Trap thread

Trap thread
Post webm as well

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Would marry

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only good cock is fat cock

What a cute feminine penis...

Bored sooo here's me lol

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Moar taf

nice leggings and fat ass
im also bored in here

Thank you glad you like

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Of course I would like a beautiful ass like yours. Do you also wear bras that combine with those panties?

I'd jam my BWC so deep in that bussy...

so fucking sexy!!!

Yes I have before

Ooo well I'd enjoy every inch

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You should wear some right now, I see that you are rubbing that tiny cock of yours!
I'm doing that in here as well while I see you, hope you don't mind, sweetie.

Ass pics of her please
Who is she

I do not mind at all but these aren't recent pictures

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They are still nice pictures
I wish I could have your ass for tonight, really~

Cute cock. Do you prefer sucking or fucking?

Want to suck on her her little trans nips

So who is this? Do they have kik, snapchat, or instagram?

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I am totally mesmerized. moar? I'd love to have an absolute cutie like you.

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Lol I'm glad you like my ass. I like it too

I love both. Just love being dominated

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ngl I preffer pictures with less clothes and more lingerine, but yours are killing me in here

Taftaj on reddit

Let’s see her cock

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That seems to be a trend. Every trap I hit up on snap or kik seems to get off on being absolutely degraded. Not that I'm complaining. Who doesn't like a good slut.

Desperately need to see her getting fucked. Or at least sucking dick.

More ass and asshole pics please
That you ?

Want to cum in her

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moar of her?

cute panties!

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I try

I guess it comes with the territory. We like to dress like a girl and be treated like a whore

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Being degraded is fun, I love it.
In all forms, from being called a slut or whore all the way to just being plain insulted. Called stupid, ugly, worthless etc.

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Without glasses (blind as fug)

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So you like when a manly man puts their cock on your face and start degrading you like the little slut you are?

more feet pls

delicious breasts
would suck

more like cute as fuck

Let me suck your tits

Hot af

This was on reddit

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Yes please. Makes me drool

Ok babe

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Diamonds. Please show more.

Do you like manly cocks that are veiny and musky, little whore?

Very cute. Kik/snap?

God I haven’t seen that one before

Beautiful. Please continue

god damn


A perkier boob shot

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discord? kik?

Discord funbun#6636

I figured you'd be asleep. I was gonna wait to message you till tomorrow.

Yummy. How bout that butt?

Mhm I love big thick cocks

Hehe here baby

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Yep. Man hands. Never will be able to get rid of them.

do trap balls taste feminine?

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Hmf, that sweater needs to go away. I really, really want to have my way with you.

And who are you? Lol

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you are fucking perfect


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I want to ravish your sweet ass with my hot musky cock and feel our skins together while I make you my bitch~

Cool, thanks.

Now that's a nice cock warmer.

cute shoes

mooar please

Fuck I love body writing. Especially selfies with body writing. Degrading someone is one thing, but forcing them to degrade themselves is top tier

More please


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i think i’d have to agree w you user

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Now that's hot.
I'd love to cuff your hands, milk your prostate into a glass and spoon feed you your own cum while you're marked up like that.


You kik?


My benis is confus


what the fuck is her name, I've been looking for her for months

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My snapchat Is succudicc

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Bruises from my daddy

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Insta is monstermish666

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thank you so much user, finna go shoot my load into another dimension

where are the cages

do you like cammin?

bruises and hickeys are so adorable.

anybody else like being beaten and marked?

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as requested

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Hi :3 some OC

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any more in this outfit?

Usually no, unless they clean well and often.