What does Sup Forums think about Slipknot?

What does Sup Forums think about Slipknot?

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a band of boomers pretending to be angry

Like their newer stuff better than their old stuff. Can't stand their stuff from 99-late 2000's

Interesting, it’s usually the other way around. I just heard their new stuff and i really enjoy it

I don't mind them, haven't heard their last 2 albums, but I favour more like Scar Symmetry and Her Name In Blood these days.

Gay and Juvinile

I used to listen to Scar Symmetry back in high school, they are pretty good

Their self titled album and Iowa were the best and everything else is shit. Corey lost his voice and they have too many useless band members... 2 bass players? Percussionists? A DJ and sampler for a metal band? Wtf.

this is my favourite of his lol

>Their self titled album and Iowa were the best
this but unironically

System of a down were way better

one of my favorite bands but only because i have a soft spot for them, i know their music is shit

This is great

No one has mentioned Mate Feed Kill Repeat. I remember that being aggressive as fuck as a kid

What happened to that band?

their singer died

They still tour but aren't making any new music cause Serj wants to do his own shit

Retard alert


They are really talented though, their two guitarists got the award for best metal guitarists of 2019 and their drummer Jay Weinberg got best metal drummer of 2019

I used to love SOAD

Wait and bleed and Duality are their best songs. Fite me.

They're okay. More of a sevendust guy myself

I’d argue and say this is their best song ever