Meatcucks BTFO

Meatcucks BTFO

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vegan baitfag BTFO

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meat taste better though

>all cholesterol is bad cholesterol

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No it doesn’t. Plants and plant based proteins taste just as good

Wrong. 9 grams of protein per 100 grams for red lentils.

Ohhh yes rare lentils. Super tasty, smells good too!

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>Carbs good Fat Bad
>Cheaper Better
If all that you say is true then I can just eat 100g to reduce my chance of death by 40%

I'll take my chances with delicious beef.

that's literally pork in the picture, you fucking soyboy retard

Whats hilarious is, it shows that the OP doesn’t know the human body can and does process fat into carbohydrates, and at a much slower rate, thus sustaining the body for longer.

People try to make vegetarian food that takes like meat. Nobody tries to make anything that tastes like lentils. Nobody really wishes they were eating lentils instead when they’re having a ribeye steak.

Christ those carbs are over 2x what you should eat in one whole day let alone one meal +other stuff to fill you up cause you ate lentils

I straight up ate lentil soup for dinner you retard

Buy some fucking plant jerky and say that shit again. Tastes like fucking pressed string.

Impossible fries made without vegetables. You just made me a rich man user

that IS pork in the picture

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Cause you’re making it wrong. I’d rather eat plant jerky than slim Jims made from pig anuses

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Ngl lentils are the shit. Same with raw cabbage and olives. Fish is also fucking awesome but never gets mentioned in these threads. Meat is only good if raised properly, anything from a slaughterhouse should be illegal but you faggots are too scared to chop a chickens head off yourself.

With lentils you fart more.

>shows picture of pork loin


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says the faggot thats never even killed a fly. go plant a garden or something


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meat eaters are lower than shit

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>People try to make vegetarian food that takes like meat. Nobody tries to make anything that tastes like lentils. Nobody really wishes they were eating lentils instead when they’re having a ribeye steak.
Read that again. How fucking dense can you be? I'm not even the OP.

It clearly says that someone that's currently eating steak doesn't want it to taste like lentils


Why is it you see people saying " huuur meat bad" but there are billions of old people on Earth who ate meat all their life , how do vegans explain this?

>half the bioavailability of protein is acceptable

I'm from eastern europe you fucking twink. I had to hold chickens down so my grandpa could kill them when I was 5. Every chicken ever eaten in north america is a fucking abomination. And your lack of vegetable in the diet is reflected by the fact that heart disease is so fucking common.

Did you try to make it taste like chicken soup?
You proved his point.

Potatos are tubers not vegetables

meat eaters have lower IQ on average

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#4 and 5 are vegan

That keto diet tho.

>inhaling burning plant matter is the sane as digesting additives

So less tasty, less filling, and more calories...

buy mah meats

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And 3 is vegetarian


Lentils are tasty but the beef if more satiating for the same amount of calories

Let me know how to get a days worth of calories out of leafy greens and tumeric

That is pork chops not beef
Legumes have chemicals that turn into estrogen
Local beef not loaded with nitrate salts to preserve does not cause colon cancer
>Lrn2research faggot

so i'll eat 250 grams of it and i'll never die

Because the fiber in the lentils halves the amount of protein absorbed

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>inhaling burning plant

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Slim jim isnt jerky. Have you literally only had meat "products" ever? No wonder you dont like it

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Nice facebook meme post some more

>days worth of calories
pretty damn easy
vegan for 5 years
ain't ded yet

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>post some more

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>top 5 foods
>9 foods

This looks like a retarded 5th graders science project he made in paint

Salmon and Tuna are fantastic. Omega 3 fatty acids. Increases HDL. Fish aren’t vegan or vegetarian tho soy faggot

Every chicken? Doubt

Literally carbs you dumb fuck

Imagine sourcing, preparing and eating all this when you could just eat a steak.

>looks like a retarded

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Vegantakeover lol where did you even find this

You act like people know what a colon is supposed to look like. If it's not what's visible from a gaping asshole, I'm not familiar with it and I don't really care.

>image of pork
What was the point of that?

Looks yummy

Shut up joe.

Did you faint before you were able to finish your thought here?

>when you could just eat a steak.
I agree that most non-vegans are lazy
But it's the diet that makes them fat

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its carbs that kill you

based and ketopilled

Humans have been omnivores for 100,000 years and we evolved to he the most advanced species. Your soy faggotry for a bee’s dick worth of time assisted with pharmaceuticals that have only been available for the last 60 years means absolute jackshit.

That's a beautiful side-dish
Never said I was vegan you retard I just have slaughterhouse meat.
My grandma developed some kind of allergy to the feathers so we had to get rid of them. It was pretty sad because I used to take care of them since they hatched and then I was told we'd never have any chicks anymore.

Your whole deal is with processed meat. What about people who buy high quality organic stuff? Thats like saying vegans only eat lettuce.

Literally evolved because we learned how to cook meat and it was the most efficient food ever

>Humans have been omnivores for 100,000 years


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I eat about 600g of greens a day, of that, I use 100g of romaine lettuce to toss a 4oz burger on it sometimes, add bacon. No bread. I like chicken meatballs w/ Rao's pizza sauce and parm. Pork rings are good for leftover fat/protein needs.

I'm on keto. I remain thin and lean as long as I don't dip protein too much, which some keto style eaters do.

Keto is good for eating meat. Fuck vegans and their shit substitutes. I'll only give a pass to the "Beyond Burger" (not Impossible burger).

.. and no, Beyond Burger doesn't cause tits. Tastes good, doesn't replace a good hamburger patty for fuck but if you want some burger like stuff 5 days a week it's a good alternative. I wouldn't replace much else. The vegan bean burgers and all that shit morning star has is fuckin foul.

>Your whole deal is with processed meat.
nah. that's near the top of the shit-list tho

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Veganism is a mental disorder.

>Fuck vegans
lol - cholesterol much?

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We cook our meat and use tools... we dont have to rip it off of a carcass or use our teeth to kill our food. What a dumb thing to post.

>Veganism is a mental disorder.

Vegans are the master race

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Did you google vegan+fake+news?

>We cook our meat and use tools
We build airplanes too.
Are you going to claim your body can fly?

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Vegans have to lie to convince people. Saturated fat isn't the enemy, protein isn't the enemy, carbs are. FDA lies to convince everybody carbs are good and fats are bad. They want your brain weak, which is mostly fat. Fat as energy keeps you sharp, awake, fit, lean. No other style of eating has done this for me so easily as keto has.

I eat what my grandpa eats, he's 92 and still working on the farm. Sure you can live on seeds and leaves if you sit on your ass all day pushing paper but a mans work requires proper food.

>Did you google
Maybe you should do a little research sport

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All primates can eat meat. If your eyes are on the front you're a predator species, if they're on the side you're prey.

Wtf is this even supposed to mean lmfao

19yo vegan

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Pretty good troll ngl

>Saturated fat isn't the enemy,
...and cholesterol is awesome too....

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>All primates can eat meat.
yeah... and they can snort cocaine too.
doesn't make it healthy tho

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>not knowing chimpanzee’s eat meat as well

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So do multiple egg whites and one whole egg like anyone who gives a shit about their health?

Eat more ostrich meat.
Requires way less resources than cattle.
Besides meat, you get high value feathers and leather, and dem eggs.
Also they are hateful stupid creatures so less guilty felling about killing them.

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meat, particularly processed meat = bad

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Also the average lifespan in my hometown is 82 and I don't know of more than ten vegans in town

sour sop is legit. best juice i had in belize, too bad you cant get it in canada.

>and I don't know of more than ten vegans in town
I'll bet you know plenty diabetics tho

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