Best Led Zeppelin song??

Best Led Zeppelin song??

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Amigo song

Achilles Last Stand or When the Levee Breaks

No Quarter

Gallows Pole

who the fuck is led zepplin

How many more times

Isn't it obvious?

Over the Hills and Far Away
Black Summer/White Mountainside
Out on the Tiles
Ozone Baby
Thank You
The Rover

Big yellow taxi

Since I’ve been loving you

I see you're a man of taste

Battle of Evermore.

Simple man

I think the fact that almost no one agrees with eachother is a huge testament to the amount of great music they made. Also you're all wrong and it's actually Since I've Been Loving You.

In no particular order:
Bohemian Rhapsody
Gimme Shelter
Run Like Hell
Flirtin' With Disaster

Cosby Show Theme Song

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d'yer mak'er

Hot Dog

over the hills and far away is my personal favorite

i still don't know how to pronounce that

I see you are a man of culture

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I second this. Great song.

All of them


I second this.

I always thought it was pronunced "dear maker"
Also "10 Years Gone" is amazing.


Just read up on the "Jamaica" pronunciation. Very interesting to learn this after almost 30 years of listening to it.


You can tell this thread's full of oldies 'cos everyone's being polite to each other lol

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Oldfag here.
What age is old here btw?


Achilles’ Last Stand

This or Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Always been partial to Traveling' Riverside Blues.



Ramble on
What Is and What Should Never Be

Also my favorite.

Highway song

paradise city

not sure they're the BEST but love
Hey Hey What Can I Do
Goin to California

If you’re not in the thread worshiping lil peep, you’re a boomer to them

Theme Song to John Bonham's Death by Alcohol Poisoning

I love Friends, some may disagree but the sound to it just so different

They wrote Baby Shark

Ok, Boomer.

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i don't know what effect it is to the voices or guitar at the beginning that makes it sound so watery, but it's fantastic.

welcome to the jungle

Going to California.

That one they stole.