How do you feel about life user ?

how do you feel about life user ?

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I like it, it's what you make of it tbh.

Things haven't exactly been amazing up until now, but I'm not out of this thing yet.

it was fine the first 17 years of my life, hell it was nerd nirvana for me. Then BOOM, psycho step dad comes in to help my broke mom pay for, everything. long story short, imagine life being a soft pillow, and out of nowhere that soft pillow turns into an iron maiden filled with crackling ass. he made my life a living hell. In order to be happy i had to switch from being a generic socially akward and anxious cave dwelling neck beard nerd with equally virgin friends into a chad so i can get outta the house and get some action. instead i became a deppressed drug abusing fuck who hung around petty crooks and got into trouble. I ended up falling in love with an emo slut who showed me what love was, as well heart break. I fell in the worst fucking depression of my life that lasted for almost a fucking year until i managed to go numb to it all 4 months ago. ever since step dad came in, life has been shit. on the bright side i began taking better care of my looks so im now decently attractive and i have casual sex every now and then. aside from being the edge lord thuggy fuck i am now, I'm still the same ole meme loving, terrorist joke making, pc gaming, elder scrolls fan boy Sup Forumstard nerd. In short i fucking hate my life and nothing feels the same.

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also forgot to mention, im currently 19.

I should just focus on building a shop where I can make a bunch of my ideas a reality.

I'm fucking mentally ill.
Even if I could find a woman who isn't a narcissist, I'm too crazy to have her.
Can't have sex, because I'll get too attached.
Can't drink, cause I'll spiral into depression and kill myself.
Life is lame.

I think you are dreaming that you are Eminem.

Just biding my time until I can leave this shithole and still unlock the good ending

I think I'm Hitler's spirit reincarnated. I am quite conflicted about it.

fun when you don't know better, gets old once shit starts hitting the fan.

It fucks me like that pic above

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I feel like I’m continually wasting my potential

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not mentally ill but i still feel you, bro.

eh, alright. good job, stable relationship, but been in the same city/at the same job for seven years now and getting a little restless. not sure what the next year holds.

my life shows nooo resemblance to eminems, his WHOLE life was fucked. guy was a born a thug. i was a born a nerd that abruptly evolved into an crook-ish emo. I do love eminem however.

Its pointless and the only reason we all continue with it is we are addicted

hey join our shitposting server! gg/YPu8f3

it sucks, and I want mine to end

Was super fucking stoked on it until about a week ago when I got what i believe is a herpes outbreak. Waiting on test results still though

Please kill yourself you plebian.

You're mentally chill calm down

It's meh for now

I feel bad all the time.

And I think that next time I have sex I'll probably have a heart attack, because I'll be too old.

I have chronic pain. I have PTSD from
when I was a kid. I usually only go to sleep when my body isn't physically able to stay awake because of my pain. I can't walk for more than 5 minutes. I live in isolation. I spend my entire day just thinking. Thinking. I blast DXM to escape it. Thinkmmmmnnbcx

life is shit, but Iam still alive so that's that ...

I envy people in this thread who think their life is terrible. I remember when I thought life was terrible, when my life was fine. At least you guys are able to live. Fucking ignorant kids. Fuck you all. I was robbed of life. I am in constant pain and mental torture. Fuck you for thinking life is bad because you don't have a gf and are "depressed". Fuck you all.

If you guys want to know how I live; grab a kitchen knife and stab it into your back. Now fucking twist it. Keep twisting it. That's my life. Fuck you all.

yes sir, why am i pleb though?

Not gonna lie, I'm not checking out because of my partner, if she wasn't with me, I wouldn't be here. Minus the cheesy assumptions, my interest in day to day life is no existent, I can't sleep, barely eat due to medication, the job market is shit, I produced art for fuckin' furries for income, and so on.

At least I get sex, emotional support and compassion.

what potential are you trying to unlock? I feel like I'm meeting a lot of my potential but not all of it, always looking for strategies to improve that ratio in my favor. I work as little as possible for more spare time to pursue my hobbies as an example.

it's kind of lame

alright edgelord, calm down and explain in detail what the problem is instead of insinuating you deserve victimhood without explaining why - otherwise no one will be able to relate to it anyway

I would rather not have it. It's a struggle from your first breath to your last. Better to have never been born.

Fucking kys faggot. I wrote it in plain detail; I live with chronic pain which inflated my already existing mental illness. The pain is LITERALLY like a knife in your back, 24/7. I guarantee you cannot relate faggot, as you are currently comfortable writing on ur faggot pc. I am in agony every waking moment. Understand retard? Now go live a better life than I can hope for retard

If you want even more details, as you look at your monitor comfortably, my lower spine didn't fully develop and I suffer from nerve damage.

you need to find good doctors and pressure them hard for a solution. meds. surgeries. whatever they can offer. pain is only ever physiological or mental and it's a doctors job to resolve physiological issues for you.

The thing is, I am disabled now. My life is over. No matter what struggles anyone has, they can practically do it. I cannot, physically. I am trapped in a box and in constant pain.

I've been to multiple doctors. You would think it'd be an easy fix, but modern medicine sucks fucking DICK at back and nerve problems. I am currently waiting to see a back specialist in Dallas. I have lost most hope, and my condition is worsening

The root of the problem is how my spine grew when I physically developed, and constantly suffer side effects from it, which most are almost impossible to pin point and fix.

wife is cheating on me, my baby is 1k miles away, and i failed to kill myself. yep.

While waiting for that specialists, seek additional specialists. If your list of specialists runs out, seek more lists. Ask them for temporary solutions as well as long lasting ones. Injested painkilers, local injections, dermal creams etc. That's not a way to live, clearly. Seek every avenue and use every method until you're advised it will literally kill you, then weigh up quality of life vs life span and try a few more.

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ez life love it

Have a great paying job, good looking but boring individual, havent been laid in like 2 years, cant get a FWB. Everything else is great though, just this one thing which is driving me nuts.

>I blast DXM to escape it

Is this thread full of children?

Thanks for the advice. Granted way easier said than done, you're correct. I'm still relatively young but am losing mental drive to keep trying. I keep pushing myself to see these doctors to end up empty handed. My mind tells me to just down pain killers and wait until I die.
One of the only drugs I can get consistently. The only drugs I am able to get are weed and painkillers, nothing that knocks me out. When I dose dxm, it's always in the 900mg range. I don't think you understand where I'm coming from.

My drug connections are very limited due to my physical health. I cannot drive. And doctors won't / can't get me good opioids due to the crisis and abuse factor, especially considering I'm in my 20's. Dmx is a sad only option.

>I don't think you understand where I'm coming from.

You chug cough syrup

You robotrip

Never said I didn't. I'm not trying to prove anything. My entire point is everyone in this thread takes their life for granted. You are all living better lives than I. I have nothing.


Atleast the girl was hot? Brb while I cry on my herpes

If you abuse cough medicine you should be grateful your doctor doesn't give you opioids. You'd probably take too many and die.

Look guys! It's the guy with the hardest life in this thread!

Been pretty shitty the last few years but it looks like it's about to get a fuck ton better.
A cute little slut half my age ive been seeing for a bit is about to move in with me and be my sexy "housewife" and cum dump.
I'm 48 btw

How'd you pull that off?

Lot of luck and circumstance...kind of a miracle actually

Kill yourself. Where do you live? What could I do to get your so precious validation? You are sitting there responding to me like it's your biggest problem, as you are doing so you act like I the same. Which is very cool spectstingm. ayou are grea.t.

I feel nothing. Feelings are for women.

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I would kill to change lives with you. Bring me your body. Let us exchange. Do it.

>two years of "hell"
>still lives at home
>blames someone else for making shitty decisions
Yup, that's a teenager. Though by your age i was working, living in my car/friends rehearsal studio, and partying every night. Stop bitching and go seek some temp traveling job. The drama is for the birds.

>very cool spectstingm. ayou are grea.t.

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There's a few challenges I'm facing, some interesting, some not so interesting but still necessary, but overall I'm having a good time.


ivkovecral o i koce talking to people .You aee my best friend .I am smarter than you. I am better than you. I am better than you. You are worth nothing. I am better than you. I am better than you. Now our discorse is over. You can go back to being a human and trying to prove you're the best ever. Goodbye.

Was fun till i had kids, now i don't have funds for projects or free time for them. BUT the kids love that i take them places constantly. So over all okay.

I'm really struggling to find my place, and have suffered a great deal of abuse and neglect.

It’s my bitch.

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The fact that we ask these questions is a curse, we became too intelligent for our own good, life will never be good again with us asking questions about it

Neat. Tell me about it.

Did your mother use a double-ended dildo on you, while you were screaming and crying? But then your dad started sucking your little cock and the pain started feeling good?
Did they invite their drugaddicted friends to join in? Were their dicks the size of baseball bats? You were scared at first but then they gave you some pills and everything became beautiful.
Do you still see them whenever you need a good fuck even though you are ashamed of it? And then, when you became a father, you took your kids to see their grandparents and made them sleep over even though they cry and complain.

Details please.

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Sucked for a long time, then I almost died, now I don't take shit for granted and life kicks ass. That near-death experience thing ain't no joke

Would recommend/10

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It's been interesting to some extent despite the odds but I have certainly paid for it. Life would be better if 99% of people couldn't be fairly defined as "generic working adult #99999999999999999999".

I guess I'll be continuing to try and make my fantasies into reality but if it ends poorly I won't be surprised.

>Be me
>Live in a bottle after some trauma from childhood
>Meet chick
>Drunken, suicidal me falls way too hard for chick
>Chick cheats
>Bar time
>Drive home
>Pass out behind wheel
>Smash into road construction equipment on the side of the highway
>No seatbelt
>Bounce over steering wheel
>Smash skull into roof of car and split it open
>First-responders said my brain was visible
>Woke up

I still drink, but I am in control these days

I don't. Don't want to live anymore

>some trauma from childhood
Details? Double-ended dildo and mom?

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Reese Witherspoon?

My life is chill. I found deep love. I stuck to my guns with my ethics. I've had some failures but I learned a lot. I'm... what? 5 months past the point where I should have died. Everything now is extra.

>Double-ended dildo and mom?

I'm RL tho
>Dad is a fucking super-dad, but he has nerve damage in his spine from several real bad car/motorcycle crashes
>Completely ignores excruciating pain to give my the greatest childhood I could imagine
>Electrical fire happens when I'm in high school
>House gets fucked up
>No insurance
>Dad had finally had enough
>An hero
>Dive in bottle for 6 years

I feel there is no enough time to enjoy what life has to offer. One lifetime is not enough.
It means choosing the things we do have to be significantly more important than what we chose to never do in this life. I would like to try many things and do countless things. There is just not enough time in a lifetime. That's I think a sad reality, I feel a bit sadness for the things that are left undone.

life is ''OK" , i guess, i just wish my teeth weren't so shitty, they really fuck me up

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I wanna kill myself because I don't want to slave away 5 days a week for money, and I don't have the smarts to be rich.

Even worse, my family is good to me and i can't upset them by killing myself. The one time someone needs an abusive and shitty family God gives me the exact opposite. Typical. How can anyone believe he is benevolent?

Fuck. I didn't fucking asked to be born.

I feel like I wasted my life and I just want to end it

You a fan of meth?

Righteous bro! You only get this one chance to be you, regardless of your belief system.

If your in moderately good health count your blessings and enjoy life. Somebody always has it worse. Were you able to drive somewhere? Some people with seizures or vision impairment can't. Did you enjoy a nice walk? Some people ain't got legs or suffer from paralysis. Eat food without restrictions? Not without digestive diseases or diabetes! Take a shit? Not with a colostomy bag.

But even with a issue or two, unless your a fucking potato you have every ability to enjoy life.

It's just a slog, i find no joy in anything anymore
i constantly think "I have so few things to be happy about, that don't make me happy, but so many things that make me unhappy,that i'd be better off dead"

I feel you so much there. When I was a child Poor fag who was so desperate for dollars at a young age I Dunn ripped all them baby teef out. The stress of poverty turned me into a clencher which further fucked teeth up. Only had 2 cavities in life. The rest is pain from where they make contact.

Fucking luxury bones bullshit.

An very amazing experience but also very horrible, its unbalanced and chaotic but being alive at all is such an trippy thing that it amazes me

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Holy shit this

Man i wish i had potential

Itz only smellz

riley reid is a disgusting nigger loving cunt

The OP's gif is illegal. You can't pull woman by her hair like that. What is wrong with you to even record it? Sick people and their perverted fantasies. Hair pulling is against the law in many states.

Whenever i feel sad, i just think to myself. "Hey you could always go to mars, you're capable of that." or "You could start your own cult" or maybe even "You could always join the army and take a bullet for someone."
But then i think, nah i can't be bothered and i reach for the nearest fun thing which is usually my willy who cries everytime.

It's fucking shit you stupid motherfucker I didn't get laid.

Rocco is italian


Better. All it took was some sleep and sweet dreams.