Just a quick one tonight

Just a quick one tonight

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Nice ass

It really is!!!

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Go on...

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Does she know she's on Sup Forums for all to admire her?

No she would kill me if she did

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Nice legs there

Nice sexy thighs!

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got any of her bent over?

Yes I do!

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not bad mah dude

Nobody said to stop

Gotta go shortly

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last one...gotta go

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Fuck you, asshole. I told you not to come back.

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her name is Amanda

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what the fuck seriously...the thread was almost expired just leave it

Fuck you. You started this party, it's your game. I'm just playing...

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Did the OP tell us this?

No this guy's just making it up

Either way... It fits.

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Why do you hate the OP? I'm a little frustrated because he recycles a lot of the same pics, but I still enjoy the ass shots, and there's new stuff from time to time, so it's not all bad.

thought you left?

I dunno, I just decided to hassle him every time I see him posting no-face pics. I found a bunch of face pics, and it seems to piss him off when I post them. I'm just being a fuck for my own entertainment.

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fair enough, such is life on Sup Forums

add oce_chix on Snapchat she likes cocks