PA Thread, preferably 724/412

PA Thread, preferably 724/412

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Post 3.

Yo not OP fuck off


Nyfag here who wants to move to PA because I hate suburbia and the city.

What do y'all do out there in the boonies? How do you spend your time? What is the general culture like?

717 here

Bump for Delco

hey join our shitposting server!



Sidney S?

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There's this guy.

He's fucking with your lives, slowly.

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And you kids keep voting for these folks.

Just look at these commissions.

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Bump for Butler

Now look who's paying for that.

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That's why my television is talking to me! Because they're all fighting for companies like comcast. Holy shit.

whore planet link?

how do you think politics work, genius? and do you think toomey's donors are any different?

And there's this one.

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kennett square reporting in

West grove

i dont kik im a boomer. well, 35 but may as well be a damn boomer on this site.

idk, all I know is that i have lots of taxes to pay and no money, so yeah, I'll be posting these things until the YELLOWSTONE EXPLODE.

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West Grove

so move to a state without income tax? or delaware with no sales tax and basically no property tax?

Just look at this. If these cunts weren't stealing what they're stealing my life would be way better. These guys are the enemy, the legislative.

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I don't have any money. Anonymous debtors doesn't have no get rich fast program.

you should read up on altcoin/shitcoin crypto trading, doesn't take much up front at all and you can do it from your phone. /biz/ is a good place to start, and you gotta watch it like a hawk but you can make actual money trading magic internet money.


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You're probably right. I'll check /biz/.

Devon M PSU

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Know Lauren? Pic related

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West Chester U girl from westgrove

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Any imperial area?

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Lehigh valley

Where in 717?

Who do you think that is?

I'm about 15 mins from imperial and Pittsburgh


You have any other 2014 -16grads

any locals to post?

What town you looking for


any 570 clarks summit/scranton area?


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Don’t know anyone from there

Any 16-17 grads?

412 or 814 preferrably

has more of here

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What do you have or lookin for. Toss kik


Lookin for Jess F (car) 2016 grad, ashley P. Dropped out or 2014 grads

Post her name for more

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What boys wnt .com???? Lol

I know her. Kik?


That's where I found it

Why kik? Who is she

What’s that? How do you find states on it


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