Zoo Discussion Thread using Feral pics instead of real pics because real pics get ya beaned

Zoo Discussion Thread using Feral pics instead of real pics because real pics get ya beaned.

I really love my boi and just want to talk about him and talk to other people who love their animals too, so whether you love it, hate it, not sure about it or have questions, hop in and let's talk!

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Do you have a good boi or good girl? If so, what breed, are the male or female, and are you male or female?

If you don't but really want one, what breed would you prefer and would you want a male or a female?

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Heyo, how ya doing?

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i'm a girl with a doberman

What's he like? What kinda doberman is he? Does he look like the super scary bois from movies and stuff or does he look like a doofus?

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Damn, I was kinda hoping for a few active people tonight, but shiet there's no one here

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>8zoo is gone
>7zoo got deleted
>zoo-cab is down
I have been thinking about making a general on /trash/ but I'm too much of a pussy for that
>real pics get ya beaned
Since when?

It's such a gray area that salty mods or jannies can bean you for 30 days and no one cares. I have found that the jannies are better on Sup Forums about it rather than /trash/, on /trash/ even just talking about it can get you beaned. Hell, even saying some site names can fuck ya.

By the way, on the one video site you mentioned, they changed names. Looks excatly the same but the name changed

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We usually discuss about zoo pretty openly in the feral threads on thrash, I never see anyone banned by just taking about it, I never posted real zoo pics there

Idk, I was banned once there for talking about it and posting feral pics. Never posted real stuff, and I still got beaned. I'm sure I just made a jannie salty but I just stayed away from there.

The cool thing about posting them on Sup Forums is that you get a bunch of people who are genuinely curious about it or want to try it but have questions. It's pretty cool being able to introduce people into zoo, but with zoo boards, places meant for zoos, and even /trash/ you don't really get any newbies, only people who already know what they want

I swear these threads are usually WAY more active than this, there are a few regulars that usually pop in. I guess they aren't on tonight

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What about you though, do you have a good boi or good girl?

I have my King Shepherd boi, Kaiser, and I fucking love him to death. Made this thread because I'm hyped that we are gonna get alone time tomorrow morning

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As a teenage boy, from the ages 14-17, i really got really damn horny and curious about sex. I lived in a house with a shitty mom that would go out every weekend friday to sunday, but i was left home alone with the cutest white mutt with amber colored eyes. He'd been my dog since i was about 4 and during that time he gotten bad cauliflower ear from scratching; thankfully everything turned out fine. But one of his very pointy ears was now floppy and very cute. During the weekends, i's wait for my mom to leave to go party, so i knew i had untill at least 2am, to go to hang with my puppy. I was so horny and had so many parental controls on my computer that i was hard and wet by the time i'd sneak into the laundry room with him. He was medium sized with thick paws and HEAVY low hanging balls that we never removed. I trained him a bit; whenever i'd rub his floppy ear three times, it meant i was gonna play with his sheath. His tail would wag like crazy as he's prop up his front legs on my knees and i'd start jacking him off. It drove me CRAZY how good it felt to feel his dick get hard. eventually he'd get eager and start humping. At first i'd get scared and stop, but later i'd position my arm in a way that he'd hold on to my arm and hump directly onto my palm. his claws would dig into my skin and i remember liking it. I dont know if it was cum or pre or something; but he'd produce a LOT of it and it would get everywhere.

I have more, should i continue?

I assume this was a while ago, so you have a good boi now? I also assume since you said you were wet that you're a chick?

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I miss that feeling of holding a knott in my hands...i have never felt a good boyo inside me though. Have any one of you guys ever had that? how does it feel in detail? how does oral vrs anal vrs vaginal feel? any good zoo sites? ive never been on one where i can see content and interact with others.

This was a long time ago. I'm currently 25 and no, not a chick. Just so horny that i was producing a lot of pre cum

This was a long time ago. I'm currently 25 and no, not a chick. Just so horny that i was producing a lot of pre cum

I'm a dude so I've only had his knot anally obviously lol, but it feels fucking amazing. It feels extremely tight and extremely warm, and the longer he's in there the tighter it gets until his cum starts leaking out of your ass, fuck it feels so good with him on my back, feeling his fur, hearing and feeling his panting in my ear and on my neck, him licking my shoulders, neck, hair, face, anything he can get to, feeling him hold me, feeling his warm rocket pulse in me as he nuts, feeling it pulse and rub against my prostate, fuck, I can't fucking wait to do it again.

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go on..

Oh, so you said you never got fucked, but did he lick you at all? Was it that he not wanting to fuck or were you not wanting to get fucked?

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always been curious about stuff like this, how exactly do you know that an animal can say yes to what you do? they arent capable of verbalizing it but they obviously have urges and instincts... for now ill just stick with anthro i guess

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Yes he'd lick me all over. I loved when he licked my nipples but the favourite for us both was licking my ass. He'd lick my dick a bit and press his nose into my balls (which was usually pretty cold). The humping my arm went on for a long time before i ever ventured into being on all fours for him. I'd get naked and he'd playfully sniff and lick me all over, but he'd gotten pretty used to humping my arm and hand, even in all fours he tried to do just that. Once or twice i'd try to guide him to my ass while he was humping my hand; but the positioning was awkward. At most, i just got really intense grinding action. It was definitely me being apprehensive about being fucked, i dint know if i'd be putting either of us at risk of something happening.

I don't think I can ever become a good owner, I wasn't even interested in dogs at all until my "sexual awakening", I refuse to get a dog because I feel too guilty about my sexual desires

Body language. Niggas try to say that body language isn't a good point but when you take into account that both horses and dogs have evolved with us for literally thousands of years, they have learned to tell us what they want and we have learned to know what they are saying. Do you have a dog? If you do, you most likely know when he's happy, sad, excited, scared, protective, playful, hungry, needs to go potty, etc. and sexual wants definitely are part of those. I can't speak for female dogs that well because I have never been with one before, but with male dogs, fuck man I cannot tell you how happy my boi Kaiser is. Everyday when I come home there he is wagging his tail in the window, I get in and he's all over me, anywhere I sit he's at my feet, if I go to lay down, there he is cuddled up right next to me, and he fucking loves licking, he'll lick my arm, face, chest, in my mouth, and if I pull down my pants he'll go right to sniffing and licking, and if I get on all fours he'll mount me. None of that I tell him what to do, it's all me calling him a good boi, giving him kisses, and massaging his head and ears.

If he did not like what was going on, he would not be cuddled next to me, he would not be super licky, and he definitely wouldn't jump on my back and fuck me

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If all you think about with dogs is sex, then yeah, you are best just sticking with Bad Dragon dildos, but if you want a dog because you want a best friend and a companion in life, and you want to love him to death just like he'll love you to death, then getting a dog is no big deal. Just because sex is a part of it, doesn't mean it's the only thing. If you truly love dogs and you think cuddling with him, petting him, calling him a good boi and giving him kisses sounds pretty fucking good, then zoo is for you

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