Does anyone else with a long term gf struggle with the constant urge to fuck other women?

Does anyone else with a long term gf struggle with the constant urge to fuck other women?

I've had 3 LTR's and this never seems to go away. It's weird, I'm with the woman I want to marry, legit love her. Sex is amazing and nothing is off limits. I don't feel neglected or anything like that. She doesn't mistreat me.

But I still can't shake this almost biological need to fuck other women. I've never cheated but the longer a relationship goes the harder it seems to get. I can completely separate sex from emotion and would never get attached to someone else.

I'm not even a sex addict or anything like that. I'm a happy at 2-3 times a week kinda guy. I just can't get over that constant urge to fuck other women.

Anyone else?

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Evolution gonna evolution.

Only have sex like once a month and be more romantic?

I understand this feel, only problem is all the girls my type I know arent the ones to give it away easily


This makes it worse. We've gone through some periods where we go 1-2 weeks without sex (jobs, travel, etc) and it strengthens my urge like 100x more

Its like ou took the words out of my mind, same problem, same mentality.

Are you being put in postions where you could cheat or do you not get those doorways?

Same, so I get off watching NTR porn and self-inserting as the bull

I think what makes it worse is my gf is Korean, she's super hot (I am big yellowfever fag)

but she has a lot of hot asian friends, and a lot of them have shown me sexual interest. So it's like an availability thing. Also I started getting my haircut at a korean place and my stylist is a hot korean and she keeps asking me if I've left my gf or not. She wants the D

My old job also exposed me to a bunch of hot latinas, one of them asked me to fuck her straight up at her house during my shift and I said no since I was on the clock but I couldn't stop thinking about it

When it's available it's much worse, but even when it's not, I feel the urge to seek it.

Yes I am, see this post Also forgot to mention I'm NOT bored of sex with my gf. We actually have amazing sex and I never get tired of it. I could fuck her and creampie her ass and 2 hours later still wonder about smashing another girl.

Welcome to being male? Deal with it. Don't be a weakling. Every piece of ass you consider should come with the qusstion, "is this worth throwing away everything?"

I normally don't respond to Sup Forums because we're all retarded, but I literally juts broke up with my girlfriend for this same reason.

the big secret is monogamy doesn't work, and anybody telling you it does just doesn't know the fucking data. 55% of marriages end in divorce. Of the minority that don't, you've got to ask yourself:

How many are swingers?
How many have had threesomes or other things like that in the course of their relationship?
How many have infidelity?

That number of marriages gets smaller and smaller. Eventually you find the small % that are monogamous, and you've got to ask yourself how many of htem are happy?

Most aren't. the ones that are generally end up with fat out of shape people that have no sex life and the husband is just constantly sexually frustrated.

whats her name?

Same dude.

Sad truth is that a lot of women have this fantasy that we should follow some magic rules that you have to have love and sex connected, but it just isn't true.

Show us what you look like.

Not happening.

She's Korean, 9/10, short, 100lb soaking wet

I'm white, tall, muscular, and consider myself 8/10.

Thats about all you'll get. We're a great match tbh. Just wish I could slam other pussy with no recourse sometimes.

i mean the girl in the screenshot kek

OP, i read a paper a few years ago in which sientists found out that the cheating gene is something real and it is passed down from the father to the offspring. Can you find out if your father was super faithful?.. I know it doesnt change your situation, but knowing that it is something hereditary may help you deal with it better. Good luck.

dont tell me the girl in the screenshot is your GF

I know a couple of people who get off on the pursuit, not on the having. Also some who have pokemon "gotta fuck 'em all" tendencies. It ain't universal, though.

Become a polygamist or jack off more.

I'm in the same boat, except I can't suppress my desire to fuck traps. I know they won't be as good as women and I don't want to ruin my relationship, but that doesn't stop my illogical drive to fuck a trap asshole.

I think its normal. There was some dumb movie where the future wife was upset that her husband had no male friends for the wedding. That was basically me.. I spent a majority of my time being a man whore fucking / gaming all kinds of woman - more importantly learning what I did NOT want in a partner. Than I found her, and it wasnt at any of my common "hunting grounds". She is perfect for me in every way. Its hard to bottle up a pussy destroyer, and get married. The next phase really - training your LTR to be exactly what you want, and it will never be perfect.. but if the ratio from good to bad makes sense and your happy. Stick with it... if she is a turd... then you are only fooling yourself.

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Same bro


Human beings aren't wired to be monogamous. We never were and never will be and you won't find it anywhere else in nature either. Before the retards here start using that one specie of penguin that's "Monogamous" They're only that way for one breeding season you dolt, read a fucking book. Anyone could just fuck one person for a few months and be fine.

Wanting strange isn't unusual or unnatural at all OP, the test is keeping yourself from acting on it because you have to ask yourself "is an orgasm worth throwing away everything i've built?"

It's like nofap sir. Its hard in the beginning and then it goes away

Married 12 years. Still want to put my dick in nearly every chick I see (I live in Tokyo, so hot girls are errywhere). Never done it, mind you, but I think about it constantly. It never goes away.

Agreed, just celebrated my 25th and am a hound dog. I am pretty good at keeping the urges in check, but every once in while...

My dad was a cheater for sure. It's one of the reasons I've been able to keep myself from doing it. It tore our family up so I remember that and catch myself, cuz I don't wanna be that way.

Been together 6 years and it seems to get stronger with time.

Geese are Monogamous... you cunt.

I felt like this was written by me from another dimension

Remember that culturally Asian women think that once you give them the D, you're on the road to marriage. This may not necessarily be the case with your hairstylist but be forewarned.

hey join our cuckolding server! gg/YPu8f3

I'm honestly just happy I found this thread. I legit talked to a psychologist about this because I was so upset to leave my girlfriend, but she just refuses to give up monogamy.

>I can completely separate sex from emotion and would never get attached to someone else.
And this is why you have this problem.

Yeah it's called being a guy. Try it sometime bitch

Became ethically non-monogamous with the wife last year after 6 years of marriage. Honestly it's the greatest thing ever.

>to fuck her straight up at her house during my shift and I said no since I was on the clock

had a similar situation, but in my case I just said I had a family emergency. I will try to make it back, but I really have to go. Management was cool about and let me go immediately to it. Did my thing and came back a few hours later no problem.

I cheat with my one side chick all the time. Helps keep me from swinging dick at everything and adds enough variety and excitement to not feel like I need more. Find your happy medium.

Monogamy exists because it's really beneficial for men. Under systems that employ monogamy more men as a whole get regular sex because women will be locked out gravitating around a smaller percentile of men. If more men are granted regular sex, there is more of a reason to contribute to civilization.
Of course men will always have the urge to fuck other women, much like how women will randomly want to fuck other men. But it really is simply better for men to enforce a mongomatic rule set simply because they can not out-compete women in sexual selection.
It also helps ensure that you are the father of your kids. The way women cheat is that they establish themselves as a regular sex partner of a male who is "providing" for her. Protection, food, all those things. But a males ability to gather resources is different from is biological fitness, his attractiveness. So women, to compensate will try to cheat on the male with other men with the biological imperative to get pregnant with the "fit" mans child so the provider will raise it.

That sounds really cucked, but cuckoldry isn't some random out of the blue fetish created by kikes or some shit, it's unironically a game women are tempted into doing as a part of their biology. Monogamey rules are a part of civilization so that men don't get screwed into raising another man's kid.

this this this

Same here OP

Same boat until I had a kid.
I had a kid with some chick I knew for a month, entire urge to fuck went away. Either my dick knows I fucked up, or it's just your body saying reproduce before you can't. Idk dude, just do what I did and slay vag regardless of what your girl thinks. Or you could step it up to a whooooole new level of manipulation and talk her into experimenting with her bisexual side(every girl is) it worked for me for a bit, until my ole lady caught onto the fact I met someone more interesting than her. Or it was because the chick was black. I had hella jungle fever.
tl:dr nut in ya bitch, see if that helps.

Not OP but I think I might need a dedicated side chick as well. I know a married ex-FWB of mine who's unsatisfied with her husband so I might start hooking up with her again.

A real man can control himself and he is the master of his cock. Boys haven’t just learn it yet. Grew up, boi.

No, monogamy exists because powerful institutions used it to control their populations without having to live by those same rules.

What humans practice is known to psychologists as "serial monogamy." You date a bit, you're monogamous, you break up, you date a bit, become monogamous, etc. Biologically women benefit from having someone protect them when they're pregnant until kids can generally fend for themselves. That's the evolutionary benefit of love, and that's why it only lasts like 7 years.

Yeah, real cute. You can stay on Sup Forums and moralize how great it is to fuck one girl for the rest of your life while the rest of us immature children go around getting double blowjobs and fucking whoever we want.


Men are primarily fucking machines. There's no getting away from it as much as you might try.

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Never had a gf.

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That was exactly what my side chicks scenario was, her husband has a tiny dick so she came to me

My guess is you are not really being taken care of and having your needs met on an emotional level. Probably because the bitch is scheming for marriage and she can completely neglect you then.

1.05 men are born for every 1 woman. In the past, a lot of men died more often to cancel this out. Now this happens less often, and there are more young men than young women. Even though men desire to sleep around occasionally, it becomes more difficult for the less attractive.

We need to make some genetic engineering happen so that as a population, 1.05 women are born for every 1 man. This is the solution to happiness and societal stability!

ask if your girl is cool with you sharing women together.

most girls I've been with are down for a 3some, but you have to make it an activity that you both benefit from instead of some male power fantasy.

Story of my life, except I cheat constantly. I feel extremely guilty, but can't stop.

>Powerful institutions
Retard, before the king there was the chieftain. The Chieftain, like the king, obtained the best women and horded them in a harem. Women would still cheat on him, but statistically he would pass on his genes more.
The difference is the King lorded over more of humanity, and established systems that would allow a greater population to follow his lead. Sure he bent the rules and got his concubines, but he ensured that more men serving underneath him would get pussy.
These systems are in place for the sake of peace, if more men are promised paths to sexual fulfillment the less angry they are going to be. It's what separates us from fucking big dick swinging caveman politics of getting fed up with Mr. Chiefy and killing each other over pussy (Which women still biologically love btw, google Hybristophilia)

My girlfriend said she was open to MFF threesomes but got jealous once it actually happened and we haven't done it in the years since. Even though she didn't do it on purpose, I feel like I got bait and switched!

Its in our nature to want to sleep with as many women as possible. Only bullshit societal norms say otherwise.

The same for my ex-FWB. She cheated on this guy with me before they got married. I'm gonna have to hit her up.

one solution would be to let her cuckold you. cuckolding really brings people together in a relationship, especially if there's a little something making you want to stray.

dude, try talking to a girl. Even if she isn't like a 10/10 qt3.14 in your EYES, she might feed ya soul in a way you won't believe.
If you're worried about being "tied down" find one that's like 6/10 for you and bi. She'll blow your mind. If she's thick, she'll cook for you too.(I got the one fat chick that can't cook. I don't mind teaching her how to cook though.

You still need men to raise the kids because women are useless on their own. It's more like a biological game of cucking each other which is why people decided it would be better if cheating didn't exist.

Cheating still happens plenty. We just have to publicly pretend it doesn't. But in anonymous places like Sup Forums we can be honest and straightforward.

Extremely relatable. Been with my girl 4 years. Variety is the spice of life and I feel like that urge to experience others is just a natural part of being a sexual being. I also love her like you said. It’s hard to ignore.

source on the pic?

I know it still happens, that doesn't mean it should be accepted. Adultery used to have consequences back then.
When will you learn that having to raise another mans child is an attack on you? Sex is a battlefield and just because our primate ancestry has a massive promiscuity background doesn't mean we can't tweak things so that more people are happy.

But fuck it, might as well drop the Vega pill and promote the idea that people below 6/10 probably shouldn't breed.

Google revers image search says "girl" so I think that's a good starting point.

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

Also there's more than one society. Not everyone established chieftains or whatever.

Google search algorithms avoid porn because some nigger got asshurt that young black man searches always resulted in depictions of convicts. I don't know what avoiding porn has to do with niggers but that's apparently the reason.

Yeah I realize that unfortunately, at least with the fobby ones. I dated one before my current gf and she thought that and we didnt even fuck, just hung out a few times and then asked me to meet her parents in KOREA kek

I've been nutting in her for 6 years. Its great, dont get me wrong, but doesn't make the urge go away

I've been the "master of my cock" forever. Never cheated, user. Been with girls for 6 years, 4.5 years ,and 3.5 years. Whole bunch of short terms in between those chicks. Never cheated not even once.

I can control it obviously, but I have the urge. That's what this thread is about.

I've considered this as I've been with women like that, but I can honestly say my current gf is not like that. I don't feel neglected or anything, sexually, emotionally, etc.

Lol nah. I'd be ok with it if she was a cuck queen and watched me fuck girls, but it'll never happen the other way around. I'm just not into that. I would let a guy or girl watch us fuck tho in the same room. But that's about as far as I'd take it.

Even now when I sleep with a married woman, I know there's a risk he'll try to kill me. And there's a risk for him if he tries to kill me I'll kill him first. But that's part of life! For now I'm happy, the wife is happy, the husband is happy as long as he doesn't know. That's why it doesn't need to be accepted.

Doesn't matter how perfect she is, the one thing she'll never be is every other woman you want to fuck. It's just how it is.

Google reverse image search helps me with porn all the time I was just making a dumb joke by posting that pic.

It's a psychological+physical thing. In your brain, the fact that you could even court one woman means you could probably more than likely do it again, so your horny hormones are screaming "do it again, do it again with a new one!". I'd say that if you're sure your current woman is 100% good to go and is completely yours and not a snake cunt doing shit behind your back, then don't cheat. Just fight it off and stay loyal. If you have a rare good woman, you'll want to keep her. At the very least if she ends up being a secretive piece of shit that cheated first, you can say you held your ground and didn't fuck up first.

Clone her.
Then you can have sex with multiple of the same person and it's not cheating.

This is dumb 1950s logic. Stop thinking asian girls are pre-historic and not modern girls.

being this much of a pussy

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>You have no idea what you're talking about
>There is more than one society
Retard, a chieftain is a generic term for a human leader. Precivilizations had tribes, a tribe is a group of humans living together, our equivalent to a band (group of chimps, our closest biological cousins).
We know from y-chromosomal testing just how bottlenecked male reproduction could get. The advent of agriculture was probably the worst, only 14% of males passed on their genes at that point, literally Farmer Kings.

Have you maybe asked her about fucking other people? Swinging? Maybe there's some guy she knows that she wants to fuck. My gf and I were not totally polyamorous, but occasionally we'd give each other the go ahead on specific people at specific times.

>all asian are the same

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I've been married for years, and I still have the urge to fuck other women. Well, not even really to fuck them, just to play with their pussies. I'm obsessed with pussy for some reason. My wife doesn't care if I fuck other women if she doesn't hear about it and it doesn't hurt our relationship.

fucking retard

Again, this is just completely inaccurate. There are tons of cultures out there which had different ways of doing things. There were even instances of tribes run by fucking women.

Read something. Name call all you want but bro you don't know what's up.

Besides, even if any of that was true, it doesnt mean we should practice monogamy today

And if she gets pregnant with your child? You've killed a man's legacy, assuming he doesn't knock her up again. It's like stabbing a man in his sleep in cold blood. We can not live as a civilization with such bullshit.

>the rest of us immature children go around getting double blowjobs and fucking whoever we want.
Kek. The only time your dick touched a vagina was during your birth. Virgin.

We've lived as a civilization like that for many millennia! And they'll probably have their own kids too anyway.

>Tribes run by women
Oh god, am I arguing with some retarded marriage wrecking feminist chad?

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Btro I literally got out of a 2 year relationship

all that being said
>not practicing monogamy
>in 21st century america
is a great way to get your penor bobbitted.

Yeah I guess this is it. She really is not a snake and is actually a good partner. Like the kind I'd trust to have kids with and get married. If you knew anything about me that would shock you; I've never been a settle down kinda guy. So I know it isn't worth some other pussy. Just wish I didn't have the feeling.

I totally would if I could.

I know it's completely hypocritical, but I wouldn't want her fucking anyone else. The obvious aside, she's a woman and she will get attached emotionally at some point which is something I do not want.

With that said, again, we have great communication, sex life, etc. I've told her things I want to try with other people, like having someone masturbate in the same room while they watch us fuck and she said she'd be open to trying it. We're open enough that the doors are ... open. The possibilities are endless, but I can't ever see myself wanting another guy to fuck her, ever. I would even be careful about a woman for the same reasons: emotional attachment.

I've always kinda wondered if my gf would care if she didn't know type of thing. She's pretty laid back so I feel like even if she suspected something she would just not ask and forget about it. I think the harder part would be keeping it to myself.

Yeah nice idea, stupid female.

my dude, is the image home-made or is it from a porno? we're all dying for the sauce if its the latter

Why marry someone whose physical properties do not match what you want ??

you're not alone bröther

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porn. I think the girls name was Shunka or something? cant remember first name

im a 29 year old kissless hugless touchless virgin and this thread makes me feel bad

Okay, Jordan Peterson...

Your relationship structure is not fulfilling your other emotional needs when you have anxiety about problems in your life or issues with communication in your relationship.

So because you associate sex as the thing that fixes that you fixate on it.

>Love only lasts 7 years.

I've been with my wife for 9 years and I think we love each other now more than we have at any other period in our relationship.