be me at DQ

> be me at DQ
> order Reese’s blizzard
> cute girl behind the counter asks if she wants to see the cup flipped
> I say no it’s fine
*puts down my Reese’s blizzard*
> “so it’s free because you didn’t flip it”
> girl gets pissed
> gets manager
> “she didn’t flip it, it’s free”
> gets free blizzard

Women are stupid

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I hope she got fired.

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You're a jerk

Shut up, whore.

how fucking cheap can you be?

The scheming Jews strike again

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didn't happen

should have ordered pralines & dick flavor, asshole.

If you no flip cup then you get free, if flip cup then not free are you understand? she not flip cup was big mistake so manager make free

Hold on. If the cup is flipped everything will fall out. Why are Americans this stupid

ohh ok I get it. you told her not to flip it so its free. no DQ's anywhere in my state.

You are an idiot, it's a frozen treat that is "famously" thick enough that it stays in the cup.

Op, post receipt or GTFO.

i don't believe this actually happened, nobody could be this much of a douchebag

Free blizzard = no receipt lmao

your famously thick

im not sure if im the only one who doesn't understand wtf is going on in this post

Whats a DQ
Whats a reese's blizzard
Who is "she" the cute girl asks
Why would someone get pissed at someone not flipping the cup

oh snap

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They don't ask, they just do it. How fuckin boring is your life that you gotta make up some stupid shit like this.

At Dairy Queen they flip the cups upside down and then fill it with milkshake otherwise its free

DQ is a american food chain that sells icecream aswell, a blizzard is basically a really fucking stiff icecream in a cup and DQs motto is that due to the custard being so thick, if they flip the cup upside down it wont fall out, and due to this claim they say if they do not do this stunt it would be free

so why would anyone ever want the cup upside down?
you dont eat from a cup or tub upside down and if you eat it from the cup normally you get an extra added benefit of not having to pay for it

Not true, she would have had to void your original receipt. Fuck off, op.

My famously thick? Learn English, shithead.

You just hold the cup higher, just above your head

SCORE! Good scam op. We have a price accuracy policy at a lot of stores here. I look for pricing mistakes & get free stuff all the time. Most places never bother to fix the prices after, so I just go back & get the same stuff free every time lol

Sure faggot. Everyone does it right everytime everywhere

but why?

you'd look like a stupid asshole

think about it, because a company sold you the novelty that their product is thick a can hold upside down you change how you eat your ice cream to show off their novelty for no benefit of yourself

this concept sounds so ridicules it could only be american, you lot are really weird with your food



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how sad can you be?

it looks cool

It makes me happy to know someone out there still has hope for the human race but after working at places similar to DQ in the past I honestly wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it was true. Still, keep the hope alive user.

I don't get it, why was it free?

cup not flipped

fuck you. thats a free large blizzard. those fucking things are delicious

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High 5 bro. Nice work

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You should've followed up with "I didn't think there was a point in flipping it because this shake cant be thiccer than you"

get her number, then when she comes over to fuck sit her down and make her eat a bowl of a dozen blizzards

>My famously thick? Learn English, shithead.

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what do you mean its not flipped? why would they flip it? the ice cream would just spill

How dare you sully ice cream by calling it fucking custard

I just got 2lbs of coffee free bitch. I'm not sad at all

they have some edible glue they spray in the cups so it stays in

why do they flip it though?

Skater generation

Dairy Queen serves all their food flipped upside down, thats their gimmick, look at the cup in OPs image, the label is upside down. Are you saying you don't have upside down fast food places in your country??

This story makes no sense. Who's the other "she" in the story?

Look up "dairy queen upside down or free" if you don't believe this rule

Is it an aussie place?

a man of culture and taste

why would she give the opening for a free item.

Sounds legit.

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Your mom, aunts, sisters, and female cousins are stupid.

Gates and Buffet probably eat lunch a DQ every day.

hey join our shitposting server! gg/YPu8f3

>white people care about free blizzards

This is why your race is failing so easily to others who cannot even build brick buildings.

Im going to find you and im going to fucking kill you you snivelling piece of shit. Goddamit how can someone be this fucking braindead.

I remember when they didnt use to flip them.

if the ice cream falls out can you sue?

what the fuck I've been to dq a million times and I've never heard of this until now

Women are stupid whores, but you're also a scum sucking assbag.

Nobody likes faggots that complain and try to get free food >>you didn't flip it

They do it to prove that its not the thing. They had a problem with this weird alien creature that could imitate ice cream but was it very dense and slipped out of the cup if you hold it upside down. If you look closely you'll see a machine behind the counter noone ever seems to use, thats the flamer they use to kill it if it comes back. Media suppressed it.

This makes sense. Aliens probably explain why they serve more than just ice cream. I also remember when they did not serve food.

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jokes on op, that fag ate one. have fun for the next 48hrs while you are still in control.

Slim chance ops infected but it's there.

I like them. keep cryin wage slave