Hello Sup Forumsros, I've fucked up

Hello Sup Forumsros, I've fucked up.
I've made a bet with some fucking retard that I will pack my "Private" file into a .rar file with some long random password,
The "Private" file contained porn, pirated games, my diary, old school work AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, all my passwords to everything, I wasn't scared to pack it because I remember long ago there were programs that could unlock a .rar file with some bruteforcing, but the only ones I find now are scams, "gimme money to unlock password" "gimme credit card i swear we won't take money"
What do I do Sup Forums?
I remember the password had letters, numbers and symbols

TL;DR: made a bet to .rar a file with my passwords with a random password.

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I know, but at the time my understanding was that I could easily bruteforce it with a program.

you lost it all dumb ass lmao

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did you already give him the .rar file?

I know I didn't, I just need some actual legit program that can bruteforce the password.

I did not give it to him, lol, the bet was just to .rar it

then fucking delete it you retard

no lmao.

did you pack all that shit without making a copy of the files?

>plays a stupid game
>wins a stupid prize
you get what you deserve retard

I did not made a copy.

yeah unless OP made a short enough pw to brute force, all that shit is gone.

because at the time I knew there were fucking programs that could unpack it.

What CPU do you have? Even the FBI's cluster computers can take stupidly long to bruteforce proper encryption

>t. retard
if you knew you would have found it by now. good luck dumbass, you are not getting any of your shit back

at the time you THOUGHT

bruteforcers are still bruteforcers and every character you added to the pw increases the time it would take to crack exponentially

Well, by bruteforcing I just mean using a program that can just try and error all combinations.

did you delete the files after packing?

in any case they are probably still on the harddrive, use recovery software to look for them

just dont write new files and shit, minimize chance of the physical harddrive getting overwritten

oh and you're retarded

Because there was some old ass looking program that I used years ago to brute force the passwords.

Yeah that takes weeks at best

There are some free safe programs that work ("hashcat" is one of the best ones as far as I know), but if the password is really long, considering it had letters, numbers and symbols, there's no way you could possibly get the files. Unless you can run a supercomputer non-stop for twenty years

found this online, maybe youll get lucky bro

if he packed his whole pc theres a chance the fucking packed winrar over wrote the data he was packing lmao

I used Recuva to check if it still was in the bin, it was but there is no shit I can find a random named .txt file surrounded by thousands other .txt files.

>7 random chars: 2 hours to crack
>8 random chars: 4 weeks to crack
>9 random chars: 11 years to crack
>10 random chars: 16,000 years
You're stupid & fucked.

it'd be faster for you to fish in the txt files than to crack anything over 10 characters

its more than that because if op doesnt even remember the number of characters each one will be added to the other

how about 23, not limited to [a-z],[A-Z]?

do you at least remember something about the password? like in what position there were numbers or specific symbols. if you do, you can use a mask and drastically reduce the time required. this doesn't guarantee anyway the time will be humanly acceptable, 5 years are better than a century, but still

(you can use hashcat for a mask attack, but good luck not melting your computer)

when you add 11 years to 16000 years it doesn't really make a difference. technically you're right, tho

true but I am assuming this tard decided to just smack his keyboard and possibly bang it out to 20 characters

Just using a random site that spews out these numbers, but: 18 decillion years

Wouldn't there be a file where winrar stores it's passwords? Everything was packed on the same computer.

that's not how encryption tech works lmao. winrar encrypts the file, it has a function to unencrypt. the only way to get that function to work properly is to put in the perfect input

Look up Cain and Abel it's a program you can use to brute Force the password. Leave it running for while a week I'd you have to and you'll get in. It's pretty much your only option unless you can remember the password. Your welcome retard

it really depends on the kind of encryption. if it used an AES criptography you're fucked, there are no archives for passwords

>I've made a bet with some fucking retard
Who, yourself? I don't have a brainlet that can accurately represent how dumb you've been here.

Holy shit, working in (end-user, OEM branded hardware) tech support for over 15 years, I've dealt with quite some crazy/stupid "problems". But this would qualify as next level for sure...

My professional advice, visit a hypnotist with the one that typed the password. With some luck and some hypnosis, he might trigger the dude to type the same random string again...

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>this thread

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May you link it? I cannot find a download link that works.

That's not how any of that works mang.

>remembering stupid fucking purple book
Keep your passwords like your companions...close. Why would you bet that?

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Very true user! No clue what winrar or -zip would do these days.. 7zip nowadays standard puts a 256-AES encryption on the archive. Depending on the source you would use for the brute force, forcing it could take anything between 5 hours and 15 million years or so.... give or take a year

Pretty standard for the average customer on my end.
"i forgot my password can't you hack it"
"whaddayamean I lost all my files"
I wish I could just say "oh that's an easy fix, I just do xyz, you restore your backup, and you're good to go!" to every customer.
Legit 99.95% doesn't have a backup, even those who've lost their shit in the past.

Listen nigger I'm not going to spoon-feed you that hard. It's not hard to find if your skin is white and your not mentally retarded. Take your lazy niggery diggery elsewhere

Quads were wasted on this faggot plzbro

Say it anyways, then when they don't have a backup you can say "oh, well you're screwed then"


I only respect legally obtained gets by white people not quads stolen by some nigger.

i would download a pentesting os like backbox kali or parrot. idk if youve used anything like that before but there's pretty much all the tool's you need to get anywhere or at least on the right track. use some forensic tools and data recovery tools maybe. if your password is short there plenty of stuff for brute forcing passwords and stuff..... but like everyone else said your most likely fucked if it wasn't short af.

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well criptography is literally about making stuff unrecoverable

I found it but it is not doing shit oxid.it/cain.html

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go on rutrakcer and get a rar unlocker. first google a payware rar unlocker. i have a rar locker from said site rutracker.org also dont foget to enable goog translate

that's not even the fucking website, the domain was sold. how long have you been on internet? a week?

All the links on the cain and abel website redirect you to those html links.

>with some long random password
>I remember the password had letters, numbers and symbols
Why are people still trying to give this faggot hope? He's fucked.

that's exactly what I said: the domain was sold. you have to download it on other websites

With a few files, agreed. But done by another person, for a meaningless bet, with the most important folder (or the whole c drive, note sure as of yet), no, that one is new.

Ofc. people that lost all their files, including pictures of all their dead relatives that they need to look at for at least 7 times a day to deal with the pain and that ofc. only where saved on that pc = very recurring theme.

Go to Sup Forums maybe someone on there will be kind enough to step by step walk you through this if your seriously this incapable of using a computer. Next time back all your shit up

Try to do something with some nigger programs you never heard about and talk to me later.

>Sup Forumsentleman here
they're going to laugh at him harder there. it's not a support board, so he'll get zero help.

I don't own the place, otherwise I would.

good luck man gg/shitpost

Ah, yes, right on. It's a special level of stupid that luckily is quite rare. Once or twice a year we get cases of that level.

No way this moron is for real.

Nothing to add that others haven't said. Op, you are beyond retarded. You would have better luck running a forensics program on the hard drive to recover the deleted files.

Well, here it is. The stupidest fucking thing I've read all year.

Lol, I think you amerimutts are retarded or something, just now I found a file containing winrar passwords including the .rar file with my passwords.
Concluding that instead of solving the problem a logical way you would rarther use some completly autist way.

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No you didn't.

C:\Program Files\WinRAR
and one of these files in there.

I am not even gonna tell which fucking file and exactly where and how the password is stored because you amerimutts did not seem likely to help before.

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Fucking moron

Post a pic then retard.

kek, its more likely this whole thing is fake. end of the day op is still a tard

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op is a faggot and nothing of value was learned in this thread

People instead of listening to amerimutts should just use basic logic which is more than the smartest of you.

>mfw op thinks posting random code will make us think this is real
>mfw this whole thread is fake
>mfw op is a retard

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kek also gz on the dubs
gz on the trips

>Random code
amerimutt never saw any bit of code or what?