Hey b/ros

Hey b/ros,

I have a cute japanese gf, I we are 1,5 years now together and we really are in love. She is 26 and I am 25. We even give each other stupid names. She is my jigglypuff and I am her psyduck. Well, now I met an older super hot japanese girl (32, and good cook), I always disliked cheaters but now I am in a fucking affair too. Fuck, what do bros?

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Sounds like a personal problem, faggot. Go somewhere else, bitch nigga.

Post pics for objective analysis.


Stop being a race traitor and come home. Japan is a fun place to be, but it's not your homeland and you will never be fully accepted into Japanese society because you aren't one of them.

Decide, which one you want the most. And stick to your choice. Theres no easy way out. Either you make your decision and go all in, or you'll try to have it both ways and youll loose both eventually. Been there, done that.

Here you go hot 32 old

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Neither of these women are real. You're actively participating in a fever dream. OP is larping, and every unironic reply is feeding into his psychosis.

now post pics of ur gf

Dude I live in Germany Frankfurt.


why should they not be real ?

Here you go faggots proof

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here you go

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Is the picture of her

suggest a 3some with the 32yo and ur gf to hide ur guilt

Imagine a normal day, if you would. You wake up, maybe brew some hot water, and enjoy a cup of tea before work. There's that annoying timer again, it's time for your commute.
20 minutes later you're on the bullet train and when you came from the tunnel and get service, your phone exploding from texts with jealous women.
You think you're replying to them, and doing the best to assurance, but to the rest of the world, you're feverishly mashing your thumb into a piece of banana bread.
They're real to you, and it might be think the world upon all around you is lighting up, and anxiety, but...it's not real.
You am alone. They are only bananas bread.
The brain is the afflicted organ in this objection.
One may not use the afflicted organs to diagnose an illness as they are the organ deciding illness.
The world simply melts around you and becomes chaos .
You come there to Sup Forums, and scream for help, but God am dead, and your scream echoes of in nothing.
We know he can't collaborate with reality.
The world is not melting around him, but wither, it is he that am melt around the world.
What is real?
Think and drink deeply on this words.

no dude lol thats an idol from japan.

Jesus Christ, dude


I am not a philosopher, I am just a dude with a dick. Yeah cheating might be problem, but fucking the same girl over and over is a fucking problem too.


I can't tell if this is bad google translate to English

Gotcha. Haha

Is that OP? Is he having an existential crisis right now? Damn, that's unsettling to imagine lol

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I don’t have more from here but to please you here my chinese ex

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Thanks. Love it. More though, 日本人女性 pubes for proof.

no this is not op, this is the japanese guy here using google translate.

Jfc you should dump them all including videos if you have any on mega or something. Crazy qt

Pubes? lol

This fucked me up. That's enough Sup Forums for tonight

Und? Trotzdem hat er recht.


You sound like a bitch those aren't nicknames, they're literally pokemon, very cringe

Here one more

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they dont care if you cheat as long as they dont find out and you dont get stds.

source: I live in Japan


lol isnt it like everywhere this?


Deutsche Frauen sind so uninteressant.

Any...Japanese people know what the banana bread thing means? Is it literal or?


no idea bro

not quite. I've been in a few relationships here and they assume by default you are cheating or will cheat at some point after a few years.

It gives you a free pass. I wouldn't be surprised if both of OPs girls were fucking some 英語の先生 on the side too.


The hot one yeah maybe, but my gf not really.


give it some time then ボブくん will come without you noticing, have fun while you can and post more nudes.

Bob-Kun? Lol hahaha.

>Using polite conjugations on a fucking image board
Go look at 5ch and see if they talk like that.

Lineあるか snow1889

Just a guy from the US

I dont worry to much, white guys from the US often have small dicks so no problem

Haha, I'm an Oldfag and actually trying to be polite.


Haha, you're correct in this case, too. Well average...

>what do bros?
Stay with your gf.
So you are happy and in love with her? Everthing is fine?
Then theres no need to replace with other gril.
Dont make a mistake

still enough for japanese girls since japanese men are so small. But I have to admit the biggest cock I have ever seen was from a japanese guy. I studied with him a semester in china and we did martial arts together. For sure over 20 cm. Chinese girls ironically loved him and he loved to get his ass eaten out by them.

Dump your girlfriend
If you really love your current gf why would you seek another woman? Your gf doesn't it satisfy you
Also post moar japanese mommy

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It is funny because chinese hate japan, but if they can sleep with one they will forget the hate so fast lol

Haha, really? There are plenty of big dick guys I see in JAV even with the pixels

It's understandable. I dislike some countries' governments, but I'm not kicking their women out of bed for being born there

Kek, from the thumbnail i thought this was a photo of her face.

Japanese girls who speak English are usually whores.

well japanese girls are smaller so dicks seem bigger, but well they do porn for exactly that reason.

Dude i like whores, my current gf had over 20 guys before me. Before I only had chinese gf and they all fuck so late, so I had no kidding 5 virgins. I hate virgins. Sex is boring with them

Fair enough. As long as you don't wife up the local gaijin hunter then all is good.

I'd fit right in.

This is fake. That’s a 17 year old idol, it even says her name when you click on the picture

Dude I never said this is my gf, i even said that this is an idol