Is 30 middle aged, /b ?

Is 30 middle aged, /b ?

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Mathematically speaking, yes. But in common speech it has a different meaning.


No way. You're barely out of puberty at 30.
No POTUS has been under 40. Trudeau is 36 but that's Canada for you.
We're living longer (if you can get health care) and so middle-age probably starts around 45.
Would you really want a 30-year old bank manager, doctor, judge? Not me.

Great Canadian rock band Trooper said it best, "We're here for a GOOD TIME, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun can't shine every day"

Avg lifespan of a male is 67 middle age is after 33, not 30, and that's worldwide. Males in the US live to an average of 78 meaning middle age in the US is 39.

The only one I'd disagree with is possibly Doctor. An old doctor might be less well-versed on the newest methods and best practices for modern medicine.

No... experience trumps being young for no reason.

How is that ironic

In america middle aged is 30, in every other first world country its about 40-42

Do you plan on dying at 60?

... why? That makes no sense

Mid fiddies reporting in. Feels like yesterday I graduated highschool. Just moved into a 55+ complex. Lotta weed and AC fuckin DC here. My friend just visited and called us "The new Old". Grey fuckn Gardens ain't what it used to be

Did I say it was just because they are young? No, I didn't. I said it's because they were originally trained with modern techniques that an old doctor might not know or be comfortable with. How about you actually read the post before bleating like a mentally diseased sheep

>that an old doctor might not know or be comfortable with.
Doctors are required to attend seminars and shit to keep current.

Doctors have continued learning mandated you idiot. What you said is a complete non-factor.

That doesn't mean they're actually going to use those techniques, hence the "comfortable" qualifier. I've personally experienced this phenomena least than a week ago with an older doctor that packed a wound of mine when recent studies show that wound packing doesn't prevent recurrence and causes delayed healing time and more pain. I even pointed this out and they insisted


Not the bro u scrappin with but bullshit. Doctors don't have to recertify. They stay as current as the journals they subscribe to and actually read, which all cost big dough. Lotta cheap cunts out there. When it comes to doctors the newer the better

>Doctors don't have to recertify.
>doctors already retake an arduous exam every seven to 10 years to keep their credentials, long considered the gold standard of expertise, but physicians of all ages must now complete a complex set of requirements every two to three years.

Yes they do. There are a certain number of hours of continuing education they have to complete on a regular basis to maintain their license to practice. Same thing with CPAs and other licensed professionals.

I am 35. Middle aged absolutely begins at 30. Thats about the time when you can begin to notice youre getting old

>avg lifespan of a male is 67
ok yes if you are averaging in shithole countries. obviously, nobody cares about shithole countries. so what is the average lifespan of a male in 1st world countries hmm?

Only if you suck at math. Average life expectancy is like 71, retard.

This isnt a good argument. You are using a single anecdotal experience to invalidate years of experience. There are good doctors and bad doctors. You would rather have the good doctor with 20 years of experience over the good doctor with 5 10 times out of 10. If you actually believe that a younger doctor is preferable idk what to tell you, thats really dumb man.


That's pretty cool you're still kickin, user. If I'm still on Sup Forums by the time I'm that old I'll kill myself.

As if anyone pays attention to anything after like the 20th seminar.

at 30, evarybody turns into niggers

I mean most doctors care about their jobs so i would imagine they do... its not like you get to be a doctor by just fucking around

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What I'm saying is just because you go to the seminar doesn't mean you're paying attention to what's discussed. They aren't quizzed on everything at the end. They may have to get their license renewed every so often but that wouldn't require you to be perfectly up to date on all of modern medical procedures and practices. Honestly I was just being snarky though. I don't really care how old or young my doctor is because I don't go to doctors for their stupid opinions anyway. I just go if I need a certain medication or procedure that requires their name on a piece of paper.

I prefer doctors that have c cups and high heels personally.


I know it's anecdotal, my experience was just a proof-of-concept to show that older doctors that have treated diseases one way for decades may be reluctant to change their old methods and adopt newer ones. Also I never said that I myself preferred younger doctors just that there are reasons why someone might prefer it.

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Are you actually going to refute the point or just sling ad hominem all day?

As a man who turned 31 this year, I'd say yes.

At 30, you're no longer considered "Young" you're just average, middle of the ground. You're not "old" but you aren't young and 40 is less than 10 years away and as I always heard growing up, 40 is "over the hill" which begins the trek into "old"

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I'm 43, and life is so much better than it was in my 20s and 30s. Don't feel old, still game and play guitar, but I can also afford the shit I want. Being a dad and husband is pretty cool too. Would not go back if you paid me.

oh god, I can smell the cope from here!

If you think getting to where you wanted to in life and enjoying it is coping, I feel pretty bad for you.