ITT we describe our professions based on what other people think we do

ITT we describe our professions based on what other people think we do.
>basically a garbage truck driver with more lights

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I make the Internet.

Web designer?

Legos but for big things

Wagie cuck

Police officer.

Ambulance driver

Close, but no

I unclog toilets

fuck sheep


Paramedic, but yeah. Fun fact, there really is no such thing as an ambulance driver anymore. Anyone who drives has some sort of medical certification

>battles the hackers all day

Sure... Thats totally what I do

clean toilets

I perform Jew Magic and you owe the overlords less

Kek, bankruptcy lawyer?

Makes shit we don't really need work but can't see the fucking shit

I sit in my car, drink coffee and eat donuts

Obvious cop

Arriving a work almost always late, turn on pc and run app that does not make it go to screensaver and it looks like i do something, watch some shit or play a game on my phone. Go at least outside once an hour for a smoke. By noon, a task arrives, taht I fix within an hour or less. When manager arrvies, joke around with him, or talk on a serious subject, depends on day/mood. Try to leave 2 hours early at least each day. Get paid 2k€ at the end of the month (net).

Im unemployed. Nice try though

Yer . a . school . bus. driver

Janitor/maintenance tech
Police officer

Insurance salesman

Construction worker?

Very good user

I push buttons to make a machine make construction materials.

head custodian, but basically yeppers, you got it man.

Not a cop, unemployee. I sit in my car, drink this shitty coffee, eat these shitty donuts and smoke like 25 cigarettes while i wait for my girlfriend to leave for ber job at 6. She doesnt know i lost my job over a month ago


Bench Worker?

dude, shes gonna dump you when she finds out. She's gonna be like "I want that Tyrone dick. That nigga has a job, and a 10 inch dick."

So i should hit the bottle too then


Or get another job, idiot.


"my man has only a three inch cock and not even the balls to man up and tell me he doesnt have a job. A bet that bitch hasnt even tried applying anywhere."

>yell at people all day
>make them afraid
>force them to work faster
>threaten to lock them up forever as they tediously build weapons of war

yeah, give her another reason to cuck your ass.


she probably knows already and is cheating on you. bitches are smarter than they appear.

That is not good. I want a specialized driver who focuses only on driving like a nascar driver when transporting me to the hospital.

I sit around getting high, drinking & playing vidya

>basically an automotive technical
but were not

tax accountant

I dig up corpses with a spoon and a paint brush

Stay at home wife, but also change old people's diapers.

Thoughts on an insurance salesman?

Neet without parents


so how do you pay for gas? is she stuck paying for everything? you should be ashamed of yourself. you are a pathetic excuse for a man. good luck.

Find any nazi gold?

Garbage truck at Christmas?

show us your bewbs

I fix computers and am really good at programming the tv

lolifags are better people


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What would you think if I told you I only sell to people that have to buy, probably your grandparents and only when they come to me?


I was being metaphorical. I'm not a woman.

Yeah i think she does. She fucking saw me sitting in my car the other day in front of a burger king. I told her i was on lunch. I dont even work anywheres near there

Technically enrolled agent, but you got it.

I have a bit of money, im not broke. I just dont have a job atm

I am the closest thing to launching nukes

Whats up kim

I'd ask what the claim denial quota is at your company

Is turbotax any good?

Kek, no

I fix your crap when you decide to put a bagel in the CD tray

Hi Elon!


You a cop?

Nope, but close in a way

you change grammy and grandpy's diapers, and you get a retard check monthly. Oh plus their ss check

GeekSquad / photo folder voyeur


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Drug dealing and thugging isn't a real job Tyrone

Well I work for 30+ companies and they have contracts with Medicare so if medically necessary it’s paid. How old are you? Just curious.

what are you cashing out your 401k and retirement. thats not a good idea if thats the case. get a job mang before this Tyrone guy people keep talking about moves in for the kill.

I'm just a huge greedy cunt with an ego

short order cook, maid, counselor, teacher, prison warden and Lyft driver

are you part of CNO

what up geek squad

Not particularly. The issue with any software is that its limited by the knowledge of the user. A program will only work with what you gave it, where a professional will ask you questions based on what you provided and determine if you should add something more.

It's not a terrible program if you have all of the information you need, but people rarely have that.


that aint gonna matter when this dudes chick sees that roll of 100s and his big pp.

I grow weed. Ive mainly been selling my smoke. Its just a couple hundred a week

nice dubs

Lean more into science side

I solve problems all day, most of them by asking the person "So what do you think you should do".

your taxes aren't hard enough for it to not be fine

Im a leaf, so not interested. Economical has a 40% denial "quota" btw

I tell people what to do and then they do it, but lazier and with more complaints.

take kids away from their parents

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do you say "I hear you saying X" before asking what they think they should do?


No I’m an independent insurance broker for 21 years. I buy out the old guys if they wish. And serve as a fiduciary to their block of holders if they want their beneficiaries to be paid a percentage based on our agreement.

NASA tech? please say no

how much do you want to kys yourself?

social worker