly room
smell of lead and mold, but what can he do?
god is cruel and we're not alright
it goes on and on and on and on…

shouldn't of driven high, nigger

should prolly go to psych ward b4 u regret it

>shouldn't of
>driven high

shouldn't of driven high, nigger

OP, are you still in this thread? My dad is a lawyer, maybe I could help.

You already said that and never did

are you OP?

Looks like God is at it again.

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God never stops. Not with me.

okay, good. i just asked my dad-- he said you shouldn't of driven high, dumb nig nog

Be careful what you type I'm nonironically screenshotting and saving the links to every one of these threads you make and if i miss one i'm getting it off the archive and sending them to the authorities and if you think i'm joking just realize you shouldn't of driven high nigger

I get punished worse than anyone for being black

Pretty dark bro

Might as well learn how to bomb people for the lulz
look up tm 31 210
It's a free ebook the government made about improvised weapons
Your tax money went into making that book so download it!

this wasn't me, ignore this troll. I'm the user with a lawyer for a dad. I can help you but I'm just going to get trolled on this thread.

how do I contact you outside of 4 chan? if I make a discord, can I invite you to it?

Yeah discord

okay. the name of the discord is you shouldn't of driven high, dumb nigger



I wouldn't kill my parents. But would my life be better without them? Absolutely.

again, not me-- I'm the user with the dad. I knew this would happen if we stayed on this dog shit website...

are you able to make a throw away email I can invite you to the discord on?

Just post discord name

That guys retarded

okay the discord name is:

you shouldn't of driven high, dumb nig nog

all one word

Who pays your verizon phone bill?

OP, guy with the lawyer dad here. Listen to this guy, you are a dumb nig nog that shouldn't of driven high.


I’m rich

Hey man at least you aren’t enslaved. It could be worse my negro.

shouldn't of driven high, pavement ape

It’s literally worse. It’s a Korean internment camp and god is Kim jung un

it wont let me post the discord link but i just set it up. how do I post it? Its named helpforanon.

>https discord gg Fk3e47

put the forward slashes in the blank spaces, it censors the link otherwise

put a period before the gg and add // before discord and / before the FK3E47

Add name with #4digits after

/ZQ8M3T4 is the last digits of the invite link after

https discord gg

What’s your discord name?


the name of the server is helpforanon



no, just getting impersonated by fucking morons in this thread who can type quicker than me

shouldn't of driven high, nigger

pic related

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I joined the server and SauceBoy left.

Who has the Lawyer Dad?


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"shouldn't have," not "shouldn't of." Who are you calling a dumb nigger when you don't even English, faggot? And you're (presumably) white....

shouldn't have driven high, dumb nig nog

Thank you for your confession.