What's stopping you from killing yourself?

What's stopping you from killing yourself?

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Responsibility to my family

Not knowing what comes after life

don't wanna

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too many things to do first

welp there goes the thread

If you were to kill yourself how would you do it?

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Easy, life's beautiful shitty or not it has it's highs and lows gotta take what you get

how fun it is to be alive

uhhhh source?

I have to see the next Bond movie.


Waiting for the reaction of Trump getting re-elected

The past few bond movies have been shit, the next one is going to be fucking horrible.

im so lazy i cant even do that properly

When I started using CBD, my daily thoughts of suicide came to a halt. I still think about it, but rarely.

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my mom....

Whoopdie shit. Obama got re-elected. Don't mean shit.

Do you know anyone that's killed themself?

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Can't kill myself until OP tells us where to find more of this chick! She's triggered my waif-skinny fetish.

Honestly, its my mom, when she goes i dont think i'll keep going, things haven't been good lately... for a while actually, anyways i hope the rest of you do better, i just can't anymore and i wish i could

What was it?

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scared to do it. also understanding that my life isn't as fucked up as i thought because I'm pessimistic and depressed and that's no excuse.

source pls

and also same as with a healthy dose of being angry that will probably be my fate one day, so i'm staying alive in spite of myself i guess.

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My wife and kids love me, and I owe them my duty and service. That's about it.

I used to think like you anons, but then I realize that I still had my pops and now I haven't though about killing my self in while.

Questioning the images used, unsure if I should report....

Yeah but you monkeys will reeee when Trump wins by a landslide

whatever it was thebarchive didn't save it either

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if i killed myself how would i look at cute traps?

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I never knew my dad, he was lets say not around and thats for the better, also i dont know how to tag someone on here im kind of new heh

So probably something illegal

I have a really hot girlfriend

hand over the sauce and nobody gets fucking hurt

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Your hand doesn't count user

No. Probably because we are in 9 digit post numbers and he posted a link to an 8 digit post. That would've been a post made years ago.

A troll post, basically

It wasn't anything you spastics, the last number of it was deleted making it an invalid link, he meant to link this post

Ah shit didn't notice

Don't fucking spoonfeed the newfags

hi Sup Forums, i heard a lot of stories about you guys

im not killing myself cause i think theres no point really

if i wait long enough good stuff will happen

can i get the source pls?

My mom would be sad.
I'll probably kill myself after she's gone.

Stop replying to Jewish demoralisation threads

enjoying life and wishing it was longer

For a few years ive wanted to kill myself, and for most of the time I didnt believe in god, but I suddenly got quite addicted with dante's inferno, and im actually scared that I well end up suffering eternally from killing myself

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Why kill yourself? You have all Eternity to be dead.

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Either give us all you got of her or tell us where to get it. Normally I'd call eat a sandwich but damn she's cute. Must have all. There. Now I have a reason for living.

The only thing stopping me is the toll it'll be on my friends. One of our best friends has already past, they don't need to lose another.

What would you do with your belongings before you kill yourself?

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i don't know and i'm quickly becoming less and less motivated to move on.

people give me hollow advice about concepts I have already considered in depth

i won't, for now, though. perhaps all that is left is some biological conditioning to resist death

bruh that girl don’t look legal

same here g

Put them in a storage unit and send the key to a friend.

Probably isn't, best to report and leave

I think I would clean and organize them, put them somewhere they can rest in peace or be claimed by anybody who wants them. i can write a will that they go to my sister, if she so chooses to gather them.

Loli and 2d girls

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How do you use it?

I'm a white, straight male. I will never kill myself because it's exactly what the Jews want.

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>Hey look, Dave sent me a message. I haven't talked to him for years! I wonder how he's doing... Oh its a key...... I've always fucking hated Dave

The federal police saying,

>if you go near that window again

I'll steal your identity, do lots of wierd things, and you'll be forced to watch from a psychiatric hospital.

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my almost non-existent manhood

Yeah, same here.

Fucking greentext.

The federal police saying,

>if you go near that window again I'll steal your identity, do lots of wierd things, and you'll be forced to watch from a psychiatric hospital.

What about you?

Just like we reeeeeeeee'd when Obama got re-elected? Fail.

absolutely nothing

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Yeah yeah keep em coming. Her face is really cute.