New York Slam Pigs and cumsluts. Who’s got’em. How are you findin’em. Tindr, Fetlife or kik for any of them worth a nut

New York Slam Pigs and cumsluts. Who’s got’em. How are you findin’em. Tindr, Fetlife or kik for any of them worth a nut

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Missy 845 Port Jervis

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i'm in NY. Can I post a photograph of my penis?

You can fuck right off, that’s what you can do

Well, I never!


This is literally the worst thread ever


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You’re the worst thread ever, fag

Melissa 845. On tindr and fet
Does 3somes with couples.

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What’s her get then?

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Hot me up if you have someone’s Snapchat that you want to get into.

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how did u find her

845 518
Post some fucking wins

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My ex. She’s on fet and tindr. We have each other blocked so I don’t know what her username is anymore. Do it by radius, she’s a pathetic junkie with a rape fetish and prolly takes bbc now.

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Need more

any 631 here? sachem cord open if anyone interested

I got a 315 big cock ready to be sucked

looking for el cabby somers

Where in 315?

Big cock in syracuse

I'm interested


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Any Brooklyn here?



Sup fellow 631fag. 11776 here

what years u got

I'm 28? Not sure what you're asking.

There's this bitch fucking with our lives with a strapon.

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She've been there for almost eleven fucking years. Stealing from the people. Fighting for the big companies.

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And look who's paying for that.

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Clearly money laundry.

And now, this guy.

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This useless son of a whore has been there for 20 fucking years. Just look at this. For the love of god.

Its because of people like him, that there's a DEA doing shit in the south, and war in the middle east.

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And who's paying? Let's see.

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Fucking money laundry schemes.

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Yooo brooklyn here

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you know her?

How’s it work?

Kik james_and_joyce

Do you have any nudes of women

914 anyone recognize

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