Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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Lick her asshole until I dribbled cum

Tit fuck, for sure... and I'm even an ass > tits guy, but that rack? Fuck

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which takes the biggest shits?

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I'd let 2 take one in my mouth

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Sniff and lick her sweaty ass after a night out

Wwyd to these two?

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Hopefully it would be a huge one

would you let her piss on you too?

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Absolutely, I'd beg her for it

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I'd be her obedient toilet


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think her pussy lips are pink or darker?

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Darker I hope

Put a paper bag on that shit!

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I'd do anything she said


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Sniff her sweaty gym leggings


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Mmmm so hot

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Kik? I'd love to see more of her

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Very weak for her

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I'm leaking for her

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What race do you think she's mixed with?
She doesn't look 100 percent all white to me

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Maybe greek?

here is her mom
I'm thinking greek or italian

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No kik

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Sniff her ass


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What is her name?

my gf accidentally snaps this to you with her address instead of me

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Mmm, moaning her name

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She owns me

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I'm gonna cum for her

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How brutal do you want it ?

doesn't matter

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I came while moaning her name


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bet she'd like that

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what would you do to Tenille?

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I'd love to get her on her knees and just use one hand to grab her by the neck and the other one to slap her around, make her cry and when she thinks it's done, start facefucking her like an animal. Make her puke and just rub it all in her face while I spit on it. Turn her around and just fucking brutally break her asshole, rupture that fucking hole until my lube is her blood. Grab her by the neck with both hands strangling her while I fuck her ass and just start smashing her face onto the floor nonstop, feel her ass clench with every hit. cum in her asshole as she convulses and dies. Cut her head off and facefuck her deformed face for weeks.

I'd do anything she said to be honest

nothing she gross

sweetie!! I wanna lick her legs.

I'd let her destroy my balls while she laughed and spit on me, just a brutal stomping in a cockbox.

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I'd love to drug her good and take her to eat putrid cocks at a homeless shelter, video all of it and send it to her family. Make her rim and blow disgusting crackheads and be humilliated in every way possible.

I want her to kick me into a coma.

Shove a bottle of Pepto Bismol up her looose butthole.

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more plz

Video her plopping a deuce in that trash can with that giant dumper she has.

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wwyd to this slut?

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you got ass shot of her?

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I would love to see how many ornaments can fit into her vagina.

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wwyd to my sister?

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Lick her asshole

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Wwyd to Leni and Juliana?

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Which and wwyd?

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WWYD to this slutty face?

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