What would you do if you found a amputated baby's arm on the ground ?

what would you do if you found a amputated baby's arm on the ground ?

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Attach it to a pendulum and have a hands free wank.

I’d immediately stop and start a thread on Sup Forums on what I should do with it.
I’d probably say “trips tells me what to do with it” though, so that thread actually got replies .

Le Edgy and utterly obvious reply.

Does being a stereotypical NPC give you joy?
Oops, why am I asking , we all know you NPCs aren’t capable of independent thought

i'd wonder why would a nigger mother let her baby lose an arm.

Then I'd think it's just niggers being niggers and move on.

Put an apple in it's hand

Le Lollloll

Oh Josh.
Mom would KILL you if she found out you posted this.
You’d be grounded all the way into next week!

Oh boy Josh...what a card

Why just post someone else’s joke?
Have an original thought for once

Unless your lack of imagination is clinical, in which case, I apologise

underrated post

Yep, on Sup Forums niggers are more serious business than finding baby arms. Heartless cunts.

Honestly yeah it sort of does give me a sense of joy because people like you get so wound up about a random throwaway thought I had.

>implying I give a shit and aren’t just calling you a retarded cunt for your pre-teen tier “”””””joke””””””

Good . I’m glad you’re glad.

Make it into a little fist, lube it up, and ram it up my ass.
Like you faggots weren't already thinking it.

Fire up the grill.

wrap it's fingers around my cock, hold it in place with a couple hair ties and churn my butter




i'd put it back in the freezer.

name of the male actor?

so few details.

is it from an abortion? Then you'd have to celebrate the woman for exercising her rights.

is it the same race as the immigrant restaurant's dumpster it's next to? Celebrate diversity and embrace the new culture!

its it in yemen? niggers being niggers.

is it near a political capitol building? politicians embracing their legal freedoms.

was it found in the penn state athletics deptarment? don't ask joe, he won't know.

was it found in san franciso? write it off as just another sex toy.

was it near a group of arabs? ask no questions and wonder why you are near fucking arabs.

was it in a protestant church? fucking catholics dumping their trash again.

need more deets.

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