Slam Piggies/Chubby/Thick Girls built for breeding

Slam Piggies/Chubby/Thick Girls built for breeding

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Same girl

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Full nude frontal?

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wwyd to this ugly sow?

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who is she?


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Turn 360 degrees and walk away

Nice digits tho

here’s mine


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She should workout. Her ass Has so much potential

Great tits

yeah didnt mean to waste them on her fat ass

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She would look cute with an ass that's been spanked bright pink. You better be giving her her spankings, user.

fuck she's hot

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part one

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Fatter women are more likely to be infertile tho

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I'm not even into fat girls and I would feel lucky to be banging her.

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part two

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She actually cucks me

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Damn I wanna bury my fuckin bone deep in her!

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Do you have any pics of her cucking you?

Y'all need a bull? I'm legit good looking a great in bed. Very rough.
Where yall at?

We do but that's up to her, not me.

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can you share more in vola? fuckin hot

I miss this pig so much. My friends were so mad when we broke up, I used to have her suck everyone off when we were bored.

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If you guys are around NY...
my discord is dontdoitm8

Vola is volafile org/r/ 1565m61um
Were close, but not that close.


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Fuck yeah

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Glad you like ;)

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Where in ny?

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Like very much. Any nudes?

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old coworker I used to breed

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Keep going

oc gf, sorry if quality is bad at all (her face is honestly better, but still)

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spread that asshole wide

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NYC, but I'm willing to travel in reason

If you got a Kik I can send it to you next time I do

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Y'know, usually these share your fat gf threads are full of gross women with body acne and bad faces. But this thread has been an absolute banquet of pork. Good job, lads.

>clit piercing
Hnnnng I want to convince my gf to get one


How y'all feel about... unconventional women?

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Love this bitch. Got any nudes or her OF?


Fat girls are for loving and cherishing and milking and breeding.

anal sluts?

I hate the finger nails, everything else is goddess tier.

Nah she's not mine, just found that pic in some slampig thread

she's fine, dude

Cute, fat traps are so rare and must be protected

It's fucking great man.

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one of my favorites

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This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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Damn were you with her when she got it?

Ex wife slampig had a pierced clit, nips, and tongue. Fucking cow. I pumped her full of loads for years but she was barren. Fucking robbed

hey join our shitposting server!



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Full house

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