Wisconsin thread

Wisconsin thread

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Let’s see some 414 bitches

Let’s see some meth head bitches north of the red line.


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Kik me at MilwaukeeHard if you know her

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920 (2008)

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Nice, more

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Would drive south east to inseminate. More.

Nice big titties


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she looks familiar, does her name start with an R?

Jara S
so sexyyy

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kayli s

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Nice; more if you got em

wow I know her! glad she's doing well. she's looking cute ^^


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I probably know you irl
715 hometown

Anyone got any 414?

Point or EC?

anyone know them?

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Where dem manty hoes

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Damn, I'm EC

More. Wanna blow to her

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Anyone know Kate brzozowski ?

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Any ass

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you guys on the discord?

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Always seems strange that most these posts are from redneck territory where no one lives and internet is hard to come by. 414 dammit!

Closest i got

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Any Miramar sluts?


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Got full face frontal?

715 total slut

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name start with an n?

More from 715? You point or ec?

Lolol went to school with this chick for years! Inb4 "hurr durr", this was one of the 1st girls I crushed hardcore on. If poster is still lurking, they could confirm this is CJ. She spells her last name with face becuz shes a derp.

Oh shit. I was 715 too, but I moved in '08

Need some Fondy/Oshkosh girls

Well I'd know SH's sad eyes anywhere! She was into this Asian guy in high school that had a thing for steroids. Last I heard, she was still drinking/ fucking/ drugging her way through K-town. Any word, poster? Would like to hear she's at least doing somewhat okay. Same with CJ, if you posted her as well.


Dont have full frontal but i have lewds and a couple nudes with face

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Do you just have pics, or do you know these girls? I'm originally from Keno-where, I lived 2 blocks away from CJ here at one point. I could tell you about her younger sisters, her smelly Beagle nobody took care of because they preferred the cat, the school bus in their driveway, etc.


Any from Wausau?

608 join the discord gg/JKCDKQ

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Ive been at the same parties as them but dont actully know them. Got any more keno girls?

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All i have of her

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Anyone got nudes of Kristen W from Milwaukee? I think she said she grew up in Oshkosh so theres that too

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Does anyone have an invite to the discord that has nudes of every state? Wisconsin is in there

No but, but would pay for this

Sorry bud, I ditched that fleabag dirt-hole half a decade ago. I've got Toronto girls, but this isn't that kinda thread lol

Same here for colorado. Still go back for little visits occasionally but i realy dont miss the cold dead feeling everyone drags as round with them.
Heres another 262 saved from another thread. Not sure who it is or if its keno/racine though

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more 262

cassie 715

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Former 715 girl.

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Did you go to UWSP?

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Only have a few on my phone of her. Wish I could find the non water marked vids of her.

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Anyone know who this is/have more?

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CMB god shes always been sexy.

Any good place to go out for sluts in mke? Have not been in town for years.

Yeah. Your mom's house.

Watch out we got a tough guy here

Grew up in la crosse. Kinda miss it. But tons of gooks.

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