How does it feel knowing that it’s only a matter of days before this lying, useless grifter is removed from our country?

How does it feel knowing that it’s only a matter of days before this lying, useless grifter is removed from our country?

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4 years 11 months

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Are you generally speaking ok with being this deluded? Or does that not factor in because you receive a paycheck for each thread like this that you start? At what age did you decide to abandon your dignity for money? Don't you feel deep down that sucking cock for money would be more respectable?

how does it feel knowing he will be president until the end of his current term, and have another one after?

The Senate will never convict, and the Dems are such a shit storm that he is almost already reelected.

The only Dem who could pose a threat is Bernie and the party is already plotting to bring him down

Two terms. Guaranteed.

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I haven't been paying attention. What did he do to be impeached?

how does it feel knowing your going to be killed by a foreigner

Literally nothing, Dems are just throwing a tantrum per usual and because all their candidates suck. Senate will acquit, trump will win 2020, ez.

He's not in Russia atm, Tankie.

what WORD?
you fucking tard.
If you say IMPEACHMENT, you are a bigger tard than trump.

I would love to see him beheaded Charles I style

Impeachment =/= removal from office

Would like to see that but Republicans control congress and are just going to wipe their ass with the impeachment because they don't give a fuck about America, they're in too deep to turn on their own kind

Shut up, fuckstick

It feels like you’re retarded

Too long

Again, you were born retarded, and have been going backwards ever since.

his fucking bagman went on national TV the last two nights and copped to everything you fucking idiot. He even spelled it out so plainly that even you fucking mouth breathers can understand lol.

they have texts/emails as confirmation

and today an independent commission said that withholding the funds was illegal.

but sure.... literally nothing

Trump/Putin 2020!!

How will the democrats get a 2/3 majority in the Senate?

Implying Republicans give a fuck about evidence or following the law or personal integrity

Are you addicted to disappointment?

He's put sanctions on Iran that are essentially genocidal. He should be jailed / executed for that alone.

facts don't care about your feelings.

Are you pretending that all of the republican senate fucktards aren't going to betray their sworn oath to protect the constitution? Those fucks are green-lighting a dictatorship and should be held accountable as fucking traitors.

Two terms of terminal ass cancer

Days dumbass DAYS

Implying Democrats give a fuck about evidence or following the law or personal integrity.

I'm just stoked he finally called out Barr by name. piece of shit.

>implying I'm an adult poster

hey join our lewd 18+ server! tons of girls ready to fuck gg/YPu8f3

LOL personal integrity he says.

now i know you're trolling

Even if it doesn't happen it's fun watching some of you lick trump's mushroom cock defending him

Trump is polling behind “Generic Democrat” ;
As in , not ‘this dem’ or ‘that dem’ , but just “any random dem” is at least 10 points ahead of Trump.

I mean, Trump will still win, because the elections are rigged , just like trump said, but still...

You mean the guy who says he has vital info but wont say anything until hr has immunity for his current legal troubles?

That guy? Lol

Not to mention if rudie was acting as the presidents personal lawyer he can get info from anywhere

The only thing you cant do is use you office and gov money to get the dirt. As a private citizen its fine.... So yeah you are fucking tard

Do people still fall for this

Your dreaming. A republican majority senate will never have a 2/3’s vote to remove from office.

This. Shit's rigged, the impeachment will go nowhere because the human tortoise "Moscow" Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican assholes don't give a fuck about the constitution or rule of law. They just want Republicians to stay on top so they can keep writing laws that make their cronies money at our expense.

Several GOP senators will grow a conscience, and swing to save the party and a modicum of dignity. Donny’s federally fucked.

Holy shit mr ionlywatchcnn

Most delusional post ever

Haha le lol
Good one.

You said “no U”

That’ll show ‘em


Pretty much.

Prison life sentences... Ok. I'm down.

Shit really doesn't matter if it is a Republican or Democrat. Name one that has any integrity.

>>in b4 you are a faggot and say Bernie.

Oh, so this is what the retard convention looks like

What poll are you seeing? Nobody wants to vote for the Dems and their communist/socialist agenda.

I will tell you what isn't fun. Watching an opposition do nothing but try to destroy an elected government. They dont challenge policy or put forward alternatives, they just cry about the bad man whos achieved so much more than any other government in 50 years.


>muh cnn
Implying I watch , or have ever watched CNN

I know I know, “post fact” and “alternative truth” are the republicans bread and butter - but no matter how much you deny reality - reality persists regardless

You underestimate the power of his cult, the amount of boot licking you'll see in next few weeks will make Supreme Leader of N. Korea jealous.

Basically! The entire GOP will go down with Trump’s nuts on their chin

This post funded by Russia

> Fox "News" viewer here. Please be patient with him, he's autistic.

idk he kinda cute tho


Lets go and look at the timeline
The trial process for Clinton started Jan 7 1999 and verdict was issued Feb 9 1999.
So we can assume this process will take likely month at minimum.

Kim is more powerful than the “USA” right now. Trump makes him look like Einstein

>removed from your country
is that a phrase you would associate with an election?
If, so.
I'm sorry for overestimating your intelligence.

>because the elections are rigged

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Romney, Collins, and a few others will vote to remove.

What communist agenda are you talking about? Most European countries have nationalised health care and they have much higher standards than the US. US health care is abysmal

Trips checked

So much anger from the libs how do they sleep at night

>> everyone in this thread

im certified to call you all dumbasses. while inpeachment =/= removal from office, something needs to be done baout the dumb cheeto man. i didn't want to pull my age into this, but i am a 7 year old girl and even i know this.

>Nobody wants to vote for the Dems and their communist/socialist agenda



Not Russian, just 100% White Nationalist veteran and patriot.

I get that dems are upset that trump took out an ally general in Iran but howd they get this deranged?

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Does anyone care about this? The entire Iranian economy is being strangled and destroyed because of Trump's foreign policy. People can't get food and medicine.

Not sure if truly retarded or delusional Democrat
Same thing...nvm

i think its safe to say everyone has more personal integrity than Trump

$10 says if he gets thrown out of office, he runs this year and wins back his presidency.

“Polls” plural , not singular.

And of course , Trump and circumstance bitches and cries about it as usual

Aren’t you republicans sick of his bitching and moaning ?
You claimed to hate those things yet you’re guy’ is the living embodiment of them.

This is from a report by the hill, who in 2019, were found to be interfering with editorial independence in order to minimise criticism of Trump.
Even they are saying he’s a loser.

Because, well, look at him

I didn't know dementia and near lethal cholesterol came in terms

Actually the House has been passing bill after bill and Obstruction Mitch won't sign off on any.
>They dont challenge policy
yes they do trumpshit
>cry about the bad man
so you're basically ok with an incompetent racist president leading this country
>an elected government
more like a failed government that's a risk to this country's future user
pull your head out of your ass it's not too late

Is that why anybody that can afford it comes to the US for treatment they can't get in their socialist medical country?

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White nationalists should have their veteran status removed. You're a stain on our military. --OIF vet

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still ;)

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You'll need 20 Republican senators to agree with removal from office.

Not gonna happen

I get that you troll post retarded shot like this to ‘get a rise’ , but seriously , when did your life derail to make you this desperate?

Here we go. You do realize that you’re arguing with a person who has more brains than you, right? First things first, I am a University graduate with a Master’s degree, a full-time job racking up big bills per day, and a lovely wife with two kids, while you, on the other hand, are just a lonely and sad simpleton who sits on your lazy ass all day, typing meaningless vituperative words with fingers on your hands that can be used to write a job application instead of being on the internet. Because your behavior dictates right now that you’re just a dumb, narcissistic troll who likes to act like a ruffian around others and put others down, when really, you’re just putting yourself down, even lower than your IQ. Next time, before you even try to feign on others for who they are, just know that your fingers you’re using to type these useless insults can also be used to write apology notes to who you bullied, and you can also use them to delete your internet account, because you know what? You don’t deserve the internet, because your reprehensible demeanor is pretty unneeded, taking into account that your words on the comment you just made heavily proves it. And you know what else your fingers can do? Grab a job application paper from a fast food place, fill it out, and make use of it and earn money that way. I heard McDonald’s is hiring today. You should start heading there, where you belong. Have a lovely day!

Not enough democrats need 2/3 rounded up to a whole number 67
Dems have 45, 1-2 possible to against but for the sake argument all of them vote affirmative
There are 2 independent senators. who have been rumored will side with democrats.
47. +2 republicans

Let me help you dumbass
You keep using the word "days"
I do not think that word means what you think it means
Since it wont be "a matter of days" until the president leaves his office ... It will be YEARS
Almost 5 to be exact

Greatness like never before. Expect it.

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This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Who told you this?

Why would we care about a bunch of shitskins?


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I'm amazed at how many people bitch about Trump doing literally nothing worthy of impeachment while enjoying the best economy of all time. Lets get rid of the only guy who has ever kept his campaign promises and done the will of the people and replace him with the same libtards that have turned every major city into violent slums. Sounds like a winning plan to me. The only people complaining are the lazy fuckers who want to be taken care of by those of us who have actually worked hard for what we have. Fuck off. Go live on a sidewalk in San Fransisco you fags and let our country actually live up to its potential. Fucking socialist brainwashed idiots

>People can't get food and medicine.
America has the highest starvation rates and rates of deaths from preventable illness of any Developed Economy.

Maybe spend some of that “defence” money you use attacking the Middle East to steal its oil to make your billionaires another billion should be spent caring for the poor back home .


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>tl:dr I'm a fag

Some treatments are available in the US that aren't available elsewhere, yes. On a whole, treatment are much better in Europe though.

Why is it ok to starve an entire country and destroy its economy? It isn't

I should just say the spineless twits that keep sucking trumps wittle pee pee

I kekked
Thanks for this response