Gays just want to get married. What's the worst that could happen?

>gays just want to get married. What's the worst that could happen?

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So yo, I feel you, I wouldn't let my son do this either but I'm wondering... how does this hurt you in any way?

Yeah it doesn't so fuck off, ass clown.

>Be me
>See man on fire
>See bucket of water
>"Lol not hurting me"
>Go on with my day

And how does OP’s opinion hurt you so much that you tell him to fuck off and call him an ass clown?

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faggot detected, fuck off you little fairy, not even adults should be allowed to do this shit, I'm not saying we should have government involvement but I think we should legalize lynch mobs and let the communities decide what happens

>Be me
>An upright and responsible man
>See a man brutally raping a child
>See a gun laying on the ground
>"Lol not hurting me"
>Go on with my day

>Be me
>See man slapping his salami outside a kindergarten playground like there's no tomorrow
>"Lol not hurting me"
>Go on with my day

Die faggot.

They call it "disparaging," but it is coming to fruition. The "Gay Agenda." It was recognized decades ago. It's just a nudge here, a law there, a TV show shocker, "marriage" is just a word, ...

OP has already sucked 1000 cocks and will probably suck 1000 more even though he tells himself he'll cut back after each load he swallows.

why do you homoS like turning boys into faggots...STOP IT

>be me
>see urban youth crushing a young girl’s eyeballs with an acid-soaked lemon reamer
>lol not hurting me
>keep on moseying down to the general store

>being on fire
>comparable to being gay


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Trip speaks the truth

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Don't care, fuck off moralfags

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watch the aaron hernandez documentary for the other option

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>be me
>see scotus declare corrupting politicians to be protected free speech
>see politicians become more corrupt
>see scotus gain corrupt judges
>lol not hurting me
>go on with my day

OH my god a little gay kid is putting on makeup in public?!?!!? Instead of hiding it in doing it in privet?!!??!

i generally find pure stupidity to be pain inducing.

Kys. And to think the vote of ppl like this is worth as much as mine

>Be me
>Yung Kang tryna make it
>See school get shot up
>Go bout dat day

So a person want to enjoy their life, but your argument is that they shouldn't because of archeologists in 300 years?

Wow you sure showed them!

I've just got to know. Does anyone actually think trannies are sneaking into women's washrooms to assault women?
Does anyone think liberals would actually be okay with a woman being assaulted?
Is it all just Sup Forums ridiculousnous or are there actually real people with these thoughts?


9 yr old: *puts on a dress and a rainbow lipstick*
This clown ass mf: Ah yes, pedophilia

I dont see the problem.

Raise your kids right and they will be decent people. There will always be other parents who fail.

9 yr old: *puts on a dress and a rainbow lipstick*
This clown ass mf: Ah yes, compliance in sexual assault

>The Universe says you're a male
>You don't think you're a male
>You're a male
Wow! you sure showed the Universe

9 yr old: *puts on a dress and a rainbow lipstick*
This clown ass mf: Ah yes, man on fire

Interesting story. Seems to be legit too.

Thanks for sharing it.

9 yr old: *puts on a dress and a rainbow lipstick*
This clown ass mf: Ah yes, normalization of mass murder of underage children

Why do u care so much about what they do with their genitals?

Idk man sounds gay to me

>not turning the rape into a gangrape
Found the cuck.

Nope, just posting factual truth. Once the Kikes convince a goyim to self sterilize, they have no more interest and are happy to see them kill themselves.

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This shit is so fabulous I pity any nerd who thinks it's in any way offensive lmao

Were in the holy fuck have you been? Kikes literally feed on children's suffering. Jews had a private rape island for fucks sake.

They don't give a single fuck about women. How many fucking woman a day do you think get rapped in Jewllywood and yet women still love dem celebrities.

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I suggest you watch "The alt-right playbook" series on YT. Explains a lot about what's going on inside a regular Sup Forums-user's head

Pedophiles jerk off to this stuff. Just saying.

Photographic undeniable truth is what is going on, but you already knew that. I've already read the Kike's handbook.

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>does anyone think liberals would be okay with a woman being assaulted
No. I think that depending on who did it they would push it out of their minds.

But it doesn't affect you so why do you care?

You don't get it. The depicted person did not enjoy his life, since he ended up killing himself. Also, the depicted person did not end up becoming somebody who was recognizable as a woman by the archaeologists, despite his efforts. I explained it for you, you're welcome.

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He didn't enjoy his life because you and people like you won't let him

Its ok. When the boog comes we can gas them all user.

Well... Being swedish and having seen the consequences of having swarms of brown people crossing our unguarded borders...

I stand with Israels right to defend its border.

Not entirely joking either. Sweden used to be a pretty cool place and we will never get that back.

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You mean "A good prisioner's handbook"?

That's possible. Another possibility is that deep down, he realized that he will never be a real woman and that bothered him. Or maybe a bit of both. Who knows, it's a cartoon.

As if liberal people where a hive ffs

Cant deny that their wall worked though.

Israel used to be extremely unsafe, with near daily suicide bombings. Now? Its pretty safe and the reason is that they control their border.


America = Continent
US = Country

Do you not have geography over there? ffs

Check em nigger

This is now a get thread

You can't prove that a border wall is to credit for increased safety.

Dubs checked

Get thread time

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America is synonymous with the USA. Nobody calls Colombians or Canadians "American". American is what you call someone from the USA.

Read a book.

Trips confirms

dubs get

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Chek em faggots

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maybe he just had a crayola up his butt and liked it?
leave people alone, they don't do you harm

"However, there is some linguistic ambiguity over this use due to the other senses of the word American, which can also refer to people from the Americas in general"'s Dictionary of English Usage#PPA87,M1

Check your sources before you cite them, dumbass

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One's enjoyment of life cannot be based on gender expression alone. In order to enjoy life, one must pursue a career he or she enjoys that also pays well enough to cover the cost of living, including a place to live, food, transportation, a phone, subscriptions, a computer, and whatever else one wants to spend money on. One must also have a friend or friends, and perhaps a significant other. One must also have hobbies other than dressing up as a girl (or boy). In today's world, legally, nobody can hinder your career due to your gender, so if you can't find a job you enjoy, that is on you. Society, the media, and popular culture are more pro trans now than in history, so if you can't find friends or a lover, that is on you. There is virtually no limit to the number of things to do with your spare time in 2020, so if you can't find enjoyment on life other than expressing yourself as another gender than your biologic gender, that is on you.

"Hitler youth"?

Never heard of that one b4


Not everyone is in such progressive environments :/

But for those who are, it's true what you say.

Sup Forumsruh

You must not history then

Now I want swedish fish, damn you user

>sees boy dressed up as girl
>first thing that pops to his mind "fire"
>"fire" as in "flaming passion"
sounds like a faggot in denial if you ask me

>legalize lynch mobs
>community mostly won't give a fuck, since it's not affecting them
>won't do anything
>gets butthurt
your problem is that you think your opinion represents the general majority.
but, most of the time, people just care about themself. so should you. I'm not telling you to act like I want you to, too.
your opinion doesn't matter

I don't see the correlation between rape and someone putting up a dress for shits and giggles.
it's not like he is forcing people to change their gender n'shit.

>be me
>see OP sucking dick
>lol not hurting me
>just OP behaving as usual

It's hilarious to see you all freak out over this shit, because your radical ideas are much more frightening than theirs tbh. Nothing will happen, you wont get a movement, and your children will be okay with this. Your time is over, you've lost, the only reason we hear you so loudly now is because it's the big burst before the fire actually dies.

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