Celeb Thread - /Simple as/ edition

Celeb Thread - /Simple as/ edition.

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>iwn carry dovey and kiss her forehead

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the Sup Forums search function uses the thumbnail to search. save it or open it in a different tab and try it

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are you mad or feel sorry about yourself?

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I want to shoot my load in Dovey while user carries her

>posting in a bd thread
see you guys in the catalog in 15 minutes

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kek, that long?

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dude why dont you just stfu

>tfw no lili with jj and pey pey pic

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; n ; STOP


Neither, it's my own fault and I take solace in that, having bad skin shouldn't have fucked up my entire life but I let it, that part is my fault.

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That mooseknuckle....*drool*

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yeah and i may just masturbate too, nights looking awesome

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loco for da coco

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Hairy pits Rowan (Or Bella or Miley, or any female celeb, really) please...

wintard ariel is a fat de-titted whore

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i want to be her

if only her shirt were true

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would you want to restart your life?

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holy shit who is left?

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coco loco

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The Chad get high and masturbate vs The Virgin go to work and hope he falls into the oven. :|

Who you gonna be fapping to? O.O;

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you'd be some fugly bookworm with a limp and one fake tit

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It depends, if I could restart it as I am now, absolutely I would, but if it were a roll of the dice that I could be anyone else, the chances are very high I could be born in a third world country without food or water so no. All things considered I'm quite fortunate even if relatively I'm basically trash. :\

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hey I like that one, back to ignoring this thread exists though.

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you made me laugh so hard..
turner probably, like last night

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do you wanne know your main problem?

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Not a big fan of sharing, noted... >:(

Do you fap to get it out of the way or do you do you go nice and slow and really milk it out? :3

Obviously it's gotta be the latter, this is Elizabeth we're talking about here! ^ - ^

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LAZY. Problem solved.

But yes I'd like to hear your opinion too. ;}

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i need to blow in her mouth

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nice taste

i need to blow in your mouth while looking at photos of her .

that shit looks tore up

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maybe that can be arranged

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Laziness is a eflect a lack of self-esteem, a lack of positive recognition by yourself and others. You have a a lack of discipline stemming from low self-confidence and the worst thing is

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sigh, well...i try to maximize the pleasure until im edging maybe 20 times then it is unstoppable and its all over..is that nice+slow to you?

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good, i am ready for it

i want to have 3 holes so i can get them all filled at the same time

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Jew cum dumpster

vuckin firgins, 2 holes arent enough?

Could you imagine peaking when you were 14?

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When I'm around slow dancing in the dark RN don't follow me TBH or you'll end up in my arms IMO.



I sure hope you use a full hand grip, maybe a little squeeze and twist as you pull down over the head, that's what Elizabeth would do for you. Spit on her hand and jerk you off while you two are so close you're practically hugging, whispering in your ear about how "fucking hard" you are. ;O.o

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#jebaited #pepega

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the more holes, the more cocks i can please

i dont want anyone feeling left out

does the water in australia make the girls look older?

Fuck that's an old fake

lmfao good luck reasoning with him