Calls Bernie a liar on a "hot mic"

>Calls Bernie a liar on a "hot mic"
>Has been a liar literally her whole life
Anyone wanna explain this bullshit?

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Given the opportunity, I'd call her a liar on national television and give specific instances of some of her lies.

from one year ago...

It was the hail mary for her cringey campaign.

I read her book when she was a newer Senate darling, "a fighting chance" & it just dripped with pompousness. She is so obviously fake, & if elected would be a walking-shell corporation.

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Fuck. Off.

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I can explain in one word


She was on her period

Pot meet kettle

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bernie is a liar and was exposed last primary election cycle.

He literally knew it was rigged against him, on purpose because it was clintons turn, and then he endorses her, knowing it was rigged the entire time.

he is literally only running to ensure the dems keep the young vote. Period. the plan was for him to focus the young vote to Clinton.

this time its Biden.

Hillary 2.0
establishment dems are trying to take out the people champion Sanders.
honestly i'm going to vote straight R if they steal the nomination from Sanders

It was her Indian temper

if you don't think he is in on it you're kidding yourself.

Its not being stolen, hes just a smoke screen to ensure your vote to biden or whoever else they pick

Geez OP - you can't even start the thread right. She came at him accusing him of calling her a liar on national TV. He said., "What?" and she repeated the accusation.
She's a monster.

Her numbers are dropping as it becomes more and more apparent she's just another centrist trying to pretend to be progressive, so she has to attack the only person worth voting for to even have a shot.

While this is all true, it still makes what Warren did wrong. But yes, you're right on the money. Sadly though Bernie won't blow the lid on this whole thing.

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>Warren Goes On Warpath:
>Takes Many Scalps...

If you think he is the people's champion and would vote for him, you are too retarded to be on the computer. Hell, you are too retarded too live.


Anyone making less than $30,000 a year, Anyone without health insurance, Anyone who feels stuck without a way forward, please listen when I say, this system has made fools of us all. We all know the stick poking us into line is the threat of homelessness. Why not just take the power back by proving we'd be fine at least for a day? We all know the feeling of being stuck inside on a day off before a check comes. We know what it's like to have an empty pantry. Most of all, we know what it's like to feel like our needs aren't being met. The United States has 155,000,000 workers. An 8 hour shift at $15/hr comes to $120 before taxes. Even if your boss thinks they can't afford their workforce’s time for a day, here's a list of people who could single handedly pay literally every worker that amount with money left over: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Paige, Larry Ellison (I love that there's two larry's), Narc Suckernerd, Alice Walton, Jim Walton, Sergey Brin, Warren Buffet, Micheal Bloomberg, Steve Balmer, Rob Walton, Charles Koch, Julia Koch, Mackenzie Bezos, Phil Knight, Sheldon Adelson, Micheal Dell, Jacqueline Mars, John Mars, Jim Simmons, Lauren Powell Jobs, Elon Musk, and Rupert Murdoch. Needless to say, your boss can take it up with them. Hell, a lot of you reading this are probably employed by these people. They can't fire us all. If you're on work release, they can't throw you all back in jail at once; although, I'm sure Geo Group would love to try.

The day is only yours if you seize it. If you want to stand up for what you believe in, please, put this in your own words, find your inner courage, and come outside with us. Afterward, return to the status quo if you’d like.

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Liberal Democrats are scum of the Earth. They lie, cheat, steal, and do every vile thing they accuse others of doing. ALL while pretending to be saints. I truly can't wait to see them go into full panic mode when Trump gets reelected.

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how is that funny?

She just want's to be "Commander In Chief"

Liberal Republican Conservatives are scum of the Earth. They lie, cheat, steal, and do every vile thing they accuse others of doing. ALL while pretending to be saints. I truly can't wait to see them go into full panic mode when Trump Gets removed from office

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>Calls Bernie a liar on a "hot mic"
>Has been a liar literally her whole life
>CNN attacks Bernie for indirectly suggesting that Warren is a liar by declaring his own innocence
Do you people at least see what Trump means about the media? I mean even if you don't agree with him on anything else. Can you see his point?

>Liberal Republican Conservatives
Alright retard you tried, but it's time for night-night. Shut off the computer and get tucked in.

Some of us can see the truth, and some of us are liberals.

Let me guess, you're the cringy Trump tie faggot?

Yes, anyone who isn't a blind retard knows what Trump is talking about. Problem is they won't listen since he's on the "other side". I can't even watch CNN for more than 5 minutes. At this point it's literal propaganda.

>"it's impossible that Bernie may have lied or that both are lying, it has to be Warren's fault!"
God you're a whiny bitch

Please explain how both of them are lying

>>Calls Bernie a liar on a "hot mic"
That's not how it went down.

Bernie needs to lay the smackdown on their roodie-poo candy asses.

i just read the bernie sanders "rider" on TSG. he demands that his hotel rooms can lower temperature below 65, preferably 60, and in winter months to open windows. he must be really fucked up health wise to need that. probably gland/thyroid issues. people with those issues love it freezing because they overheat.

Promising things they know they wont deliver. Not any worse than any other politician but idk how you can even pretend theyre honest.

>That's not how it went down
ok so what happened?

No we're talking about this specific topic. Are you lost?

E makes it sound like B doesn't believe a woman could win. B meant to say there aren't enough American voters (yet) who are ready to vote that way. So yes, he said a woman can't become president, but no, not because HE believes there's something about women that the shouldn't. You can't explain that in front of a soundbite crowd.


Except there is no proof that he said that. Why would he back Hillary if he didn't think a woman could win? Just to look like a moron?

>implying Berine is one of the good guys

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>Obviously "leaks" an allegation that Bernie said a woman couldn't be president to CNN before the debate
>CNN listens and believes their favorite candidate

What literally happened:
>CNN: Sanders, why did you say mean thing about wamens?
>Sanders: I didn't.
>not even 5 seconds later
>CNN: Lizzy, how did Bernie make you feel when he said mean thing about wamens.

Seriously, this bullshit has to go. Every damn media source is a blatantly corrupt and partisan actor. There are no non-partisan actors. Any actor that claims to be non-partisan and "only reports the news" is a damn liar.
With that said, I don't even like Sanders.


Smell what Bernie is burning.

Take a look. He have been in senate for a looooong time, and what has changed?

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No, I didn't mean for you to take it so hard.

Ohhhh... you don't know what greentexting is.
Welcome, newfriend faggot.

And I won't do you any more favors.

And look who's paying for that. He's not fighting for you and me. He's fighting for these money laundry schemes.

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Well you have to keep this in mind. These are the same people who said for 3 years that CNN was "unbiased" while jumping up and down about Fox News. So they can sleep in that bed because they fucking made it.

What most people miss is that the original CNN footage had it muted.
CNN released it afterward.
Probably because neither is CNN's chosen candidate.

>Why would he back Hillary if he didn't think a woman could win?
You absolutely completely didn't understand.
It's not that B won't support a woman for president. He just believed the country wasn't ready for it. When she was the candidate, he supported her because he thought she was a better choice - he was out of the race.

there is not need to be upset, please update your lexicon

I get that all the time, what's funny is I'm actually the dude who plowing your mom.

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CNN and the DNC have decided now is the time to start sinking Bernie since it's getting close to voting time. Enjoy your corporate consensus pick straight from the donor class Democrats, you deserve it since you still haven't purged the Bloomberg's, Steyer's, Clinton's, and other millionaire/billionaire puppet masters who undermine you at every turn for real change.

Also remember these same retards will continue to bitch about climate change

" you said I wasn't an Indian Bernie.. on TV"


>>Calls Bernie a liar on a "hot mic"
>>Has been a liar literally her whole life
>Anyone wanna explain this bullshit?

Demagogy made manifest.


These are 60 year olds bring Twitter feeds into "political" discussions. If you are an American over the age of 20, meeting his life's true sweet-heart, expect her to have been jizzed and facialized at this point, that's just the way it is.

This new generation is about being a go-hard, rough and tough intellectual savages, this woman HERSELF called Donald Trump a "loser". On Prime T.V. As an elder, political leader, so this is the population that is being worked with. That is just a fact.

These 60 year old's on insulin and 12+ pain-killers and mental health drugs (no exaggeration needed), starting flame wars on Twitter and Facebook, are too ridiculous to even heed.

If people don't see the sheer absurdity in her calling Donald Trump "a loser", bringing in Twitter, and making a mockery of Demagogy as if though PR-stunts, marketing techniques and pandering to popular whims wasn't bad enough, she is outright shameless because she uses overtly juvenile language at 60 years of age.

If people don't see that absurdity then it's because they don't want to see it.

It's not just her.

Pandering to audiences, demographic manipulation, is as saying "wuts gud nigga" in the hood, "How are you doing?" at the grocery store, and "We will begin this lesson by..." while being ANOTHER money-hungry pseudo Youtuber/teacher.

We are too far into the 21st century and digital media and everyone has their own personal responsibility to discern and disseminate their information.

If not, then enjoy opening up your mouth for this Nation of face-fucked blondes, violent and gun totting blacks, and entitled rich pricks that NEVER had any true social experience, that know jack-shit about music, movies or modern media and pop-culture intricacies...

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My nigga, you must be smoking that crack you think anybody reading all thsy

Bernie and Warren are supposed to cannibalize each other leaving Biden a supposed easy win

Google Goop pussy scent candle.
Then Google how to fucking Google shit and don't ask fucking retarded questions that you can easily find on your own with minimal effort.

Yeah how's that working out lol

they all just need to be dead so we can have a better world

Warren is gay

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idk were still in the “be loud as fucking possible about it” stage

They're the same tho

I straight up just don't like black people.

The irony of calling someone too retarded to use a computer/ live when you don’t know the difference between to and too

I used the proper form of the word dumbass. Too= great or many referring to an amount. To= a destination as in going to the store. But I don't expect a retard to be very educated.

No you did use it incorrectly once back to 4th grade for you.

What in the picture says anything negative. Am i kissing something here?

Are you retarded? That list says lawyers, doctors, teachers and union. There are three questionable contributors on that list. What makes them involved In money laundering?

Btw the word is laundering not laundry you fucking mongoloid.

>too retarded too live

And then you doubled down and googled the definitions instead of just reading that first post. Did you have to find out you’re retarded through Sup Forums? Like was everyone too nice to you your whole life and nobody ever came out and told you straight up?


No it wasn't and this is a retarded statement. The millions of invigorated young voters who actually cared about an election for the first time in their lives because they had a candidate that they believed in and couldn't be bought continued to not give a fuck and either wrote him in for the principal of it or abstained. A lot of us did. We at least get to say fuck all of you - we didn't vote for either of these dickheads. We were only on board to vote for a candidate that would think for himself.

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I like Bernie, and I also didn’t vote in the last general election for pretty much what you just said. I fucking hate Bernie bro’s though.
You just HAD to post some fagfurry shit. Wtf

will you please give instances here? got anything besides her heritage?

I appreciate that you used the word "lexicon" in your response, while not using any punctuation at all. Then, to add to the absolute kekkery that is your response, you couldn't even use proper grammar in your second response.

If you're gonna use words like lexicon in your speech, at least understand what mockery is before you assume that someone is less intelligent than you.

>made me respond/10
>I'm going night night and you should too

well, can't faulty you for honesty

>Idiots only read headlines
>Opportunity for fake news

If it was rigged how'd she loose?

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It's not an anomaly/outlier though. Emmett Till is just the most popular example of why "believe women" should not be acted upon.

The primary was rigged not the general. Do you pay any attention?

She is buried in Gravesend.

Explain why politicians lie? You must be new, welcome to the world, friend!

Elizabeth Warren is actually the leader of an secret elite neo-Nazi organization that I'm a part of. The goal is to take power away from the Jews which is why she made this lie against Bernie.

Warren used to be GOP.

And she was only twenty-two.

The bigger story is how Bernie blew the biggest opportunity to be a man. Instead he oy vey'd to the nearest exit, again.

hahaha what a fucking deceitful bitch


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