This is my best friend ex girl, they broke up 2 weeks ago...

This is my best friend ex girl, they broke up 2 weeks ago. Since they broke up his girl is texting me nonstop trying to flirt with me talking about sex and stuff (pretty sure it's to get by at my friend for dumping her).

Should I try to fuck her?

She is waaaaay out of my league and i've fantasized about her for years but it's kind of a piece of shit moveto fuck my friends ex 2 weeks after they broke up...

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Yes if you admit that you're a worthless, thirsty loser, no if you have any bit of self esteem.

bros before hoes faggot. she's evil and you're really considering ruining not only a good friendship, but a man's mental state for some shady pussy.
Actually fuck her and kill yourself faggot.

Yes you gotta fuck with her and then if toy thin you love her or if you think you love the sex with her you should keep her if you dont keep her then move forward if you dont move forwars then you should kill yourself or move forward whatever you choose its fine but remember have sex thats the answer


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of course Iam considering it... Look at this

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Text her and get her all wet and ready
set up a meeting at a hotel
have the lights turned down so it is dark
have your best friend there instead of you to fuck her
you are welcome

You're pathetic if that's something you can't pass up. You belong here.

Don't ask us faggot ask your friend. If he says sure then hit it once and kick her to the curb. If he says no then ignore her or go through the rest of your life knowing that you don't even deserve friends.



fuck no, asshole. you can't fuck her if you want to stay friends with your bro

Dude - Spite Fuck for the win!!

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This is top tier material of her and you're trying to decide if you should ruin your friendship with your best friend? GTFO

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9/10 in Ukraine

6/10 in US.

You better be an Eastern European fag.

iam french

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Looks like the kind of girl who bangs black dudes because she can't get a white guy

Let him know what's going on. If he doesn't care, fuck her and let her think it bothers him.

You are a cuntlicking motherfucker.

Go ahead and fuck her. She's ugly as shit so there's no way your BFF was that hung up on her.


More like doesn't have to settle for a white guy

Take it up with your friend if you really care about him but tbh probably not worth it anyway you cut it. Dont get caught simping

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do everything you can to not only fuck her but be her boyfriend

fuck it Iam gonna fuck her and regret after. I've litterally jerked off to her hundreds of times.

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Make her meet you somewhere, show up with your friend and laugh her out of the place for trying to play thot games

good boy


>Yes if you admit that you're a worthless, thirsty loser, no if you have any bit of self esteem.
ahahaha!!!! ahhh. what a fucking incel.

fuck her senseless and ditch her. if your faggot friend stands in the way of you crushing pussy that aint his no more, he's no friend of yours.

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damn dude. those are serious dick sucking lips.

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Don't do it user. You will lose a friend forever for one pussy. Its never worth it. Keep your honour and move on.

so hot that op knows she's going to use him up and throw him away just to hurt her ex and destroy their friendship and he's still going to do it. the power women have is so incredible. we are putty in their hands

LOL at fucking honor.

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enjoy what your friend had for so long that you wanted for so long, OP

Remember the Code

Friendship means nothing, you loose touch with all of your friends in your late 20s, as soon as they start having kids, you're on your own. Fuck anyone you can and hold on tight if you meet someone cool.Your friend would do the same to you 95% of the time. Not to say that her motives are for sure pure, she may just be trying to get back at your friend, either way have fun user, don't let this chance pass you by..

>implying "honor" has any meaning in a society where a chick can swipe right and literally get boned within the hour.

consider suicide faggot. if OP doesnt fuck her, she will literally fuck whoever else she is talking to.

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I need to jerk off I can't think straight rn ....

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The bro code is a lie, your friends will never not fuck someone hot because muh friendship and neither should you.

She's a smoke show dude, go for it. Dont feel bad.

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dont slow down. this dick loving slut needs to be seen by the world

Let me know how premature ejaculation works out for ya bud

My good friend has been in a relationship for 9 years with a girl we both had a crush on back in the day. Chubby, little late 2000s hipster vibe, total slutty mom vibe now. If they got divorced I would break the fucking sound barrier with my car on the way to fuck her. It's just a given at this point. In fact I've told my friend, he got a little mad but said he gets it.

How good is your friendship? Otherwise bro tap that ass hard! Dont fuckin wait! Once its gone its gone.

it's probably going to happend not gonna lie, but doesnt mean I caan't cum more than once.

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either you've perfected the shit post, or your age ends in "teen".

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French +, women == super mentalist. Avoid

that fat ass is going to make me blow

why not?!
Cunts have no value
It's like masterbaiting