There are many satellites that are orbitting our planet

There are many satellites that are orbitting our planet.
These satalites do things.
They shoot radioswaves down at us.
They also block sunlight and starlight and moonlight.
Even one or a few blocked photons change everything.
Not only does it affect the light from hitting out eyes but also millions of years from the distance stars are changed.
Sunlight blocked takes some time to get here.
Also it is magnetic changing earths magnetic fields.
They only want to put more satellites into the the sky.

How can we get rid of all these satelittes?

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They are completely encasing our planet in satellites and debris it will be like a tinfoil ball

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yfw you realize most of those are like 5cm large

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They are still blocking light and reflecting it even which changes everything because those photons and light was meant to hit us.

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Then explain to me what happens to the light that gets blocked or reflected??

That light should have reached us

The suns rays still reach us just fine. This isn't a concern to anyone but you

Portians of theres rays are being blocked. And its changing everything. One photon blocked or reflected for that matter will change everything than if they did reach us. Not to mention the light from the stars.

Who says that's happening? Who says it's changing everything? You? You're not an astrophysicist. Why do you feel qualified to speak on this?

to be honest, sounds like the dude is hitting the meth pipe hard, watching dude where's my car while thinking about some butterfly effect.

Because these satellites have reflectors on them and solar panels that reflect the light or absorb the light.
These satellitss were never meant to be there.
So they are changing the effect of the light from reaching us.
Setting inti motion a different chain of events then if the satellites were never there which they arent supposed to be just the moon.
The moon reflects the light of the sun and the stars naturally and phases in and out with the stars dissolving and reaccumulating.
These are ARTIFICIAL satellites.

It seems as though if we put enough satellites around the planet we can stop global warming.

These satellites are causing global warming and other catastrophic events. Look how the world has gone since we put them up there. Its obvious.

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See the satellites are prohecting things onto earth

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Notice the amount of stars in the sky?? There are not many. There used to be thousands of stars in they sky.

The more satellites in orbit directly correlate to my internet speed.

just get a gun and shoot the satelittes down

Are you an astrophysicist? Maybe you shouldn’t be a nay sayer if you can’t prove him wrong.. Climate change evidence is very clear and a lot of Muricans sure don’t believe those FACTS..

That has a lot to do with unnatural city lights.. go up north like 200 miles north of Thunder Bay. Lots and lots of stars up there..

Theres a lot more going on then them changing the climate with these satellites. These satelites do many different things that are destroying

And thats a link to the problem the city lights and the satellites. The lights are putting light into space when part of the earth is dark the other is lit and the dark side is lit up with artificial lights and it shows into space as well as blocks our vision!

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>Satellite absorbs all the light
>No more sun hits Earth
>Global warming goes down
>Can make more pollution now
>Makes more satellites

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Take your meds op

The only legit concern with all the space debris that over time was dumped in orbit, would be that we are very well almost at the point (if not already) where space travel becomes impossible. Swinging around the earth with speeds up to 30000km/h, various sizes, the hull of any craft would be punctured in no time.

Our only hope would be space janitor Roger Wilco (Pic related)

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The sun isn't what you think, do some experiments with crepuscularrays and tell me the sun is billions of light-years away.

Aaah, a member of the Sun Truth Division I presume?

K-12 grade: " co2 is what animals expel that the plants absorb in turn then expel oxygen for the animals to absorb"

Current day climate change hero: " co2 is causing Earth to heat up and kill us, me a good person for caring about planet."

Don't know what that is but sure

Ever see a shadow of a passing satellite?

Simple. Shoot one with a missile.
Mass shrapnel take out other satellites.
More shrapnel is made.
Then humans will be guaranteed to never have satellites or ever seep into the universe again.

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I like the cut of your jib