Sup Forums, how the fuck do I approach a girl in one of my classes? What the fuck do I say...

Sup Forums, how the fuck do I approach a girl in one of my classes? What the fuck do I say? Do I start off by asking some shit like, "hey can i burrow a pencil. My name is user. so what year are you?"

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depends could go full like, hey you seem cool wanna go out for a coffee or some shit? ask for snapchat etc, works for me

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are you ugly? if yes you are fucked, if not just talk about anything but not in a creepy way, try to find what she likes and talk about that

right off the bat or after some intro shit like I said. She's in one of my comp sci classes and seems the nerdy type so not sure if going straight off the bat with, "hey wanna grab coffee" would be better or if something like, "hey wanna exchange info to help eachother out with this class"

that can work, but remenber, don't be a creep, try to do that if you have an assignment

well what would you recommend, i wouldnt be asking if I had experience in this stuff

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Probably should start with talking about class instead of just asking to put a pencil in her. Unless you're a Chad, then go for it.

if you're not super adept at talking at girls, I usually recommend talking to her in the exact same way that you'd go about making a guy friend. Figure out an interest that you share, talk about it, eventually invite her to grab coffee or something. Don't make it even vaguely sexual, just try to talk to her like a friend, escalate once you've already secured a date or two.

So would it be too soon to ask for her snapchat and coffee the first time i approach her after some small chit chat like blah blah my name is user, oh you are into xyz? #metoo.

Send her this. Thank me later

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Different user here, I've gotten girls snap before but I have no idea what to talk about or how to start the conversation. What do? About to start college.

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If you have to come here asking for advice, it's a lost cause. Godspeed user.

It depends on the situation, try to be casual, if you can sit next to her just ask her about the class, if you see that she is wearing a shirt or an accessory of something nerdy talk to her about that, and the best advice I can Give is that you treat her like a guy friend and don't get your hopes up just by talking to her once, and I'll say talk to her for a week and then invite her to a coffe if you see that she's interested, if you don't see interest, don't insist because you're going to scare her

Dude just plain ol pick up line never fails.

Hey girl, are you a pencil case?
Cause i want to put sharpie in yoir butthole

Works all the time most of the time.

Don't listen to these people telling you to act like a friend. That's how so many of you end up in the friend zone. Make your intentions known right away and be confident.

Unless you're freakishly attractive she's going to date you based on how much she enjoys talking to you. So yes, talk to her a bit, find common interests, make eachother laugh, then ask her out.
You should honestly be doing the same. If you're actually trying to date her long term, talk to her before you decide whether or not to take her out. She could be a shallow bitch who you share nothing in common with, don't just have standards for sexual attractiveness, have standards for the actual human being, that's what matters long term.
Granted, I'm no Chad, so maybe just ignore me.

that works when you have experience, if you don't you will end like a creep, and there is no thing women hate more that creeps, the best thing it's start talking casually, then if you see the opportuunity go for it, but don't go full force

talk to her a bit but get to the point. don't try to come of being her friend first or you'll get friend zoned. "hey i think you're kinda cute and might be my type. my name is user and i like blah blah blah and i'm someone you should get to know because of blah blah blah. are you into any of those things? what's so special about you? ... oh yeah that's cool we might get along... hey lets grab a drink sometime"

Being upfront is incredibly risky unless you are vastly above average attractiveness.
She would likely see it as creepy and could possibly go to the teacher.

act like a friend for like a day or two and then just start flirting hard. make blatant comments about liking her. it'll catch her off guard and she'll like it. but yeah don't be a friend for any longer then a couple days

It might seem hard, but being confident is probably your best vet. Just say, "Hey are you interested in getting lunch or something?"

strike up a conversation. if she seems interested and engaged ask for her number. always works for me

yeah, hang out with her over school stuff but then swiftly turn it into dates. go study and then ask her to hang out after, if she hangs out kiss her goodbye, if she pulls away just move on

one thing you shouldnt do is go up to her with a pre-planned speech worked out in your head. a general idea of what you want to talk about is fine, but if you start going through a checklist in your head while talking to her it will make the conversation feel awkward and rigid, and make it seem like you arent listening to her responses.

the best thing to do is just think about why she is interesting to you. what questions naturally come to your mind out of curiosity? what do you want to learn about her? also, any question you ask you should be prepared to answer about yourself as well

just be genuinely interested in her, and speak to her like she is already your friend, or a family member. if she ends up being a shitty person, then at least you were at your best for her. and if she is a good person, she'll see that you can be the type of person she be herself around as well.

good luck op, dont get stuck in your own head and youll do fine

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thanks mate. My gameplan was something like, "hey can i burrow a pencil. My name is user. what year are you? *go with the flow and take it from there asking her questions about herself*" and then if she seems interested and happy to talk with me I would end it with just coming straight out of the gate and asking for her snapchat and coffee sometime at the end of class.

Make sure you go into it expecting her not to be into you. Doesn't hurt as much getting rejected but feels great if she is.

Get her drunk retard

This is Sup Forums.
Follow her around campus to see where she stays. Build her up in your head to be this wonderful creature you could never have. Look away awkwardly when she’s around.

is a handshake too awkward when saying "hi im user" ?