Hey /b I just found out that my girlfriend got really drunk and high last night and ended up kissing one of her ex's...

Hey /b I just found out that my girlfriend got really drunk and high last night and ended up kissing one of her ex's. Do you think I should forgive her or just cut things off now? I've been with her for just over 2 years.

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She wasn't drunk, that's just an excuse, and it was likely more than a kiss. If the person you're with cheats once, they will cheat again, time to move on.

leave her

Even if you did stay with her, you won’t trust her again (and shouldn’t!). You’ll lie in bed sleepless, wondering what she’s doing when you’re not around. When she smiles at her phone you’ll get paranoid.

She’s poisoned the water now and there’s no going back.

op here, This shit hit me like a brick wall and I had constantly told her that I didnt like her hanging out with him and that I hated him but she didnt listen to me. Thanks for all your input

Yeah the fact that she didn’t listen to you is a sign all on it’s own. When you find the right one, she will cut contact with anyone who makes you uncomfortable. It’s not a power you should abuse, but rather something that you should use to realize that she truly cares about you.

from personal experience what ive learned is that even though it seems somewhat selfish to leave over that, its for the best. firstly, your mental state might fall and become very paranoid and depressed. also theres the possibility she might be acutally cheating which with that event doesnt help ease that. love you brother

She probably fucked him. Women can be manipulative as fuck.

The thing is her friend had just committed suicide and she said she was very depressed and was happy that someone wanted to hangout with her and that she didnt know there would be alcohol and weed.

she was also with his roomate who is a girl but apparently she went to sleep

even if you want to forgive her, you'll never get that shit out of your head. same shit happened to a buddy of mine and they tried to keep it together, but it just ended badly...probably worse than if they just broke up after the incident.

weed and booze ain't shit. cheatin is cheatin

Tell her to make up for it you have to kiss her ex in front of her to establish dominance

damn man thats really rough. on one hand i can see that it couldve just been a intoxicated accident but also she shouldve avoided that place knowing her ex was there or at least somewhat regulated how fucked up she got. idk man, i been in the same situation and it hurts like a bitch. just know whatever you choose to do, your entitled to do so. she messed up, not you, wether it was accidental or not. much love homie

Whatever you do OP just don't think about how hard he fucked her. Don't think about his big dick (Bigger than yours btw) split her open as she bounced up and down on it. Also don't imagine them laughing as she tells him how small your cock is compared to his. Just don't think about that sort of stuff OP.

> Mfw young fags are this cucked these days

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Leave. Ghost if needed.

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Pretty much this. When she cancels on plans or doesn't respond to your text it'll creep at the back of your mind. You'll read too much into everything she does. One day you'll lose your shit because it's been eating away at you and that's when she'll get the satisfaction of breaking up with you since she deep down wants someone like her ex more than you.

The only way this will work out is if OP establishes dominance over her ex boyfriend. OP you have to fuck him in his ass. Invite him over to a "party", get him drunk, when he passes out set up a camera, put a dress on him, put some lipstick on him, and then fuck his ass really hard. After you finish email his relatives a copy of the video with the subject line "I'm in charge now".

That's not a bad idea...

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Oldfag here. She still wants him. Just leave her. At least people will not disrespect you.

Or just talk to your gf and tell her you're feeling uncomfortable and insecure

Yeah I'll probably just leave her, just kinda sucks

Fucking do what most of us idiots don't and dump her ass. Hanging out with her ex after her friend commented suicide. The goes and kisses an ex fuck that attention seeking whore behavior. Dude I've been in a similar spot this is all on her fucking get rid of that toxic shit. Broke all trust. I'd get her to suck my cock cum in her hair and eyes then break up with her.

I am also afraid that she might try and kill herself. I'd just hate to have that kind of guilt