The last two digits of your post is the day you cannot coom

The last two digits of your post is the day you cannot coom
How long can you go user without slapping the Sausage

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Here goes nothing

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I've been on a business trip with a coworker for 3 days, I'm pushing my limits here. Better be 00

Saving my sauce to clog my uni showers

Oh shit bigger, gonna overflow it.

Also, you may cum with a light breeze rolling by after that long.

I'll give it a shot

Here's for 0X

Bring it

I don’t want to coom ever again

Fuck it, lets push my luck

Rolling for 00

Fuck you. I'll coom whenever I damn well please. But Im rolling anyway.

Fuck it why not, I’ll just do more heroine instead of cooming

Rolling even though I’m about to jack off no matter what

Lets go 99!

Rolling; I totally need Sup Forums to tell me to stop because something, something, muh willpower.

ok but im only going by last digit

Okey cunt

No coom

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Let's do it I guess.

Never lost

Niggers tongue my anus

Run it

since my roll will be 00 i dont have to worry

Please 99

lezzgo bois

That’s close enough

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