Kik thread

kik thread

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Kik is BigD0g95
Looking for women to make fun of me for my small cock


42 M US.

Love chatting/sharing with Femanon of all age, size, and shape. I will chat with others but dont send me your weiner.

Also I'm an ER nurse and clinical instructor for nursing school, so any health care workers hmu! Love my RN's, CNA's, and RT.

Someone to chat about Busty Girls (Teens, milfs, celebs, pornstars, close/relatives... All but with Big Tits) and so on from there. Teens doesn't need to be busty.

Fat Titted Latina from (773)
Recognize her?
KIK her cuck @ megustan.chichonas
for more if interested and post any wins.

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23/m/usa williamross22

Just wow...!! Big hooters

Kik: clairespics

looking for nice tight stomach sluts or tan lines to jerk to

Exposing girls
Kik dowens213

Andrewhopper89. SSBBW. BBWS. Beast. Ex wifes. Hairy. Piss.

Expose your wife gf or ex to me

Been a minute since I've posted her, but y'all can fuck with my ex @carebear2k


Send femboys, femanons, whatever my way. Hell I'll cockbomb your girl.

Posting cute bbw gf that cucks me. Username is bbwslutus

Swapping gf pics.

Kik: sweettinyfeet

I'm a college student trying to pay for books for next week.
I have DD34 tits, and im short and blonde.
Doing PAID live pics, vids, requests, etc. Also selling used panties, socks, bras. I can verify I'm real however you want.

Again. Its paid stuff, no freebies. Please support your local college girl. Thx

Kik: sweettinyfeet

Vouching +1. This goddess is my new domme.

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Expose ur gf/wife/ex and I’ll expose mine

nabrah89 kinda high and up for anything

F 20 iowa here. Person who sends the wildest DB links gets two live pic requests. No pee or stuff


26/M straight
Kik: curvedcock93

Throwaway acc

Would love to have a little fun with a female. Can send dicpics if i recieve good amateur of couples.


Don't bother. She's a bitch

21 M straight
Looking for someone to chat to and fantasize about what we think a girls vagina looks like in detail. Post pics of girls and we both guess what kind of vagina they have!

kik- macdoo1245

where are all the sissies

Heyyyy i got trips lol

Jwel019 send amateur nudes and panty pics in exchange for a great album

Check Should show tits.

not a full blown cuck but im kinda interested in other guys trying to talk to my girlfriend lol

pls dont be too creepy - she doesnt know im posting this

her kik is: digiware

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Ya wanna put it in my girls butt Sup Forums?

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Yes. Kik?

Larp. Just admit you wanna send dudes nudes


Sharing my slutty latina
Kik cgbcuck

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Send me your innocent girls you wish weren’t so innocent. GFs, sisters, friends, cousins, etc and how you’d corrupt them.

Bonus points for dads willing to send me their daughters.

Also, if you’re interested, I’ll send you pics of girls I know for you to wwyd and speculate on what they’ve done sexually before.

Yep what’s your kik

I'm bored. I have teens and chubby girls I'll trade for anything.


I'll also show my cock

M_orl2. Looking for no rules groups

Kik noggeregott will cock tribute no limits

looking for some bbws

jerk off to clothed pics of hot girls i know while you humiliate. Make me strip naked, slap my face, slap my ass. I need abuse now

kik: mommylightning

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Told my cuck I’d find some “respectful” bulls to share his gf with. Obviously a lie... expose the cuck and lost what he gives you. His kik is edm_monster_303 without the underscores

Kik @morriton to trade for more of this cutie I fucked last summer. OC is preferred but I'll take anything, will answer questions and stuff about her as well.

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Will also trade

please im so horny

Alexd972 I’ll share this girls nudes if you make fun of the way I look and that I’m still a virgin

Post what he gives you*

Rayyybay Kik slut

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No traps no fun

Jpost12345 big dick, horny as fuck, let's trade pics of girls and compare

Anyone have any success?

Looking to jerk off to some pics and talk about your girls with you Kik issaweeze

UmaAlagu still active. She told me to go away kek.

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34/M/OK, USA
straight, going through a divorce, looking for girls to chat, flirt with. sexual component not required bit won't hurt my feelings if it happens
kik - an0n98765
won't share my ex so don't waste either of our time asking

If anyone you know how to get into snaps Kik billythegoatmans

anyone doing tributes? reply with kik

Post yours with a sample of what you want

fuck off fag

Kik: sweettinyfeet

This is a college girl in need of some money.

She verifies with pics or vids. She does requests, sexting, domme, cuck, vids, pics.

Again, she is in need of support. Support your local college girl.

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Looking to trade oc of girls you know


Impossible bitch. Good luck.

>Denise Otto
>Kik: Denise1xy
Anorexic German slut

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drunk and horny

trades and play, anything goes

kiki: hellhound709

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kik dongboy69

Drunk and showing my gf for abuse kik publicgf

If anyone you know how to get into snaps Kik billythegoatmans


No rules post on entry vids pics megas etc

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any groups?

add anonanonsonn

Kik pches12

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Send bbc/cuck/ any taboo porn u wanna send

I'm looking for tributes


Kik me ur gf/wife/ex ill rate them and tell you what I'd do to them. Bonus points for Asian or petite gals.

Cuck me
Looking for big cocks

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Kik me your daughters. Or taboo


Send me whatever. Cool with chatting. Im not picky


If you can hack snaps Kik billythegoatmans

+1vouch for this goddess. Cuck services AMAZING.

add anonanonsonn for some trades

20s fit blonde wife. Will show her and her panties and thongs and sexy sets. Kik hockeyguy600

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Send me girls or porn to chat or roleplay about.

Sissy who wants to be exposed humiliated and degraded.
Kik is abovethezenith

Send me porn no limits
Kik: BigBarry858

Asomeone1998 is a sissy who loved bbc and bdsm



come talk to me if you're in the mood, i'm into submissive people, girls, traps, and the occult, and great music.

Alternatively come show me your wife, gf, daughter, niece, etc.

Don't add me if you're a gay guy, not into that.

what the fuck is a DB links?

If you can hack snaps Kik billythegoatmans

33/m/married chat about sexual fantasies/experiences - cheating, voyeur/creep, family, etc. uppercase416


Want to stroke this cock off before bed, send me amateur vids or pics of girls..Kik is Jsptresbien

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21 M straight
Looking for someone to chat to and fantasize about what we think a girls vagina looks like in detail. Post pics of girls and we both guess what kind of vagina they have!

kik- macdoo1245

M/14/bisexual corrupt me. Into most things, traps, cock, girls, bbw all that shit send it to me itsbenny01134

kik Ewry003

Send your chicks (gf/wife/friend) for a chat if i like

Saintsfantu , 22m , i ll wwyd bout ur girl , bull you .

If you can hack snaps Kik billythegoatmans

Kik issaweeze still stroking to your girls

Dumping bbw gf, username is bbwslutus

Tell me about fantasies or experiences about your family. Daughters especially. Any Dad attracted to his daughter? Kik tell_me_about