I gotta tell I'm drunk as fuck

I gotta tell I'm drunk as fuck....

I just finished a call with a long time friend of mine.

>Unemployed for a while
>I have the keys of life, but can't apply them with myself
>I'm single, that's a lot to say about a guy in my situation.

You can roast me, you can advice me.
Do whatever the fuck you want in this thread.

I love this kind of photos and voyeur videos,,, My internet is shite, so it take a while to upload

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op here

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Also, I've had quite a few interviews this month, but all of them have give me a kick in the ass telling the classic "We will call you".....

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She's above 18 of course, I can't tell because she was part of those "packs" we mexicans share. But as a mexican, I cal assure you she's above 19 or so

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You fuckers all care about is sex... I don't mind sharing what I have........ I'm looking for real people.. Bring it on, c'mon

Here you go kind sir/lady

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This is not the same girl

The hell if she ain't

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Doesn't appear to be same girl from earlier pics

I want you see you hols