Can this fuck head retire already?

Can this fuck head retire already?

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Project Veritas and the latest CNN debate pretty much did that for us.

He hasn't finished polarizing the left yet

He's gained popularity since that debate, and his donations skyrocketed.

This cunt would be the best thing to happen to America but their people are too stupid to realise. If only you cunts knew how good welfare states were.

this is your next president, you stupid fuck. Just you wait!

sorry mate he still has 8 years in the white house first.

Hello liz Warren


>gained popularity
You mean his soyboy squad was incited by Pocahontas pulling a Hillary. Establishment Dems have made it abundantly clear he’ll never see a primary nod. Honestly the best thing they’ve done for the country fucking ever. Trump still finna win tho

So who do you think will become the democratic nominee?

yealthcare is a yuman right hou fucking bigot

Biden. They’ve got no choice. Warren is a fraud and risky since she pissed off the Bernie fags. Bernie’s obviously a no, Tulsi would make too much sense, Gucci Yang and Buttgag are novelties to entertain the zoomers. Biden is the only choice and he will lose handily.

when Trump wins again he will finally disappear user don't worry.

I’ll never vote for this communist cuck but the “grab ‘em by the pussy” tape didn’t hurt Trump. I’m genuinely nervous about a far left retro winning this next election.

I'm screen shotting post like these for a art project for when trump wins again in 2020.

No I mean he's leading Biden in national polls now. You need to engage more than a core of soyboys for that to happen.

Bernie Sanders is only going to raise our taxes to shit I'll never be able to afford

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>Biden. They’ve got no choice.

Why on Earth do you think our best choice is a mush brained moron like Biden? I mean yeah, Trump won even though he's a complete dipshit but that's not why he won.


id have a backup plan bro, would hate for you to get an F

According to one poll. He went up, yea but that’s hardly telling of anything significant. Every other poll has him just behind or tied with Biden. Temporary feather ruffling does that to easily enflamed bases.

you're gonna fail lol

Idk pick any of the reasons I listed faggot

He thinks he's funny. Did anybody else see that stunt he did with that comedian, who dressed himself like Bernie Sanders?