Would you a diaper girl?

Would you a diaper girl?

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I would only a diaper girl.

I like the cut of your jib, user.

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Do you have a diaper girl for me? I would so fuck.

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i just diapered myself

Thank you sir, are you offering me a diaper girl? I would so change her diapers... wet or messy.

I'm also wearing a diaper, it's a little wet.

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why not. change her wet diaper and then cuddle with her til she falls asleep

I would so keep Miley in diapers.

what kind of diaper are you wearing?

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hey join our diaper server! gg/YPu8f3

Abena M4

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Nice. I haven't tried that diaper yet? What do you like about?

I'm wearing a double Dry 24/7. It's been my favorite for years :)

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I think it's the best value for a plastic backed diaper. I'm strictly a DL, so I don't care what they look like. I can get them shipped to a Amazon locker so there is no risk of them accidentally appearing at a neighbor's doorstep.

sorry for being a n00b.. is this a discord server?

I will second this statement and add that Euro Tenas are the bees knees as well. Great for when you want to be a bit more discrete about things.

thanks i'll have to try some. i'm a DL too but the look does matter to me. it's gotta be white! I don't get into all these new designs that cover the entire diaper

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