Alright, judge time. Don't be afraid to be honest

Alright, judge time. Don't be afraid to be honest

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OP honest question WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR ASS??? What's going on there? Huh?

I like fisting. Nothing wrong it it, like it that way. Lol.

how does one keep his shit in with an asshole like that?

do you need to go to a doctor?

Seriously your butthole is like way too big.

what the fuck is that?

Hugh Janus

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Not that difficult unless I have the shits, which then I wear a menstrual pad in the back of my underwear. I usually just avoid anything that would give me the shits though

Nah my man.

What's too big? Lol.

my man got that 2 for 1 special if you know what i mean

Let's see a timestamp.
Also how?

I'm down with that.

>menstrual pad
>menstrual pad

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seriously op, one day you're going to be taking a shit and your intestines are going to fall out. Also, enjoy your diapers and incontinence.
Draw a line man.

This is actually really interesting OP. Do you avoid food that gives you a lot of gas? Can you even hold in farts?

You are legitimately mentally ill.

loose buttholes are kind of hot tbqh

Big stretched holes are hot, shame you only find porn of old men doing it. Do you find young guys who are into it? How do you tell them about it? Even a lot of gays wouln't want to engage in fisting.

this is fucking gross wtf is wrong with you

How old were you the first time you were raped?

Lmao, y'all really got riled over this.

Thank you! Glad to see someone who gets it.

Never been raped, I do like some rough play though, rape scenarios included.

You must have abolutly no struggles on the toilet.

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It looks fake. Give us Video proof.

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My reaction exactly


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That just raises more questions! Have you attempted to find alternative or incompatable behaivors that serve the same function?

thats one heck of a pooper my man

not even kirk j's ass looks like that in a resting state, and that guy's been shoving XXXXL dildos and multiple fists into his own ass for 40+ years

Trips checkā€™d

Yeah... that looks real awful... Oof

Tbh, being the degenerate I am, I like it. The only issue I have is that it looks fucking disgusting with how it looks perforated.

are you into posing? is it even a real thing?

loose sloot

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looks like a vagina in the wrong place, which gained my interest. upon closer inspection, I am disgusted. You like it, so you won't agree, but you ruined your body

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timestamp/I'm sorry

gives a whole new meaning to the word boypussy

That is one Punished Asswhole

If it wasnt so loose ide say you look great, but That's a huge turnoff the whole reason anal is the best is because of how tight the whole is.

Why im glad my BF isnt the sexually aggressive one I am, so anal feels great because my ass gets the chance to tighten again by the next time we have sex. Helps were Both swaps as well.

Loose asses are worse than loose vaginas Hon

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shut up bitch

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now that's a tight ass. would be a joy to bust inside. yours, OP, looks like a deflated shoe

kinda hot, got any more

Hideous homo / zero

post moar of that delicious loose butthole

oh. i was about to ask that. i can respect that


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My butthole bros. Would any of you play with it?

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Fucking, what the fuck dude

What in the god damn

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What the actual fuck? That looks disgusting, go to a doctor and get your saggy colon and overstretched sphincter sewed back up.

Get rid of the acne off your ass cheeks then maybe kek

I'm a fan. Keep posting or post a social

Your father would be proud op, im sure this is what he wanted his children to turn out like

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Has a doctor ever seen it?
Just wondering what they're reaction was if so

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make a webm pushing it out

Euthanize yourself.

Do you have to wear depends?



Can you link that toy?

I said a little bit up I *sometimes* wear pads if I'm gonna eat something I know will give me the runs, which I usually don't do anyway.

How manu lego can u hav in it at one time?

It's a butt plug from Amazon I'm not sure the name

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Good boy. Love the way that ring stretches. Lose the boxers

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typical northface wearer


kik me a video of you pushing stuff out your asshole

Took this for a Dubs and Post ass thread

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The same I have in ma brain




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got kik ?send me more of that ass

Now back to stretching that hole

Tfw you need to fuck horses just to feel anything

nice trips and ready to breed

And thank you, trips are my best quality

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is this fuckable?

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How do you not poop yourself every time you stand?

damn good slut

I'd bust like 3 loads in that boipussy before I was done, you on the west coast?

Great, because I want to get a good fuck. And no, i'm not from the west coast

here's another one btw

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better view
would dl and chill

would someone give a fuck?

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Fuck that's almost as nice as mine

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OK, I'll share my butthole too

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Nice tight pussy

Where are you located? I'm looking for a fisting buddy.