Cuck thread

Cuck thread

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Initials B.T.?

lol faggot

Why is he a faggot? This is hot.

Kill yourself


Is this just a phimosis thread because he certainly has that.

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Oh look, a cutfag thinking he knows what phimosis is.

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Cucks send your wives, gfs, exes to topkek_user

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More double blowjob stuff

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Well?! Keep going

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shitty quality oc of gf here, she wants to take black dick

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Loves big cock and cum

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Ex Caitlyn. Know for a fact she went behind my back with a guy with a giant 9 inch dick. What would you guys do to her?

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Let's see more

Here’s another, sorry if the quality is still bad

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Wife is black out wasted and borderline passed out. For $500 you can have her for an hour. Would you and WWYD?

Pic related its her and something like this happened to me to pay off my friend.

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Love seeing wives take two cocks

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not really a full blown cuck but i kinda like the idea of other guys trying to talk to my girlfriend

dont scare her off or tell her about this - she doesnt know im posting this lol

her kik is: digiware

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Kik mrshocksta for more

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She looks like a fucking tranny. Be glad she's gone and get some standards.

Let's play a game. Here is my wife in lingerie. Both standing in front of her, she wants to have a little contest. A dick size contest. On 3 we both drop our pants, and if you win you tell me how to strip her (win request) and tell me what I have to watch you do to her

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Guy did this to my GF's pic...

Going to have her "accidentally" find it on my phone tonight..

>Pic Related

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driving me crazy


Kik publicgf humiliate my gf and make me regret sharing her pics

Where is the cuck

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No one wants to challenge me in a big dick bet for a chance to destroy my wife's tight holes?

I'd go balls deep. Moar

Dominant Bull, 35yo, over 8", US
kik is Dominantgallus

if you want to read texts by ex sent me about bbc

kik: mommylightning

So my girlfriend and I have wanted to a while to find her a partner to have sex with. We have not done it in person tho she has had several guys she has met online that she would sext and send nudes to. I had to train a cute new black guy at my job and recently my girlfriend got to meet him and really liked him and would be interested In fucking him. Is there any guy way to possibly get them to hook up? Girlfriends tits

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Her cunt for the last time before she was Bull owned

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her tits seem delicious too

Yes more

I wish a bull would use my sister in front of me

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Gotta keep this alive

Awesome whore, thank you my good man

Who doesnt lmao. My sisters got a faat ass. Christmas we got high and she was rubbing my leg with her foot gave me a massive hardon

I’m trying to think of a way to get my daughter to fuck my older black neighbor he’s into it I just need to convince her somehow anyone got any ideas

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Anyone in the south California area I’m looking for a bull to humiliate me and fuck my girlfriend drop kik if interested

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One more pic please, she has nice tits

Share more pics of her!

Sure I'm glad you like here

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Sharing pics of my 19 year old gf with bulls, hung bulls, females, anybody
She is cheating on me letting a black dude fuck her :(
Kik: Care2share2019

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Would any bulls breed my asshole?

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Thanks user

You're welcome

Did he know she was your gf?

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does she know you know? if not, keep it a secret and let her play. you'll have fap material for LIFE if you do

no green text?

Yes he did


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Dude what is wrong with your ass?

Moar you dumb cuck

Sharing gf

Kik parsleysagerosemary6

if you're cool with him, invite him out to smoke or drink with your gf paying him attention when you're not there

He did say he likes to drink. I could invite him over then have an excuse to leave for a bit with him and my girlfriend alone

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I want updates

just make sure he knows there'll be a reasonable amount of time before you're back or he'll be too nervous

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any pics of her tits

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nice tits dude, wish I could pump a load on em


damn that's hot

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damn she looks nice would love to spank her ass

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Shes so hot

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mmm nice, she got tits to go with that ass

you let them shoot their cum in her?

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fuck I wish she was here rn

She’s riding that dick, cumming and forcing you to watch, tormenting you.

anything bigger of her?

Jesus more of her!


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