Hey Sup Forums name my band please

Hey Sup Forums name my band please.

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We let the monkey out of the zoo

Overdue For Suicide.

One if these things just doesn't belong

the mentally ill retards 7

Oppressed and Depressed

They are 8...

8 Fags with bats

Morpheus and the left wings

Stand by for being bombed

7 men and a monkey

Oozing Gender Fluid

Identity crisis

Slave on the Handrail

I wanna buttfuck the redhead guy in the middle.

The Snowflakes

Free Palestine

60% of you could have been in the movie "Hackers."

And what about the rest of us, user?

The black guy tease

Shit, idk. Seeing a little Stranger Things in there maybe?

Yeah, that dudes killing it. Probably the leader.

The Not My Presidents of the United States of America

Bottom right looks like a super fat Masie Williams.


hey join our shitposting server!


The welfare cheats

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