Boxxy..??No, time to worship the real Queen!!

Boxxy..??No, time to worship the real Queen!!

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el chupacabra

I would suck her tits so hard

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Mommy I need milk

She's completely vapid and her face is a 6/10 but her tits are epic

never seen a pile of melting butterscotch dog shit wearing a suit before today

I would jam my cock into her anus full stop, but only after she finished serving her one and only term when she's desperate for it.

her face looks like the jersey devil smeared in diarrhea

Hahaha stay mad you fucking geek

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Would you suck a fart out of her ass?

aoc looks like mothman got trapped in a tanning bed

Huge fan of that used Brillo pad hair
fucking jew mutt murican

Imagine sliding your 2” war hammer between those perfect khaki tits

Yes, yes I would

She is a very attractive, young woman.

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I really want to know whose cock she had in her mouth on film to get her the job she's got now...

Young woman? She's like 30 that's middle aged.

She's a MILF

30 is not middle aged you sack of literal goat shit

i'll never understand why right wingers love to use sexist attacks on her, attack her on her agenda sure.
But by making sexist attacks gender, you just make yourselves look sexist and bigoted, which you are.

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30 is middle aged lmao. Sorry

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something like this?

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how to produce that god awful skin tone

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america has reached peak mutt

God I wish she would smear that lipstick on my shaft and nutsack

Her cankles are kinda scary and unusual for a woman as young as her.

This, but un ironically

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asking for it