Whatcha doing?

Whatcha doing?

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Listening to music after a shitty day

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Stroking My cock

I finished cooming how u doin nigga

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maybe times will get better...

Just got back from a date with my BF

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Spilling beans of a pedo ring on the clear web

Trying to get 1300 to pay off a debt

Thinking of fluffies. You know the one.



Wondering how I didn't end up in a psych ward today after telling a doctor I have daily suicidal thoughts

Studying for Net+ and CCNA certifications. Feeling really confident especially with the labs from cybrary.

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If you told them you have daily suicidal thoughts they may have guessed that you were unlikely to attempt suicide in the near future given that you have those thoughts daily and have not attempted yet. Anyway they tend to only put you under section if you make a serious attempt at suicide

Takes more than that to be put in a psych ward. Trust me.

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Sounds kind of fukcing boring. Have you ever tried studying something interesting like history?

It can be for most people. Growing up in the environment you're entire life makes it fun, I guess. I used to hate history. Just a bunch of stuff that already happened, isn't it? Lately I've been very intrigued, like the banana empire of northern south america.

I tried to kms 4 years ago and she saw my very recent emofag cuts


I had 'emofag cuts' when I was a teen and they still didn't hospitalise me until I took a huge overdose of insulin. Do you want to go to hospital?

I actually kinda do