What age did you guys lose your virginities at? Lost mine @ 14 to a friend w benefits of mine. Just curious

What age did you guys lose your virginities at? Lost mine @ 14 to a friend w benefits of mine. Just curious

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I was late to the party i was 20 when i lost my virginity

17 at a new years eve party with a girl I'd known for a while

16 with first gf

Does anal sects count

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14 as well

14 or 15.
With this nigret. Wasn't her first.
Second was also 14 or 15, with a Aryan goddess. I stayed bf with her for next 3 years and we busted so many nuts together. I was smart as fuck tho to not get her preggies. Lemme tell u, when we broke up her immediate next booboo got the dumb bitch knocked up. She has 2 or 3 kids now, poverty etc. Fucking stupid as fuck getting preggnaant as teenager, no money no nothing just ur nice smelly warm whole.

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does never count


17 to a woman in society who provides a certain kind of service for money but should always be respected as she is a human being and is in no way shape or form a whore or less than her worth

Im still virgin at 27 bros

23 to first/current girlfriend of 4 years.
If I can do it so can you.

14 and that is the only person i've fucked that i genuinely liked

Never lost mine. I'm 21

16 to my sisters best friend. I’m 25 now and she still has no idea. She’d kill me.

I mean assuming you were born vaginally, wouldn't most people be nonvirgins by age 0?

A slutty hippy girl in college

14 with an older guy at school, 18 with a girl who became my first gf

21, girl I met downtown. Took her to an underground bar and then on a night drive up a mountain pass I used to street race on.

why do u think ur still a virgin?

Op ur sister doesn't know OR HER FRIRND DIESN'T KNOW???

At 23 with my girlfriend (I'm 31 now).

Sometimes I miss her bony and pale asscheeks.

I haven't experienced sex yet

19 willingly.
5 unknowingly.

>What age did you guys lose your virginities at?
36 and still waiting.

Were you anally raped?

Does blowjob count? 13. I started going to an all boys school but had the foresight to keep in touch with 2 girls from my previous school (that were best friends). Ended up fooling around with both of them during a sleepover. If you're counting vaginal - 15

Only 3 more years noble wizard

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4. Long story. Not telling it. Married him 16 years later.

16. Like a good American boy.

Indian or arab?

Still got mine I'm 18

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Lost mine at 18 by my German Shepherd fucking me, I didn't actually get my dick wet in some pucci until a few months later when I met a really nice mare


Explain mofo

15, fucked my sexy slutty gf at the time, I’m 20 now and I’ve fucked 11 girls total

She is a worthless whore you simp

Me too user

9..she was 7..

23. thought I was gonna be permavirgin but I got lucky. dated her for almost 3 years.
I regret it.
so fucking happy to be rid of her.
she was also an actual nigger.


13 but I was raped so idk if that counts

12. It was a maid from our house. She was 26 I think. Very cute. Hairy bush...

never did, don't care

10 and I was raped by my cat.

This is you

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16 with a tinder hookup

me too fren, it's pretty normal.

I'd hate to see your dick. Probably got warts and shit on it.

14, to a friends sister at his summer party

He looks happy, tho

nice try, but I'm not that chubby

I was tag teamed at 11 by my scoutmaster and pastor #nothinpersonalkid

Can't remember the age, but it was sophomore or junior year of highschool

Probably because he's at the arcade. He spent his entire life savings on arcade money and Magic the Gathering cards.

19 but technically at 14 I stuck it in a long time crush. I was her crush I treated her like shit she lived across the street from my kingdom hall I was a jehovah's witness at the time. We called her dirty girl. She used too wait for me to get out of the hall spread eagle across the street showing her green panties. She was the most developed girl I knew. But I was a boy and she had already been experienced. Same age just more of a whore i guess i picked on her alot as boys do. She had a strange hick upbringing and it was very confusing one time she led me to an abandoned lot full of glass and crack viles and I stuck it in I still remember the rug burns from her huge ass darker on the inner part t
han the butt cheeks which I've grown to appreciate in women over time. She was a full blown woman and I fucked it up. I left because i was scared slowly she remembered how i treated her when we where children and i cant find here on facebook. Only stories that she turned into a hotty. Biggest mistake of my life

Honestly wish I would have been there to threesome you

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Mr. Wizard!

My fetish! I would have love to have been molested when I was a boy..

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16 with highschool gf. Stayed with her until about a year after we graduated when we went our own ways. still fuck around whenever one of us is in the others hometown

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20, was a girl my brother fucked the day before, and he was younger than me and already not a virgin

22 when I got married

story time

Kek saying youve actually had sex yeah ok

12. Buddy’s sister

Literally about to in 2 days (im pretty sure) with an old school friend of mine

kinda scared tbh



Still haven't. I'm 19 and reaching 20. I live in Lithuania and woman here only want chads or niggers. Also I'm into furries.

>5 unknowingly

Then how u count them?

15, a friend. Thought I was gonna make her my girlfriend, but that didn't work out.

28, wasn't a memorable experience, as she had gotten a hysterectomy and her pussy doesn't get as wet as it use to so it was painful for her.

All that build up and wait for years for that disappointment, considering just biting the bullet and hiring an escort.


Fuck off OP

I lost it at 19 to my now wife



17 with a friend who had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted rebound sex. It sucked ass and I knew she didn't enjoy it because I sucked at it. The subsequent times with other girls got way better progressively. Idk why tho.


Dude, nobody can understand what you wrote here. Speak actual english, you fucking inbecil.


Am a dual class Wizard/Bard ama.

3 year old my mom. im for




Fell hard for a chick in high school during sophomore year but she wasn't into me at first. She friendzoned me but over the course of a year or two we got real close. Started skipping classes to see one another. Talked on the phone until dawn. Wrote her poems. All kinds of romantic shit. I was way in love with with this chick. Like way out there. She eventually told me she felt it too.

fast forward -- she dumped her bf cuz she was way more into me at that point. We were on a trip to visit my mom across the state and we ended up banging the first night there in my mom's guest room. Our first time lasted for hours and hours straight. we went from like 11pm until 5am, going at it multiple times. It was passionate, there was laughing and levity. It was something I'll never forget.

>be me
>16 and virgin
>chillin with friend playin vidya
>leave room to shit
>come back friend is on my pc
>why the fuck you on my facebook?
>msging girl im friends with who has bf
>friend saying sexual things to her
>get off my shit retard
>take control of pc and notice she was totally into it
>continue where he left off
>fuck her later that week
>tells me im better than bf
>become fwb for months
>become friends with her bf cuz mutual friends
>they all know i fucked his gf regularly
Never found out, im still friends with the dude. I feel kinda bad but it was before we became friends and was about 10 years ago.


12yo, with an 11yo. There is no glorious story.

> two newbs fucking.

18 to a mormon


Im still a virgin at 18 the closest thing ive had to sex is head from some i girl used to be friends with we had a friends with benefits situation for a while where we would make out cuddle and sometimes she'd suck my dick. its pretty clear she was using me for comfort at this point even if she didnt realize it or want to admit it. she was unstable and loekey a hoe so I had to cut her out of my life for my sake. she wasnt very good for me and honestly she isnt very good for herself. she need to do some work on herself.

I too lost my virginity to my nanny.

do tell

Why the fuck would I want that?

green text

27 yo virgin. f