Why don't you own an AR-15 Sup Forums? What's your excuse?

Why don't you own an AR-15 Sup Forums? What's your excuse?

>pic related

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because I own a dozen of them instead of just one

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Why what anyone want to own a fully automatic assault rifle?

fun things are fun

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I haven't been properly trained in the weapon system. I carried a glock on duty for years and although it's not my favorite weapon by any stretch, I'm highly accurate with it under adrenaline. So I use that.

I'd like an AR, but I can't justify the cost to shoot it a few times a year when I'm not going to use it for much else besides plinking. There's a lot of fun guns I want and AR comes in lower on the list.

>>pic related
>posts a picture of an AK

airsoft faggotry

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You're just jelous his raifu is a waifu

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Good excuse.

excuse? I am not poor and susceptible to social trends. I own multiple semi-automatics that will outperform any AR at any given time. I'd consider buying an AR if I built it from the ground up; contacting individual part suppliers about specific manufacturing requirements, but I'd rather just pay extra for a well assembled non-meme weapon

Own a Sig MCX.

I live in cucknada

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>I am not poor and susceptible to social trends. I own multiple semi-automatics that will outperform any AR at any given time
No you don't.

Buy Colt Canada or a stag, you have no excuse leaf.


yes, I do. FN scar 17s being the most namely of the bunch. Don't be mad because you bought an m&p sport and think its the shit. shouldn't get into/post about firearms if you're poor because you are just going to get shit on. last two firearm purchases I made were the coonan and a tikka t3 with an mdt lls xl. there is more to firearms than the pew pew im a CoD larping faggot guns

AK better, but have to admit I like the look of the AR in first post. Kind of look like a StG44, first AR that didn't make me want to vomit from it's cheapness.

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I live in California. I cannot justify owning an AR when this state has the restrictions on rifles that it does

>AK better
in what regard? Not accuracy or weight

The bolt mechanism is pretty badass. Throw sand, in it, dirt, water, its still going to fire.

ARs are gay, but CA is more gay. Big surprise a materialistic person wants a meme-gun. "If I post a bolt action I won't get as many instagram likes as an AR"

>claims to not be cod larping
>claims to have bought SCAR17
lol poorfag should have bought a SR25

so you don't own an AK, topkek. FPSrussia fags begone. reliability is irrelevant if you take care of your firearms. The same case can be made for glocks, doesn't mean you can get a good group passed 10 yards

hi newfriend, you might be surprised to learn what videogames and movies have taught you is in fact a lie.



the scar 17s msrp is $3,600 and thats without the furniture I've added. I just shit on ARs and you name another gun from the AR family. Cool, you dont larp CoD, you larp BF. It is becoming more and more clear that you don't hit the range, otherwise you wouldn't be in support of guns with such awful track records.

conveniently ignores the mention of coonan and tikka because he doesn't actually know anything about guns. coonan has a 2+ year waiting list faggot

Dont wanna spend the money

AR is the cheapest semi-automatic, hence its popularity. how is working at mcdonald's?

It's obviously you don't even a Scar17 and are just larping, but I'll play along. Vietnam era reliaiblity memes were entirely due to ammunition (specifically gunpowder) used, which was identified as unsuitable by Armalite. The US army ignored them and used it anyway, with predictable results.

It's also funny that you don't know the name Knight's Armament, or what it means. Protip: an SR25 costs more than a Scar17. About two grand more. It's also funny that you're comparing intermediate to full power rifles like a tard.


Yes I ignored your shitty meme gun
yes I ignored your midrange boltgun everyone owns

чтo блять

shhhh bb, just let it happen

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I keep a handgun for home protection. I have a pretty good job I'd just rather spend my money on cars than guns. Also the cheap ARs break I dont want that shit

AK's are much easier to field strip and clean, AR's require a shit ton of cotton swabs to get a proper clean. That being said the AR being less reliable is a crock of shit. 7.62 stops a man alot better than 5.56, I'll give up the extra couple hundred yards for sheer stopping power and the ability to chew up cover. Although it's easier to swap AR calibers with an upper swap. Any modern AK will group as good as any modern AR. If you are comparing milspec chrome lined AKs to modern gucci AR's then yeah it's a difference, compare a chrome lined milspec AR to your PSA or whatever AR and you will get the same result. Talking trash about AKs tells me you have never fucked with an AK. I get it they cost twice as much as the average AR and you obviously don't have one.

>Vietnam wikipedia facts
There exists more than memes to support my accurate claims that the AR platform is consistently outperformed. It is easy to ignore factual evidence when you are biased from making a poor choice in spent money. Anyone worth their salt in the weapons industry will advise away from the platform, unless seeking modularity
Coonan is far from a meme gun. One because of the company's purposeful low production rate, and two because of high cost. There is no way to verify your knowledge of this firearm, but you and I both know you googled it upon my mention. As for the Tikka, you are also wrong. AR meme guns are far more popular than 'boring' bolt action. All I hear is a poorFag who is mad about his investment into an m&p sport

There is a reason the military is moving away from scars and still using the M4.

Here's a ~$300 AR. Does 5000 rounds, no issues.

AR cleaning is kinda a meme. You don't need it white glove clean like uncle sam teaches you, and it can go several thousand rounds between cleanings.


>7.62 stops a man alot better than 5.56
Doubt. Cheap 7.62 icepicks, cheap 5.56 fragments. Expensive 5.56 fragments into a fuck your shit cavity, expensive 7.62 expands a bit.

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I also rather spend my money on cars, but why not both?
You have mistaken me for a supporter of the AR platform. As you might not know there are more assault rifles than the AR and the AK

>I also rather spend my money on cars, but why not both?
Cant afford the car I want AND the range 2x a month so I chose the car. Only make 80k a year

Where are you that you can have a full-auto lower?!

>Anyone worth their salt in the weapons industry will advise away from the platform,
No, only people who get all their information from movies will. No actual instructor will tell you this nonsense.
>Coonan is far from a meme gun
It is 100% a meme gun. It is unreliable, and outperformed in every way by even a glock 20; power, reliability, capacity.

If you want to pretend to have a gucci manstopper pistol, claim you have a 7.5 fk BRNO

If I chose to feed into your larp:
Yes, cheapness and a focus towards American-based production.
If I didn't choose to feed into your larp:
Show me the press release entailing this shift

i dont want to be a little bitch

Markings are legal, it's when you add the third pin that it becomes a full auto lower.

>Only 80k a year
??? what are you a drug addict? Or are you leasing some computer on wheels that you can't personally fix? either way, shame

Uh, how about them never adopting it, and even many SF guys don't particularly care for it?

It's only really loved in videogames.

High rent area, car payment, school payment, gf shit and really high 401k contribution. Idk man I just cant justify the cost

>information from movies
>advocates for glock
okay, poorAnon. If you stop trying to justify your purchases for 0.3 seconds you will understand. I am not sure I've ever seen a movie with a scar in it, but that may because I don't watch garbage. I frequent many competitions and shows around my state monthly and only hear people supporting ARs who either own ARs or are selling ARs.
according to? You don't have one so?
shits on coonan whilst simultaneously naming a less reliable gun with less available ammunition, top fucking kek

Fully automatic guns are virtually impossible to buy without extensive paperwork. Plus, they are reallyyyyy expensive. Almost all Ar's are semi automatic.

>according to? You don't have one so?
Anyone who knows what the words "rimmed cartridge" mean.
>shits on coonan whilst simultaneously naming a less reliable gun with less available ammunition, top fucking kek
Correct, because it actually does something valuable, unlike the Coonan which is a worse desert eagle that beats itself apart, can't feed worth a damn, and is chambered for a mediocre calibre to begin with, beaten in capacity by .357 revolvers even. It is a worthless meme gun.

Post scar with timestamp, I'll show you just how much of a poorfag I am lol

You said moving away from but now say never adopting? which is it? Your 'knowledge' is showing holes user. I also wouldn't take the word of 2 guys who's credentials can't be verified on a weapon they likely haven't used that much.

>You said moving away from but now say never adopting?
They solicited for it, fielded some, and never adopted it. That's pretty clear what their stance on it is.
> I also wouldn't take the word of 2 guys who's credentials can't be verified on a weapon they likely haven't used that much.
You also apparantly won't listen to the literal navy seal who was issued one, lol

Never said you had to white glove an AR, but to get it all the way clean takes time and effort modern M4s will run dirty for along time, but ARs that are not cleaned regularly eventually have issues. AK yeah not so much it field strips and cleans white glove style in about 3 min. Also watching 5.56 fragment at point blank range is cool and all, but realistically extreme fragmentation stops at 75 yards. Past that it's a crap shoot, some tumble on impact, some pass through, some fragment. I've shot coyotes with FMJ at around 100 yards and watched them scamper into the woods, if you gotta use v-max to anchor a medium sized dog, how will that fare on people? Wolf crapass 7.62 will DRT a dog at 200 yards and do the same to a hog, 5.56 not so much. Why is the military thinking about switching to 6.8spc?

>stance on it is
yes, that It cost too much
>navy seal
navy seals are trained and used for combat effectiveness not for expansive knowledge of firearms

>Why is the military thinking about switching to 6.8spc?
They aren't. The 6.8 they're looking at is way, way hotter than 6.8SPC, and it's specifically to defeat level IV and higher body armor, not to provide extended manstopping power.

Too much this. These things are expensive AF. BEFORE taxes or costs for any sort of licensing or registration or hassle of ANY sort of paperwork. $600 just to start? And then I have to clean it, give it attachments, buy ammo for it for "the range" or whatever to justify the cost... which itself is an added cost?

I'm sure it's fun. But so is paintball. And I don't own that for the same reason: Too much of a time/money investment.

No SCAR then? That's what I thought.
>yes, that It cost too much
Much like the Coonan. The 7.5FK on the other hand actually brings something new to the table, unlike the Coonan which does what other guns do, worse, but charges a premium because it is a novelty.

>navy seals are trained and used for combat effectiveness not for expansive knowledge of firearms
Meanwhile you're trained to repeat what you heard in media, because you don't have the firsthand knowledge to understand what you are arguing about, yet will argue against someone who does.

>rimmed cartridge
so you then take back your support of the AR platform?
>desert eagle
>can't feed worth a damn
you don't own one
>mediocre calibre
tried and tested caliber over almost a century
coonan holds 7 rounds which is more than the average 357 revolver? you have to be retarded

name one other 1911 platform that puts a .357 magnum round down range

my .45 has plenty of stopping power, it is easier to conceal

I like my guns with more character. Milsurp ftw.

>don't have the firsthand knowledge to understand
>argue against someone who does
verify credentials then user, doxx yourself AR fanboy. I don't need to because I've spent my entire life around guns and don't have a social media account where I share my cool spiffy m&p sport

Why do you keep making this thread when everyone responds the same way every time?

Poorfag, bought a winchester lever rifle and a shitty .38 revolver for home defence

How much would one cost? I am broke but I want one.

>so you then take back your support of the AR platform?
You apparently don't know what a rimmed cartridge is. Nice. 5.56 is not rimmed. .357 is. 7.62x54r is. 7.62x51 is not. If you own any of these rounds (you don't) please look at them and notice the difference. All common revolver cartridges (such as .357 and .44 magnum) are rimmed. This causes numerous problems when feeding from a box magazine.
>you don't own one
Neither do you. I have shot one.
>tried and tested caliber over almost a century
Wrong. .357 magnum was introduced in the 1930s. 9mm is tried and tested for a century though.
>Coonan holds 7 rounds which is more than the average 357 revolver?
Ruger Redhawk 8 shot, S&W 627. Neither are very obscure, offer superior capacity. Or again, Glock 20 with greater power, and more than double the capacity.
>name one other 1911 platform that puts a .357 magnum round down range
Explain why that is useful when 10mm offers doublestack capability and superior energy?
No, you've spent your life playing COD. Pick up Arma, it'll offer you more credibility when you argue about guns you've never touched online.

OP bought an his first gun one week prior to this thread and now must brag about his immense knowledge of firearms and firearm accessories. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO FPSRUSSIA OR DEMOLITIONRANCH IS??

$300-$3000. You can spend as much or as little as you want.

Yes on body armor, but also on engagement at distance. All the raghead mountain fighting we have been doing has shown us that 5.56 at distance out past 200 yards is basically dogshit. Also they are looking at a round that can be used in M4s, M249, DMRs and snipers. Basically trying to standardize all ammo across platforms.

But, I do.

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$300 for real? I can do that no problem.

AK better


Hickock45 here, demoranch is a faggot.

>pic related
Every white owns an Ar

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Cause I want my rifle to work when I need it.. lol partly kidding, I can appreciate ar's

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Get a PSA kit, they're around $300 when they have a major sale. They're pretty ok, not the best but reliable, see this video here:

I dont

Full time student who is low on funds at the moment


sell blood

Im black and I own 3, carry a PDW braced pistol in a backpack for level 3 CC
White people arent the only 2A enthusiasts you

You shouldnt say that word. Stop being an idiot.

PSA has full rifles right now for $350, that's a steal

>wikipedia facts
implying you could identify these rounds side by side. Also implying you understand the functional differences and can make use of them in a range setting
>Neither do you
well I guess you'll just live in AR denial. You haven't shot one, you googled it when it was previously mention by another user
which is almost a century ago
you really are retarded
you really really are retarded
okay we get it you are retarded
>Explain why
so you can't name another .357 1911 platform? hmmmm
>you spent your life playing X, you should play Y
No, I don't play video games. It is funny that you think any product produced by people that have likely never fired a gun, can be used as evidence in an argument. You are consistently proving my belief that you are retarded.

plus transfer, tax if applicable and shipping

imagine thinking ARMA, or any video game, is something to form a basis of firearm knowledge from

no but liek arma takes liek less shots to die from and you have to find certain ammunition for certain guns and you have to adjust the range setting when making snippy riffle shots so I know gunz

Sure but basically a full rifle in box and a lifetime warranty for less than $400 it's insane. Also fuck what people say about PSA, their stuff works great and they stand by it. Their G3 AK's are amazing, easily the best current AK being produced.

>implying you could identify these rounds side by side.
Yes, you can. It's pretty easy, because they have a rim. Since you're a nogunz, you don't know what that means. If you can't tell a .357 from a 9mm, you're pretty goddamn blind.
>can make use of them in a range setting
It only sounds like jargon to you because you're arguing about things you know nothing about. Anyone who has ever bought babbys first gun knows what each caliber I listed is, and what their differences are.
Right? It'd make you look pretty silly, but it'd help this guy understand a little bit more, at least he'd be able to name more than crappy meme guns he picked up from youtube.

>easily the best current AK being produced.
No way. They're alright for an American AK, but they're nowhere near the best.

Love that AR

And I do have one OP. It’s a Ruger with some functional upgrades. It’s heavy but it was more accurate on the range than my buddy’s BCM that costs 3 times more. The BCM felt better and was way lighter, but other than that both worked beautifully side by side for about 1000 rounds

>.357 from a 9mm
implying the notable difference between those two is whether or not they are rimmed
never used this word or implied the information you threw around wasn't comprehended. You on the other hand are citing wikis and video games, so like?

you are the one thinking arma is a verifiable source of firearm information. my post was in support of the other guy. you are very clearly losing this argument post by post

Convicted felon. Also, why would I own an AR-15 when any of a massive number of other rifles are much better?