Alright Sup Forums, my brothern, help me

Alright Sup Forums, my brothern, help me.

I think I am an intermediate grade guitarist. I practice everyday, learn different things as I go. Been playing since I was 10. Lately, I have lost confidence in myself, and my playing. I just find myself playing the same shit, even when I learn new things, it just doesn't feel right. I don't feel my self progressing, just on a never ending road. What advice do you any of you have to help me progress, or even gain more confidence..I know I could use it..thanks guys.

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I'm in the same boat

How are you feeling? What's your true emotions with it all?

Find some dudes that like to play the same music as you do and jam, start learning how to play with other musicians and stay on beat and shit like that.

I use to have a band, but idk man..after the experience I had with them, it has been hard for me to get back into gear with working with others again.

One try? And you gave up? My friend those who don't keep trying are forgotten.

I went through a phase where I just focused on speed and sweep picking to show I was fast. Then I tried to play pride and joy, and found my speed did nothing for the song, where I had to change my style to play the song. Perhaps a change in style is better for you, blues, funk, classical, you'll find different techniques to employ. My 47 cents.

You hit the peak, dog. Give up and move on, or accept where you’re at.

Learn a classical song on guitar, orrrr jazz.
I play guitar everyday but I’m a music therapist and I just sorta do the same songs over and over some times but by mixing up the song so mixing melody lines with strums or picking or doing melody line here then strums then melody then picking kinda adds difficulty but the change in texture is rewarding. Could get a vocoder or talk box to mix it up too

In the same boat aswell you have to just try and play what you have been playing but try and play it different if you know what i mean make it your own thats one thing you can also start trying to find interest in different genres and playing styles then you can find new things to learn try working on different teqnuiqes like finger picking or even start trying some finger style acousting then you can really get good and playing rythm or percussion if you want to call it that and you can try at the same time to keep a beat with a song yoyr playing cont.......

Keep in mind it is a never ending road and there always new things to learn with any instrument dont let it intimidate you and most importantly dont give a fuck what people think just do you and keep at it fuck all other opinions

Greeeeaaaat advice. Dick.

This is true..

You. Are. Not. Innately. Talented. Do you like your parents suggested and get a real job. The only alternative is basically become the Might Guy of guitar, but even if you get that reference and understand it, you would have to give up everything else. Just play for fun and for your friends. You will never make money off of this hobby, sorry to be the bearer of bad news user.



Well thanks for that. Never said anything about making it big, or making money, prick. I simply want advice on how to get past this, and how to enrich my musicianship. Just because one plays an instrument, doesn't mean one wants to conquer the world.

>Well thanks for that.
You're fucking welcome. If you had a real dad he would have told you the same thing.
>I simply want advice on how to get past this
Practice, you dipshit.

I've known how to play guitar half my life and I still suck, maybe I have shitty technique, but no matter how much I practiced I never got truly good, so I gave up and now I don't play guitar anymore

This is what someone who doesnt have a hobby will say. No skills, no fun, nothing. The fucking working Joe where the only thing that matters is bringing home the bacon, the meat n potatoes, another day another dollar. Gets together with other sheet metal workers and just talks all day about that nagging wife and how he looks forward to mondays because it gets him away from the bitching. Shut the fuck up, used to be relevant.

Anyway, OP, that wall can be vaulted over by doing something way out of your comfort zone in terms of play style like some others have said here. Shit you would have never thought of playing before on your own. That way you can take what you learn and mix it in with the shit youre into.
Play with other people who are as passionate about music as you are and have equal or more skill. Not for a fucking band, that shit is stupid. No plans for trying to do anything with the group other than jamming. When you get together with others and you play just for fun you'll soak in the vibes and that will help you find your groove again to play.
And the last bit is to just keep playing. Not to try and find inspiration but to keep your skill and dexterity sharp. Take a break if you'd like but personally I find that shit to not do much.
Anyway, good luck, bitch ass whack ass dumbass white ass nigga

This made my night. Thanks, user. Wish there were more people like you.

No matter how hard you try or who your teacher is if it isn't in your heart you don't have what it takes

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Lmao, let me guess. Your dad was the typical, sexually frustrated conservative, pissed off industry worker that drank the blackest coffee, used the dullest razor, listened to the "greatest" AM radio talk show in the truck, only beat your mom when he was tired or wanted her to shut up, Winston smoking, crusty ass looking motherfucker that believed that since his parents survived The Great Depression, he was God's trophy. Shut the fuck up, you stupid slutbutt. You're not that amazing, just because you make wage slave salary in good ol' Merica. What do you have to live for? What are you proud of? What are you good at? I have the answer.

Nothing for all of them. Just because you suck at doing everything other than work, doesn't mean everyone is like you. So please, hop off of Sup Forums and resume working you "90 hr week". Piece of shit.

Drumfag here, and totally agree.

Playing new styles of music- or at least making an attempt at some Colaiuta-esque jazz drumming always helps motivate me to keep practicing, even when I can't keep up for shit.

I haven't performed or even played with anyone else in well over two years now, and drums suck to play alone, but its great to just have a musical outlet of sorts.

This made me laugh.....

I'm not sure how I ended up in this thread but that belongs in a ylyl thread

Thanks for this! I love hearing different musicians POV

Well I mean fuck. He's an ignorant guy haha

Keep at it OP learn some scales and things don't just learn songs or you won't progress and you pick up an absolute fuck ton of bad habits by repeating songs, you get lazy and start taking shortcuts. Also try writing some things start with basic chord progressions if you have a loop pedal you can lay them down then twiddle around which can help you to naturally work out what sounds good. I had the same problem years ago and it took me ages to get back into it.
Also this I've got a friend who plays and we occasionally just stick on a metronome and have a chilled out play around.

I do need to get a loop. I've been in the market