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Newfag here what is this thread about

Is just a comfy thread
Talk or just say anything

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Thanks friend

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Almost fell asleep at a restaurant

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I have a question
What sentiment does gondola represent?
Hes like null...

Boredom or sleepiness?

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what is the meaning off this maddnesss!!!!!

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Tired went to sleep late last night and the food made me sleepy.
What's going on?

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Nice people

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maddness is goin on!!!!

Pssst, it's a secret cia code. I've been working to crack it for months. Quick act normal, OP is looking this way

Actually left the apartment today, came home to sleep a few hours ago but cant

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How was it? Did you have fun
This is correct, you'll get spotted if you try and solve it

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I'm starting to get the same feeling.
These dangerous weebs are definitely up to something.

Don't dig too deep.
You aren't prepared for it.

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Eh. Fought with a vehicle that barely works and had to deal with family that stresses me out all day.

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Sorry to hear, I hope things can get better for you soon. Stress is never good. Was it nice to get out of the house?

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I'm 22 and I've already fulfilled my dreams yet it all feels so empty. I somehow got a 6 figure job in southern california and I don't even have a degree. I've done everything i've wanted to in life. I don't give a fuck about climbing the corporate ladder.

I avoid women because I got mutilated. I've become so jaded that I can't make friends anymore and I'm starting to lose the friends I've had for years because I've been too depressed to keep in touch with them. I have nothing to look forward to in life besides dying.

Job friends aren't like the friends you made back in school. They're just people you can tolerate more than others in the wage cage. I can't just openly say "I like anime and vidya" to find like minded people or people will think I'm autistic.

Even if I was to climb, what would I do? What happens if I eventually become the CEO? Start acquiring companies? What happens when I acquire the world? [even though this will never happen]

I just don't fucking care about any of this. I just want to be able to connect to other people again.

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cute and nice

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roger wilco. scary weebs confirmed!
Don't fuck with these guys.

All joking aside you're all cool.

Talk to us, we're friendly. Maybe it will give you something to look forward to. I'm sorry you feel like that though, I don't know what I can say to help but I can offer friendship if it means anything
Nice and wholesome

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Also lost my job recently and funds are diminishing.
Loneliness is creeping in more every day.
Slowly losing my will to live.
But hey, at least I'm on meds now right?

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This is what happens when you run out of goals to run towards to. Get something to do. Try to pick up on an old hobby you used to have. Even if it's "dumb"

i envy your fate.
what's stopping you from connection?
i agree with this user

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Sorry, are you looking for another job?
I feel lonely a lot too, please hold onto your life. It might not mean anything coming from a random person. How are the meds going if you don't mind me asking?

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It means a lot actually. There's a reason I've been coming to these threads more often.. this is just the first time I've been consistent in one. I think they're doing their job, Prozac takes two weeks or so to really kick in and I'm not quite at that point.

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Please stick around if it makes you feel better, everyone here is nice. I see, I'm sure you'll notice a change soon, hopefully for the best. You can do it friend, I believe in you

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Eh, imma dip out before the weird stuff starts happening. Always lurking though

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Weird stuff.. Sorry, enjoy yourself friend

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I still like vidya and anime. I could try to get back into guitar though.

I don't know anymore. Its like no matter what whenever I talk to people I have my guard up but I project it as being down. I think its a result of my parents. They'd always call me a failure and a fuckup and treat a single failure like I got arrested for a felony. It wore on me. My grades started slipping. I was an inch away from killing myself. Not being able to be certain of my death was the only thing that stopped me.

this thread is saddening me .-.

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i like listening to people so please feel free to talk to me if you want
wow, that's rough.
why can't you connect with people online?
we don't have as high standards. and you should be glad, now you're rich and prosperous and you can own the world. you can give kids the childhood you couldn't have.

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That sounds horrible user
No one or anything is a failure, they're just happy accidents
Grades aren't a related to if you're a bad or a good person, they're just numbers
Maybe if you want to make friends just say what you want, if someone doesn't care they will just ignore you
Keep it up user!

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What can you do?
Hey there Pink

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high frens hop dis dayy ez gud dayy four yew

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Hey there Warspite fren

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Ah, new recruits for the research.

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high ebil wun! eye hop yew habin guud day two
Hey it's Freud, long time no see

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ebil wun
pinky :) huggy

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Think about cute things, like you
You can get emotional support with Riamu, she gives hugs a love



Hi observer
Hope your doing progress on your researchs

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I love these type of gif's, but, where did they originate from?

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oops sorry i'm retarded
Asian country

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high icky wun! yee eye em yew beetar bee habben gud dayy two
pink garrlic wun
wut ez lewd!!!
tiny soup rabbitt

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Hugs :)
Nice blue
If you mean like the finger twirl thingy it's from Chuunibyou's intro
Nice Yui

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sorry about the sadposting user
I can with internet fwens, just not people in real life.
I wish I was rich enough to do that honestly. Going from paycheck to paycheck to this is weird. I'm in this weird purgatory between being able to buy whatever game or computer part but not having enough money to make any change at all.

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ebil wun! dat guud, eye em habin guud dayy, hadd funne, feele tiredd tho

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sleepy blue zzz
knot garlicc stop bullyin we
hug hug

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First, you people are pathetic and pitiable. Then, I realize you reflect a despair that's within us all.

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I hope things get better for you

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Oh? Come and tell me more. What is that despair?

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huggy :)

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Almost fell asleep while at a restaurant. Food was good though.
Hello, just enjoying the night?
Did you rest well?

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Nice neon pink one

Awkward pink

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It sounds like you have a case of being a self-absorbed faggot

yes, sewp rabid
ha ha how funny did you (You) the wrong person, friend?
why can't you make Internet fwens into real friends?
the best place to start is as much as you can, no matter how little.
and ramen, i think

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Yes :) Just finished up work, relaxing now
Nice purple :) I hope you're well
Ah.. I must have, sorry
Aki, hug

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What did he mean by this?

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In the end it didn't even matter. My GPA never came up in the interview and because I don't have degree there was no need for it to be brought up.

I probably won't bother going back to school to keep it this way

thanks user
Most of the internet people that I meet that are anywhere near me turn out to be drug addicts.

The few people that I meet with things in common that I would like to have as rl friends are 4-6 hours away by flight.

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I slept a little, then i woke up and slept some more. so i dunno really
sounds yummy
yummy oreos

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Guys, I think there's something wrong with my pop tart.

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That's either a gift or a declaration of war

icky wun!!! den we boff habben gud dayy n mak et eben beetar dayy noww. ifb slepy go slep et emportant
ez knot bulli ifb yew dew hab garrlic breff
yew ate two muchh n gott slepy et gud ting yew dednt. wut yew ate
undar where?
butt et soup doggo noww!!!

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Been doing well
Sleepy and relaxing days
Hope you too



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I'd like to invite u to get out to & smoke

nice quads.

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what is your major malfunction

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ebil wun!! eye slep suun, et two erly four we two slepe, dat guud we boff habin gud day, eye hop yor shouldar ez feelen bettar
That's good :) Relaxing is always nice, I'm doing good too thanks
Nice pink, hug

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butt eye knot hav garlic breff, always brush teethh and take mintts
nice pic :)
hi hi
cuddles :)

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Youre avoiding the lewdness (#>

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thanks user

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Off by 1 shit fuck

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Good to hear. I'm talking to some frens right now before I sleep.
I see, I didn't go to sleep until 3:00am.
I had roasted chicken and spaghetti. Don't feel as tired now.

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Quite a few people observe these threads.
It's interesting.

hE iS sPEakInG tHe lAngUaGe oF goDs

thank you

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Sounds like fun to me, I hope you're enjoying it

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wut yew meen yew makin funn ofb mii akcent
icky wun!!! den frens tri hellp yew mak et two bed tim butt yew knot allowd two stayy up pazzed dat. yee noww yew ned two pazz onn habby wo sumwun elze. et knot butt et bee ffine suun eye hop
den whyy yew hab garrlic bread inn pockett. et eben hab biite markz inn et, garrlic breff
dar know lewds inn dar!!! yew beein weiird!!!
high low eye rember yew hop yor dayy gettz beetar
dat ez reely gud meel eye kan sea whyy gett slepy frum et. dat gud butt ifb gett slepy egain go slep

Attached: 165789465747524.jpg (850x1092, 137K)

thanks. here's a pic of me and my frens
that's pretty late, did you not have to do anything today? sleeping late is nice if you can catch up on sleep after.
hugg :))
isz becuz am hungrryy a lot!

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nice numbers
what's stopping you from going to them?
i like soup

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ez et all sew reelee snowee dare 2? es bed heer. cent get two work

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Attached: 1576265398020.jpg (320x240, 13K)

Attached: c1edf74ea5d71e1c4a36a7bccd890050.gif (540x285, 1.51M)

Attached: 1571305073943.jpg (750x937, 108K)

i loved that movie

Attached: ak52.gif (191x185, 2K)

uncomfortable aki

Attached: 0022.jpg (800x565, 240K)

yor righht, eye kant stayye upp pazt bedd tyme et knot allowedd. eye hop et stobb hurten suun, ow shouldar doeznt sownd funn, ebil wun!!
Dubs hugs :))
Sorry, but I like your dubs
Nice nice

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Wanting no one else to suffer as you have isn't self absorbed faggot

I'd effectively be asking for a vacation every time I wanted to visit someone. It wouldn't be viable. I just need some people I just need to spend one day to visit and not have to plan 3+ around it. I don't get vacation days, I have to ask for it

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Yeah been talking to them a lot more recently. It's nice.
I'm about to take a shower, might go to sleep after.
Had a dentist appointment and went to a restaurant afterwards, but that was in the evening though. I couldn't go to sleep, but I'm getting tired now.

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nothing worth worrying about
that makes sense, yeah...
my apologies. i'd like to come closer but i can't. i'm sure you wouldn't like me anyway.

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