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Ended up not meeting Justin's parents tonight, they were still an hours drive away bungie time we finished the chores. We did have a wonderfull time going out to eat at this great pizza place in his hometown tho. Amazing pizza

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Unfortunate but you can always go another time
Maybe you should go with him and meet your parents

Besides that imagine Seras with the BFG, that would be really cool

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cute and nice

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Dont post her.

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Also this gun is bigger

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Anyway I have class tomoro

Also having some issues with my electric company that I need to deal with tomoro. So I should go to sleep soon.

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Thats what i like
Really cool

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what is this thread
i always see it

Sorry Seras is mine, shes the only girl I would get along with. The fact she isnt real is the reason I'm a faggot lol.

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We talk about stuff.

I usually talk about my BF, or ask questions about peoples lives

We use avatars to Express emotion I guess

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Is just a comfy thread
Talk if you want
Or lurk, no worries

Np about that
I just wanted to post that image
Seras look really cool with guns
Well... Almost anyone look cool with big guns

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Have any of you had unexplainable stuff happen to you or around you?

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Love gunz

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super cute picture

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I also like her trigger discipline. Also that gun isnt loaded

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Not really
I dont believe in anything paranormal


Super cute haruhi


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I reserve that there many thing I dont know. Mabey it's TRUE mabey not, depends what I see.
My BF believes had alot of creepy stories about his childhood home.

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What kind of thread is this?

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A comfy one.

I hope.

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I like the sound of that?
How do I get started?

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Tablet is about to die.

Guess this is goodnight.

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I dont believe i anything like ghosts or the other world
Every single one of the paranormal stuff that i had seen are just hoaxes and with the people they resume to "trust me, it happened"


Just talk about anything

Good knight

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Try not to be lude

Talk about stuff that make you Happy.
Try to make friends. Sorry to say I'm going to bed tablet is gonna die.

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What is the meaning of life, konata user?

Alright, thanks. have a good one.

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Theres not a meaning, just enjoy the ride

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Whatever is meaningfull to you, which is something you need to discover for yourself.

For me its love, History, writing, singing, and discovery.

2% battery lol

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are you here user
new site when