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Still lurking while I play

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have fun slaughtering your enemies

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What is the name of this character?

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Wendy by Wolfnail, was one of my OG furry crushes when I first started regularly fapping to this shit.

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My crush was and still is Mik. I love this sexy water otter.

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why is there another fur thread?

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did all the other posters go to bed or something?

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because two is better than none

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anyone else just compulsively collect furshit but fap to actual humans if they get the choice?

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i quit humans years ago

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Yep, definitely. I've been saving 7 years and I have 86k images, but I exclusively fap to humans. Maybe fur like once a month or two.

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naw because fur porn is 10x better so I can't go back

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not sure how you can choose human over furry I mean they are so plain and boring

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i was never a fan on how her ears look

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Hentai doesn't depict actual humans.

No, you just like the fantasy aspect of furry porn because they can be drawn "perfect" when I think human bodies are pretty great already

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I like her. She's a cute.

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also anyone who sees furry porn and says they hate it, is a liar/closet furry

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i hate it

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human girls cant be as cute/sexy as furry girls but I mean to each their own

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I wish you would post more varied images instead of just bunnies. Not that I don't like bunnies, I just need more flavor and variety.

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>inb4 loli troll

i do cats now

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when do you think that ''shitposter'' will come out of the furry closet I mean its so obvious

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Objectively wrong

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>implying you aren't him

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you look cute dash

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thanks :3

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girls can be cute without being lolis
>pic related

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I require bunnies

what a twist that would be

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just shave your armpit and you'd be purrfect

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But I like fur!

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you'd need a time machine if you want humans with fur

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God damn those tits are amazing, I love tigers, and Missy is a top tier artist

I'll just wait until we have furry AI. I really want furry girls to be real :(

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I require more mares. For fapping and research.

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we all dream the dream where furry girls are real or at least have vr so advanced it would feel real

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It won't feel real until we have furry sex dolls, at the very least

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animal dna modification

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probably not in our life time

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I'm going to invest heavily in genetic modification.

It will for me, I'll live for 100+ years. And if we have sex dolls already, all we need to do is add fur!

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consider the following:
soft, smooth, shark feet

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everyone knows paws are where its at

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Ass is where it's at.

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I concur, ass > tits > everything else >>>>>>>>> feet

Sweet dreams

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Damn this braixen butt is perfect

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sorry, what's that?

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Foot fags aren't people, change my mind.

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Can someone tell me why everyone keeps posting their NSFW to Sup Forums despite there LITERALLY BEING OTHER BOARDS DEDICATED TO PORN? Why? I just wanna look at shitposts.

people are horny

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I keep on getting banned from /d/