Daily reminder:

Daily reminder:
This is what liberals want to do to your kids.

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oh no not 10 layers of pantyhose over a pound of duct-tape. how will those children ever recover


I don't understand why young children need to be exposed to people with sexual fetishes or "alternative life styles". It just doesn't make sense to me.


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Fuck a cute trap and then we commit suicide?
Where do I sign up?

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goback to Sup Forums fqaggot

There's literally nothing flashing, you're just a stupid reactionary bigot that doesn't fit into normal society and has to vote a fascist prick like trump into office to protect his right to be a complete asshole.

more paranoid false dilemma

This is only true due to the fact that drag queens with kids is a new concept. As time goes on children will get molested by these wierdo

false... dilemma....

any of you fellow non russians want to play some csgo later?

by all means though, cherry pick a story about some dude who put on a dress to molest kids and pin it on drag queens, traps and trans people. GOOD CALL.

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i want to burn the world ive started with australia


Its going to happen
Also why do children need to be exposed to these people with sexual fetishes? Seems like a grooming plan to me.

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Can you take out the drag queens next?

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Tolerance. Don't be a bigot

of course it sounds like that to you, you create a false dilemma to back up your confirmation biases and start arguments like your unfounded belief is actually a fact without any basis of such facts.

I just don't know...

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That's right, neither of these are things parents should do

Found the 16 year old

It's hilarious to me when people like you go on about the evil in the world and you then proceed to attack the least problematic demographic any of those areas cuz it's too inconvenient for your fucked up belief system to drive your desire to cleanse the world of filth. The problem is you like to attack vulnerable people, for you, you see an easy fight since people like you subscribe instantly to lists of false claims to feed an endless loop of unfactual bullshit. You have belief, so what? You believe stupid shit. Get your shit together.

I'm not a bigot as long as I tolerate these degenerates, I do not have to accept these weirdos.


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sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

>Daily reminder:
>This is what liberals want to do to your kids.

Really? Which ones?

Idk man these drag queens show up in libraries a few years back and next thing you know you now have drag kids stripping in gay bars for money and taking pictures with nude drag queens. 2+2=4 and 4 means pedos have found a new avenue to groom kids and a perfect defense for shutting down critics by saying we're bigots.

Did a drag queen hurt you? Is that why you're so upset?

What were you doing going to the library to look at drag queens? Sounds like you went around the internet looking for them. Have you tried maybe dressing in drag?

Drag queens show up in libraries starting a few years ago.
Just last year there's a drag kid being pimped by his mom dancing/striping in gay bars for money
and another had a photo shoot with an adult drag queen who was in the nude.
Only an insane person wouldn't have concerns about what the fuck is going on with these drag queens and why are we exposing children to these people?

The gay agenda: a shifting of the baselines of society to promote their own lifestyle.
Yes it's just a different lifestyle from what was considered normal.
But it is being forced. Just like old norms were.
It's still a struggle for dominance.
We are becoming Rome. It is the beginning of the end of our civilization.

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No I'm just questioning why drag queens need to be around children when it seems that its a sexual fetish?
I just saw stories in the news and I'm just trying to put the pieces together.

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Seriously wtf is going on here and why do children need to be involved?

Because a weak, degenerate population with no morals and no standards is easier to control

Perverts be perverts. It's like a drug - gotta rub the dick on something. Anything. It's a brain-stem atavistic addiction.

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I feel so bad for those kids forced into that shit

You can tell they're just absolutely broken and are probably going to commit suicide by 25

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It’s better than that lying racist molester of women trump but let me guess you cuntservatives are ok with him being around your kids right stupid asses are worried about nothing just trying to make a false story about liberals your a right wing conspiracy cult you are the ones that need to be kept away from children

You're not even coherent.

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Yes I am obviously your dumbass understood everything I typed since u took the time to respond

Fuckit. Captcha goes through half a dozen challenges.

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You are on Sup Forums champ. Get used to it faggot.

Blather, blather...

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I wish there was a place like that near me that I could take my kids to.

This is halarious conservatives actually think liberals kidnap kids and turn them into drag queens and make them gay wake up you idiots it’s a choice by each individual fuckin Conservatives are brain dead

Of course. The key is public vs. private. Most degenerates are not going to act out in public.

Daily reminder:
We are done with you people
Go the fuck away already

Everyone has that right you fucking autocrat.

Hitler was right

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Used to what FAGGOT dumbass cuntservatives lying as usual go fuck yourself chanp

so they can already be sexually active by the time puberty hits.
having sex past puberty is what causes cancer.
mass sterilizing all adults is the cure to cancer.

I'm liberal and I don't want kids hanging out with perverts either. You are peddling a false alternative.

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this is makes out Sup Forums - caring for children ;^)


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No I’m not it’s a choice by the individual what and who they want to be because they aren’t like you you think they are bad when you don’t even know u assume because they are different than u if conservatives actually think liberals want to turn kids into drag queens and turn them gay they are the ones pushing a false narrative it’s a choice this is a free country still people can be whatever they want

Why is the fact that the men are homosexual relevant?

literally this

how DARE you accuse jews, do you know how much money they spend to prop up their image?

Because they think they are bad too remember your dealing with conservatives who think they are better than the whole world

Right they can be whatever they want. And I have the freedom to oppose them fucking with kids. Hope you can fight, little bitch ;) Cause a fights comin.

Drag by itself isn't a fetish. There is transvestic fetishism, where men will dress as women for sexual reasons. But the vast majority of drag queens literally only do it as a form of performance art. That'd be like saying WWE is basically a sexual fetish, since it involves men pinning other men down or "dominating" them.

How the fuck isn't it relevant? Can you hear yourself?

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Because, you know, facts and studies n stuff.



Sure can little bitch anytime u wanna stop hiding on the internet I’m waiting tough guy

drag =/ trans

And I have the freedom to oppose scum like u

oh it wont be just me, it will be millions of people like me massacring freaks with bullets to your fucking head

except you will always lose because you're immoral, oppose the family unit, and want kids to suck dick

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Because heterosexual men wouldn’t sexualize anyone of the same sex? Because you know of the hetero


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Performance art, degeneracy
Two-mate-toe, Two-mat-o
I smell bullshit

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Nice one chanp

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Oh ok u and your army hahahahahahahaha like I said little bitch when u want to meet I’m waiting we both know your gonna stay anonymous on here and type tough guy words cause in the street you would be the first one beat down so u think pulling a trigger is tough since you’re a pussy u bring a gun u ever think I might have one too shit talking tough guy so I’m ready for a pussy ass bitch like u now pussy type more words u think are gonna scare me since your gonna hide on here

Cast the first stone if u are without sin and who said anything about kids sucking dick u did faggot

someone actually said the phrase
>not being attracted to trans is transphobic

Thanks champ

>the drag queen didn't diddle any kids, but what if she did?? argument destroyed by facts and logic
pathetic de gozaru

Lol liberals want money, LBGQWOP and minority tokenism is annoying but worth it.

You can easily find examples of people having mental illnesses if you look for them. Find me some trends, causalities, and average lifestyles and you'll figure out why blue states have higher GDP's and why the average GDP is higher under democrats.


Is this fact checked/sourced or bait bc im too lazy to go thru it myself?

Either way, it’s a handy dandy spreadsheet. I sure hope somebody did their homework!

>be Sup Forums
>constantly jack it to traps
>also Sup Forums
>hurr wut about de keeeedz

Daily reminder self righteous scum like u are a disease

Daily reminder:
OP is, was, and always will be, a bait posting child rapist with AIDS.

Ok boomer

It's a few years old but it was accurate

What do we do about the J*wish problem?

Insufficient response

>how to try and fail at being funny

At this point there's not really anything that can be done

They have buffaloed, intimidated and cucked Euro descendants into being more scared of being called racist than being bred out of existence. The only consolation I take from it is once whites are gone, everyone else starves to death

Indoctrination of youth is a country wide psyop taking place. They preach tolerance but want you to literally be tolerant of everything and anything even if you dont agree with it. If you arent they will become deranged and harass you for having a different opinion. This us or them attitude is the driving force pushing SJW culture. You can be easily dismissed by saying youre affiliated with alt right or nazis when they are the ones acting like nazis. One day enough will be enough I hope. Normal people are being replaced by sex deranged freaks that push sexual kinks on children and tell you to your face its ok and that youre wrong for not wanting to expose your child to this mind poison. You really think I want to put work into raising a child for him to want to cut his dick and balls off and forever ruin his life? Fuck no. Inb4 boomer, incel nazi or whatever buzzword you amoeba brains dish out. Im 25 and I have a girlfriend, we plan on having children and keeping them in catholic or christian school. We arent even religious we just feel the indoctrination in the school system is out of control.

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