Can we have a armpit general?

Can we have a armpit general?

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Armpits are nice.

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save some time

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What does one look for in an armpit? Just being shaven?

Its hard to explain because i like hairy ones also.

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My fucking god. More?

No but apparently she was posting here yesterday and someone is trying to get her attention in another thread

It's all about the little lines and creases for me, I dunno it's weird.

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pits make me pump cum

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oh I totally get you, the more creases it has for me the better

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nice to see someone on the same page

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Hey user whole stole my pic and armpit op

She's crimson chan and she has based armpits

I too also like op's tastes, not to raw/clean shaven and not too hairy bush

Just slighty dark and stuble

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enjoy Karina

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damn those are tasty

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the skin is so soft. A clean fresh shaved armpit feels nice. I like to kiss my gf armpits.

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Like this user?

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I did saved this but i prefer skin tone like thisOk listen up fellow armpit fags, armpits are better in combination with; ligher skin tone but slightly darker armpits, short hair, decent looking asian or arthoes.

Im posting based armpits for references

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As an armpit afficionado, armpit pics must be;
1.make you imagine the smelle of female pheromones, a little b.o. stinky but still mixing with the pleasant female aroma cause you know that female is clean

2.makes you want to lick it clean.

Now thats based son.

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>fapping to armpits

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This.. Better than those hairy chimps at /s/

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Nice user. Do you have her set?

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nope sorry

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Too bad .

Good thread you got here tho

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I need closer shots of this woman!

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General Armando Pitt reporting

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